Every Business Website Should Have These Elements

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

According to research, 36% of small businesses do not have a business website, and the main reason for this is that most people do not know which information to include while creating a business website. And this is true because making a business website can be a daunting task, especially if you have never designed a website before.

While some websites contain too much information, few do not even give even relevant data.

To make things clear, we have laid down all those elements you should add to your site if you intend to build a business website but do not know what to include to grab your prospect's attention.

You can use any business website maker to add these pages or include these elements within your website so without further ado, let's look at all those elements.

Must have elements to make the best business websites

About Us

One of the most visited pages of any website is the "About" or "About Us" Page. On this page, you should include a summary of your company, how it started, what the agenda was, and how your services are different from your competitors. Include bios of all key management professionals which you think would be beneficial for your visitors.

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People want to know their service providers as much as possible so make sure that you show your presence on your website. You may want to add photographs of your staff along with you (if you are an owner) as it builds trust between you and your customers.

You can also add images of your workplace. For instance, if you are providing third party calibration services, your potential customers would want to see that calibration laboratory where you would test or calibrate their instruments. If you intend to make a small business website, few images could serve the purpose.


The main reason your prospect will visit your site. Make sure to give every possible detail of your services – you can include pricing details if you charge a flat rate from every customer. Start with the summary and then have specific details against each different product category or service. Make sure to add detailed features against your services and products even if your website is not an online store.

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Professional Memberships

If your business is affiliated with national and international organizations, let your customer know about it. Since getting some prestigious memberships are not an easy task – this could make your position strong in your specific industry, and hence more business can be generated in return.

Customer Testimonials

If you want to create the best small business websites, make sure you tell people about your past customer reviews. How your customers are praising your services will build trust among other potential customers, which would lead to more business in return. So, make sure you place all the testimonials from your loyal customers and industry best Professionals. Even if you are creating a business website for free services, make sure you show your credibility.

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You should mention any notable achievements if a company as a whole managed to acquire. If an employee has independently done some fantastic work, highlight that – it would give an impression that you value your employees. Many organizations conduct monthly "Employee of the Month" award event – if your organization also arrange such events, upload their details. If your organization has participated in an exhibition or doing some charity work, you might want to publish these details on your website to build trust with your customers.

Emails Subscription

If you want your readers to read your newsletter or blog posts that you think could be beneficial for them, create an opt-in form to share valuable data in exchange for their email ids – these email ids can be used for your marketing strategies.

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Contact Details

Make sure to add separate contact us form where you should include your email id, phone number, business hours info, location, map social shares signs, and a contact form. Also, you might want to include a few details in the footer section of your website.

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It is not mandatory but recommended to include a blog page to your website; it would help your visitors acquire more informational content. Also, Google will rank you in a better position if you would target appropriate keywords.

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Include FAQs if you can think of such questions that most of your customers have already asked or could potentially ask in the future.

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Privacy Policy

Include this to let your visitors know how you will treat their shared personal information. It is a must-add page, so make sure you stay transparent with this.

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Business Website Design

Overall your website design should complement your brand's voice. From logo designing to navigational buttons, make sure the design remains consistent throughout your website. Even if you are running a small business website design is a critical factor that needs to be addressed.

And to ensure that your design stays relevant, make a prototype with Wondershare Mockitt before developing your website.

creating a business website for free

Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that helps its user create stunning design prototypes and collaborate with their stakeholders to get feedback.

With a massive library of widgets and icons, you can place any elements onto your working screen by just dragging and dropping them.

You will not have to learn any coding language to operate Mockitt.

You can make a free business website prototype with the freemium version of Mockitt – of course; it does have a premium version that is fully loaded with unique features.

So, if you ever want to get a premium plan, you can upgrade without the hassle.

Mockitt allows you to create up to 3 projects within its freemium plan.

So, make a prototype for your business website free of cost and when you feel like getting more features - upgrade it to let your creatives juices flow.

Final Thoughts

Before you start creating your business website, even before prototype creation with Mockitt, identify your business needs, note down all of the important information which you need to show to your customers or visitors. And when you are over that phase, make a design prototype and then proceed towards the final stage, website development.

Remember to stay relevant with your information because no one would want to read long stories and paragraphs on what you did for your company – instead, they would like to know how your services could benefit them, so make sure you demonstrate well!