Top 7 Company Website Templates for Enterprises and Startups by Colorlib

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:17

Tech businesses must show their online presence with a modern looking website that should also possess a great UI. And it is very much possible to build such kind of website using software company website templates.

Instead of building a website from scratch, you can pick a pre-defined website design and start customizing it your way. It will save you a lot of energy and time, which you can use later to market your business.

Since people always look for new apps and software to improve their daily routine tasks, it is vital to have a fresh-looking IT company website template with up-to-date web and design elements.

All the templates of which details we have mentioned within this article can be modified as per one's tailored needs.

So, let's get started and see what their distinctive features are.

Software Company Website Templates


It is a simple software company website template that is suitable for SaaS firms. With a few tweaks, you can use Lateral for other purposes as it is an adaptable template. You can present your products and services on a single page as it is a landing page style website template. This single page template is becoming more and more popular due to its ease of use – you do not have to switch between pages to pages to retrieve the required information. Lateral Kit gives you 13 home demos.

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Source: Colorlib


Its refreshing, bright, and noticeable layout makes Softdash one of the unique software company website templates. It is a well-known tool among startup companies and entrepreneurs. Since web design is adaptable and flexible, you can easily modify its design as per your needs. Softdash is ideal to advertise your digital products, mobile apps, SaaS, and different applications and useful software.

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Softdash is bootstrap based and is a fully flexible and responsive template – it works on all browsers and devices. You can also get 24*7 excellent customer support. With single and multi-page layouts, you will also get a full blog section with Softdash.

Note: You can also get an IT company website template free of cost if you have some budget constraints.


This versatile multi-concept template offers a wide range of possibilities for you to show your online presence. You have the option of choosing between eight appealing home page demos and four gradient color presets.

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Source: Colorlib

Bufet is well documented and comes with friendly support.


Vizion is that advanced template that you can use for the long term. It is easy to use and simple tool that will save you time.

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Source: Colorlib


Bulkit is an alternative to all those templates that are Bootstrap Framework based. The Bulma Framework powers it along with the Sass and Gulp. Its code is organized and clean, which makes it equally useful for pros and beginners.

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Source: Colorlib

Bulkit kit includes 45 components, nine demo pages, 20 js files, and over 50 SCSS files – third party libraries and add-ons are also included within the bundle. Great graphics with five landing kits and three demos for agencies, startups, and admin dashboards. You can view Bulkit's pages in a live preview and can further check the web design to see the possibilities within this tool.

Protech SaaS

You can start your new website by using this flexible tool named Protech SaaS. Whether you plan to run and build Saas, startups, applications, and other projects, Protech SaaS will have you covered.

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One can easily create a website with the assets and elements that come with the template. After downloading it, you will get access to six unique variations of index pages, fifty inner pages, four different options of testimonials, and six header menus. There is a lot at your disposal to take full advantage so start using Protech to get the maximum benefit.


Faulkner is a professional pack of excellent elements and features that will help you build a page as per your requirements. It has a modular design that makes it quick and easy to create an amazing look for your projects. It is the best choice for mobile or web apps, SaaS, startups, and tech agencies.

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Source: Colorlib

With Faulkner, you will get 16 niche-oriented professional demos. Ten premium plugins with no additional cost, over 150 section blocks, stunning portfolio layouts, and an active newsletter subscription form from Mail Chimp.

With a sophisticated and professional online software presentation, one can quickly raise the potential. And the best way to do it by choosing the best software company website templates that offer all the required features in the best way possible. We have curated a list of the best HTML corporate website templates that are suitable for software companies. You may use them as per your business model and perform customization to fit your needs.

But before you decide on your best template for customization, make sure that you design your prototype with Wondershare Mockitt.

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Mockitt is a prototyping and collaboration tool that allows its users to create a stunning prototype that they can use afterward during the website designing phase as a reference.

Mockitt allows you to have all of your stakeholders on board when you complete the prototype for feedback and approval.

Mockitt offers freemium and premium services. It provides up to 3 free projects if you go with its free version.

There are two options with which you can use Mockitt. Either you can use pre-installed templates of mockitt and start customizing it your way, or you can start a new project from scratch.

If you choose any of its pre-installed templates, you only need to perform some customization, and you will be done with prototyping.

With a new project, you will have total control; you can decide on the screen size, widgets and icons selection, and internal linking.

You can always save your unfinished project without the fear of losing any data.

In a nutshell, Mockitt gives you the complete freedom to let your creative juices flow. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or an expert designer; Mockitt interface is equally user friendly to everyone.


Make sure to make a web prototype after gathering your project requirements, and based on that prototype, you should look out for a suitable software company website template. Using this structured approach will take your website to a whole new level.