Should I Use Constant Contact Website Builder For My Business?

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Constant Contact was known previously for their email marketing service and now they have built the constant contact website builder. It is said to be a perfect solution for small business owners who want to launch their websites quickly with very little investment. 

With so many website builders available one might wonder if constant contact is the right builder to make a website. After testing out the platform we can safely say that it is a perfect website builder for many people while for some it won't work well. We will be doing a complete Constant Contact website builder review so you have all the facts to make the right decision. 

How Smooth Is the Automated Process of Constant Contact Website Builder?

Like any other website builder, constant contact website builder also has an AI that would basically ask you some lists of questions and give you some choices to create your website quickly. We have found the process to be very smooth and efficient as well. It would start with the AI asking you the name of the business and giving you options to add cover pictures and logo for your website.

constant contact website builder

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What we liked most about the process was that they gave an option to choose a color scheme and later to add some fonts which would be used throughout the website. It is a very good feature to have to ensure that the website is uniform everywhere.

constant contact website builder review

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You also can also choose the navigation menu layout from a list of options. The final step is to modify the contact details so your visitors would be able to contact you. The whole process was easy and at any point, we didn't feel overwhelmed with the choices.

How Much Can You Customize The Website?

When you hit the finish button a website would be generated for you after you create your free account. After email verification, you can get into the dashboard and customize the constant contact website that was built by the AI.

With Constant Contact website builder, you get multiple options to change the blocks and delete elements that you don't need in the block. It doesn't allow you to fully customize the blocks. In other words, you don't get full control over the design of your website.

It is a good feature for a new designer as they would have to stick to the best practices for building a website. For someone who would want to have full control over every single detail of the website design, Constant Contact Website Builder is not a good option.

How Mobile Responsive Is The Website?

Mobile responsiveness is a very important feature that any website builder should have. We found that the constant contact website builder was decent when it comes to mobile responsiveness. There are some abnormalities that you would have to fix manually. 

constant contact website

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Most problems we faced were related to the font size and the placement of the texts on the website which we had to manually fix. 

Is the Constant Contact Website Builder good for Blogging?

Unfortunately, constant contact does not give a lot of options for bloggers to play around with. It comes with an RSS feed which means that the latest post would always go on top. You can't select different categories for your blogs. 

constant contact landing page

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It is not easy to do SEO with constant contact website builder. SEO is very essential for bloggers and business owners to get free traffic from various search engines. 

Is It Too Expensive?

When it comes to pricing, we have compared Constant Contact website builder with many other competitors and we can safely say that they have a great price. Compared to the features that they are giving their pricing is pretty decent and even with their free plan, you get some cool features. 

What Is The Best Way To Make A Custom Design For Your Website?

You cannot get full design customization with Constant Contact Website Builder. You can choose Wix or other hosting providers for that which enables you to build a website from scratch. It is a good idea to use Wondershare Mockitt which is a very popular UI/UX prototyping tool.  

constant contact website builder

You don't have to invest your money in Mockitt until you are satisfied with it. Mockitt has a free trial offer that you can use to know the platform better. It is made in such a way the designers of all level can create amazing websites with it. 

Mockitt comes with a lot of tools that you can easily find in the interface to design your website. You can check the functionality of each element which helps you provide your users with the best experience. 

If you have multiple partners or you want to hire someone to design the website for you even then Mockitt is a great option. Mockitt comes with great collaboration tools that would make the experience of working in a team very smooth. With Mockitt you can effectively build a website with the help of your team without causing any interference in the work of your team members. 

You can extract the final design in formats that most people are familiar with. You can use the PNG format of your website design to ask people about their opinion of your design. Then finally when you have completed the design you can hand it over to your developer using Mockitt as well. 

Final Verdict

Constant Contact Website builder is a very good option if you want to build a simple website with not so many customizations. You can build an amazing constant contact landing page very quickly with it. If you want to build a custom design with better SEO capabilities, then you have to look for other options. 

You can choose other options if you have something very specific in your mind or if you want to make a website specifically for blogging. For small business owners who just want a website at a low cost, this is a great option. 

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