Dynamic Website: What, Why and How

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Have you ever used Netflix? Of course, it is an absurd question. Everyone has either used this application or heard of it... the way it displays content and suggests you as per your watch history. Don't you think about how it is designed and developed? If you know a little about website building, then you will understand how difficult it is to keep up with every user in the world... or in the case of Netflix, millions of users. The science behind it is dynamic website. It takes into account the choices of its users, time of using the dynamic web page and region of the consumer.

Dynamic website

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Dynamic Website Vs Static Website

So the question comes into every mind, what is the difference between ordinary websites and dynamic website? A lot. In technical terms, ordinary website is called statistical website and it is similar for every single user. Many website builders offer the creation of static website including Site123, Wordpress, and Wix. On the other hand, there are quite few web development tools that allow you to develop a dynamic web page. It is because such websites changes its content on the basis of location, personality, and search history of consumers. As it sounds, creating this type of website is quite difficult in traditional web development way. However, in today's world, you can develop dynamic web with no technical knowledge. I'll tell you how in this article.

Is Dynamic Web Page the Future?

But first, let's go into the details of future and the role of dynamic web page in it. Have you ever wondered why the whole world is moving towards this type of website instead of an static one. The answer is quite easy to understand. It is the version of world where hustle and comfort are desirable. They are opposite yet they are together... that's why people need to find the things they desire within no time... Here comes the dynamic web. It makes it easier for client to choose. However, there are three main types of dynamic web pages that have been introduced: server side scripting, customer side scripting and a combination of both.

  • Server-side scripting: This type of content is generated during the loading of the web page. This means the server-side scripting is used for creating such pages.
  • Client-side scripting: Client side content is created by client side scripting... what it means is that this type of content is only generated on the browser of client.
  • A combination of both: Modern websites, like Netflix, uses this type of dynamic web to reduce the load time. In simple words, the while website doesn't need to be reloaded, only the necessary content will be generated.

So this is the whole concept of dynamic website in nutshell.. but is it enough to cover such diverse topic. I'm going to say NO. The actual question is how to create such amazing website. It's time to discuss the design and development phase of such websites.

wix dynamic page

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How to Design Dynamic Website Prototype?

If you are looking to create engaging and dynamic web page, I'd recommend Wondershare Mockitt. I know, you might be thinking why would we use it when there are other web designing tools as well. So let me tell you once and for all. Wondershare Mockitt is about resolving the issues of web designers who are on a tight schedule. This app is based on cloud technology so that people can use it online without ever have to download and install it. The feature that I personally love is that this app knows the value of my time. What that means? It means that it offers a real time sharing experience with which the design can be shared with key stakeholders . It not only saves the time of web designer but it will also make it easy to make the needed changes in the design in early stages.

dynamic web page

Now, you may think that this sounds too technical... but let me tell you that it doesnt need technical skills to design dynamic web prototype on this software. With the use of drag and drop feature and built-in templates, you can design as you want your website to be. Give this app a chance and leave a quick review in the comment.

After you are done with the web designing, the web development part comes. There are tons of tools out there that can be used to create dynamic web pages. This article can't cover them all, but I'll do my best to cover the top website builder apps for dynamic website creation.

Wix Dynamic Page

Wix is popular for providing hundreds of free designs and templates for website creation. In 2017, the site has introduced an extraordinary feature... Wix code.. With the help of Wix code, you can create a wix dynamic page for your website. According to the official statement, Wix Code enables you to develop unlimited number of pages without worrying about their duplication. It is the most popular free tool until now.

dynamic web

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Other Dynamic Website Builders

Wordpress is another amazing tool which allows you to create a dynamic website. This means that your content will be changed as per the user which will make the website interesting for all users. Joomla works in the similar fashion, but, Wordpress has millions of users. Additionally , its plans are better than other websites.

Dynamic Website Examples

Below is the list of dynamic website examples for your interest:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Hubspot

You can visit these top sides to see dynamic web pages examples. Everyone has use at least one of these websites and the content they display for you on home page falls under the category of dynamic web pages examples.


Now you have some basic idea of what is a dynamic website and which tools you can use to create it. However, you can't grasp the full idea without practising it. So my advice is to dive in and create one for your business.