All You Should Know About Free Advertising Sites

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:12

This article will guide you about what free advertising sites are. In addition to that, you can also know how to earn money from free advertising sites. Sounds cool, right? Read the complete article to learn this and a lot more. 

What are the free advertising sites?

As the name suggests, free advertising sites are websites that advertise someone else's products and services. These products and services can be anything. By anything, I truly mean anything. Free ad posting sites advertise stuff that includes (but is not limited to) clothes, household items, cars, service providers (any service like tutoring, babysitting, plumbing), houses, books, personal belongings, online software, and websites. Now, don't go back to reread the name of the final product. Yes, you read it right. Advertising a website on free advertising websites is quite common. So, that means people advertise a website on another website. Pretty confusing, right? Don't get confused. Haven't you ever clicked on the link of a website while browsing a different website just because the title of the ad seemed attractive to you? That's how advertising a website on free advertising sites works. 

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The game of advertisement is not as basic and easy as it seems. Some websites advertise stuff, but they aren't free advertising sites. Do you want to know the difference? Keep reading. 

Difference between free ad posting sites and regular ad displaying websites:

To understand this difference, think of an ice-cream parlor that sells ice creams or frozen desserts only. Whereas, think of a grocery store that sells all sorts of grocery items and has ice-cream in the store as well.

Classified ad sites are like those ice-cream parlors dedicated to doing one thing only: advertisement or displaying ads. On the other hand, monetized websites such as literary blogs display ads in addition to the display of its primary content (articles in the case of a blog). They are just like the grocery stores that sell ice-cream same as classified ad sites, but they are not dedicated to displaying ads only. The quantity of ads on these websites is not comparable to that of free ad posting websites as the sole purpose of free ad posting sites is to publish ads. 

Now you might be waiting to know about earning money from ad posting sites, but to do so, you need to create a free ad posting websites first. So, let's get to this topic first. 

How to Create Free Advertising Sites

Creating online free ad posting websites is not a difficult task. Even for a beginner website developer, the task is not a complex one. All you need to create one such website is to define your purpose and utilize the resources available to you wisely. 

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First of all, do your research and plan accordingly. When a business owner starts working on a new product, they do thorough research first. This research is done to identify their competition and their products. In this case, you need to study the most famous free online advertising sites, firstly. This study will help you to understand what the users want and expect from a website of this sort. 

After thorough research, you need to think of an element that will make your website different from your competitors'. This element will help your website stand out amongst all the other free advertising sites. Think of it this way; why would someone want to use your website when they have other, more established, and famous options available. You need to add an attractive and unique element to your website. These days only those things make it to the headlines that offer something different or unusual. Now it is up to you to decide what that unique element will be in your free ad posting sites. 

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Create Prototypes of your websites:

Once you are done with the planning part, you need to create prototypes of your free advertising websites. You can do that on Wondershare Mockitt. Mockitt allows you to create prototypes of your websites flawlessly. Prototyping on Mockitt will enable you to view a final outlook (before the actual process of creation) of your free advertising sites so that you can refine your website accordingly. It offers an effortless drag and drop option that helps in adding and removing elements efficiently. If you are a team of developers who create websites and then sell them to clients, Mockitt will help you develop prototypes that you can show to the client and add or remove details as per the client's requirements. You can save time because you can discuss everything with the client without creating the whole website. Just create prototypes of free ads sites on Mockitt. 

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After prototyping, start creating free online advertising sites on any of your preferred mediums/platforms. It's better to opt for a free platform so that you don't have to spend much. You can add a registration option for the users on your website or create free ad posting sites without registration. The latter is famous among the masses as it doesn't require registration (so the users don't have to feed in many personal details).

Earning money from free advertising sites

Now, answering the most anticipated question. You can make money from classified ads websites in two ways. 

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  • First: by monetizing your classified ads websites. In addition to posting the users' ads, you can earn by using the traffic generated on your website to display ads (via monetization using Google AdSense).
  • Second: by asking for a small fee for posting ads on your ad posting sites. Or, you can keep the ad posting free and introduce extra perks. These additional perks include more ad visibility time, promoted ads, and displaying the ads in the first listing or on top of the listing. 

So, it's up to you. Either monetize your website to earn some extra money. Or, if you think that people will willingly pay a fee to post on your free advertising site, set a price/fee for ad posting. If no, then add a cost on additional perks. Either way, it's a win-win for you.