How to Build Beautiful Websites With Google Sites Templates

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

If you want to build your website with the most trusted and user-friendly platform Google, you must try these google sites templates - because they are appealing, clean, and easy to customize. You can get google sites templates free of cost on various platforms on the internet, but here for this article's context, we shall share all premium templates' details.

Google itself offers few default templates that you can use to build a basic site, but if you want some creative and more professional look, you can consider anyone from the below-mentioned options.

Note: You may purchase these templates from

So, without further ado, let's discuss each of them in details

Google Website Templates

Accounting Team

The accounting team is bold, mobile-friendly, and a fully responsive website design. The kit involves the design and present homepage.

You can easily add your content. The icon set is included with the Accounting team template. The best part is that you can easily change the icons and colors to fit your business style. You can link all of your social media accounts with this template by using the available social media buttons within the footer area.

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Above the fold, you will find a space to place a big image with which you can quickly grab your visitor's attention. Make sure to use the image that can convey all your business core products and services. Below that image section, you will find a place to tell all about services in detail – you can inform your visitors about what you do. Visitors want to know more about the people running the show, so you will also get a section to mention your organizational details.

You can purchase an Accounting Team template for USD 75.

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming is an ideal google site template for small businesses. It also includes design and preset homepage. With Day Grooming, you will get sidebar navigation and icons set. You can integrate Google Maps with Dog Grooming and can add your content. This template is easily customizable for an additional charge.

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If you are running a Dog salon, this template will be ideal for your use. You can instantly grab your visitor's attention by putting up an attractive image of any pet that has been groomed by your salon. And with little detail, you can communicate your brand's message to all the pet owners – especially dog owners.

You can also share some free tips regarding dog grooming – it will build trust between you and your prospects. In the end, there is a section in which you can invite your readers to contact you in case of any questions – you should place a clear call to action beside this section so that people know what to do next. You can grow your email subscribers list by giving them free informational content through the newsletter. And then, by using those emails, you can quickly build your marketing campaigns.

You can purchase the Dog Grooming template for USD 50.

Note: Google offers default new google sites templates that you can use for your websites, but if you do not like pre-installed Google templates, you can purchase any of these templates, of which details are mentioned throughout this article.

Consulting Experts

As the name suggests, consulting experts is one of those google sites themes suitable for consultant agency and consultant. Consultant Experts are available in various colors – you can easily align this template as per your brand's identity. With this template, you will get a feature of the Image carousel. You can add your content with this template and can integrate Google Maps. Consulting Experts is perfect for both multi-page or single page websites.

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On the top left-hand side, you will get a place to upload your business logo. And above the fold, a big image can help you convey your brand message to your audience. Below that image section, you can talk about your services, clients, and team. Mentioning your valuable clients give you an added benefit as your potential customers will trust you. Consulting is a professional and niche-oriented business - you should share your team's professional capabilities within this section.

Within the footer section, you can add email and contact details.

You can purchase the Consulting Experts template for USD 50.

Note: You can create a Google blogger template using different settings on Google sites, including google blogger themes.

Design Website Prototype First

You can build stunning websites quickly by using these ready to go classic Google sites templates. But before you select any of these templates, make sure you design your website prototype with Wondershare Mockitt, as it will help you choose the right template based on your tailored requirements.

new google sites templates

Mockitt is a design prototyping and collaboration tool that allows its users to create a stunning prototype that they can use during the website development phase.

With Mockitt you can create a digital prototype of any website, eCommerce, engineering services, consulting, or general business.

Mockitt doesn't require you to install it even within your system – you can use it on your web browser. Mockitt works on any system such as Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Not only web layout prototypes, but you can also create prototypes for the Mobile and Tablet version of your websites. You can also create a custom screen size by entering your dimensions.

Mockitt is known for its use of ease – even a Novice designer can use it to its full potential.

Mockitt works on the drag-drop feature, so you do not need to learn any programming language to use it.

Mockitt has a library of widgets and icons that you can use to create prototypes for literally any website type.

Mockitt has a library of pre-installed templates that you can use right away and customize as per your requirements.

Mockitt allows you to make your design interactive and appealing by adding links to various designed screens and using different fonts and color combinations.

Mockitt, hands down, is the best designing tool that you can use to take your business website project to a whole new level. So make sure to exercise your creative muscles by using Mockitt before you decide on your favorite Google site template.

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