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Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:22

Before we get into the Infographics website, we need to know what 'infographics' is, because most of you might not be familiar with this term. If you focus, then infographics is the combined term reflecting information and graphics in a word itself. 'Infographics' is like visual content containing attractive graphics to show information along in an elegant way. Either it's a chart, any progress pictures, graphs, ratings, or any other information picture, all comes in the category of Infographics.

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Now the question that arises here is that if an infographic is a kind of information picture then what is an infographics site? There are many best infographics websites available online that allow users to create their own infographics content. Moreover, you would be surprised to know that Infographics are also getting used as an effective off-page SEO strategy as well. In fact, these sites can also be called infographics submission sites because you can submit your content there to reach more audiences. Let's get to know which are the top 5 infographics sites we need to work on.

5 Best Infographics Website

By submission our visual content, there could be many benefits like help in content marketing, off-page SEO, and many others. Let's get to know which are the top 5 best infographics websites we need to work with for submission.


One of the leading and reliable infographics submission sites we'd recommend you use. Not only you can submit your visual 'infographics' content but you can also create custom styled visual for yourself as well. As you can see this infographic website design and the overall look welcoming for all to create or upload their infographics content.

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Another brilliant and one of the quality websites to make infographics content. Along with infographics submission, this platform allows you to create any visual content for your site or any work using their services.

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All the students and professionals must be familiar with this platform known for offering a wide range of slide content. You can upload any of your visual content or slide into this site and we can consider this as a pretty good site for submitting infographics.

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Looking forward to creating informative and professional visual content for your graphics? There could be nothing better than the GifoGraphics site, offering the best place to let users make beautiful visual content for their customers or site visitors.

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Mashable is known to be one of the biggest sources of information about technology and the latest trends. The good thing is that Mashable also allows users to submit and upload their infographics content on the site after getting approved. A big site means more reach on the platform.

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These were the 5 leading websites to make infographics and to submit as well. Besides these 5, there are many other infographics submission sites working online to let users submit their content for a better reach and information. Some of you might be thinking to create your own infographics site where you can show all your visual content and ask other content makers to put theirs. The first and most important thing you need to work on your infographic website design. It's the design of the site that attracts the attention of content makers to work with any website.

How to Design Your Website

In order to design any site, we'd recommend you use any reliable and smart UX prototyping tool that you can work with to design your site's mockup. There are many professional wireframing apps available online, but you need to work with an easier one at first especially when you are new to website UX designing. Let's review Wondershare Mockitt that might be the easiest and reliable tool for everyone to design a clickable mockup of a website or application.

Are you new to UX prototyping? Want to create your infographic website design mockup? Wondershare Mockitt is the right tool for all of you. This app is one of the smart and intuitive UX app getting used by both professionals and newbies as well. Mockitt app is offering lots of modern and quality UX designing features that can be used easily and won't require too many technical skills. Just drag and drop any element and start designing a mockup of your website without facing any issues or restrictions. The best thing about Mockitt is that it has an intuitive and self-explaining user interface.

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Performing interactive linking between screens with a click of a button has been made simple in this tool. Following the whole guide on the Mockitt site will let you know how to perform that linking process easily. Furthermore, you can also create UX for many other platforms as well like web, XBOX, PC, Android, iOS, Online store, or any other. Sharing your prototype project with other people also possible as well through its PRD mode. You can export your project either through the form of a link or QR code. In short, you must consider using Mockitt if you want to design your infographics website or any other.


We had a light on Infographics and how people are getting benefits from submitting infographics in sites that accept such posts. We came to know the effective role of infographics in SEO and content marketing. We've reviewed some websites that allow users to submit their infographic content onto the website to promote their site reach. Also, we got to know that some of them also let users create attractive visual content for their customers and visitors. After reviewing sites, we've reviewed the website UX tool you can use to design the prototype of your site either it's an Infographics site or any other. We got to know how much Mockitt is a reliable UX app for both all especially beginners to design anything. In end, we would recommend you start working on Infographics to promote and grow online effectively.