Follow These Steps for a Proper SEO of a New Website

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

The ideal time to start thinking about Search engine optimization (SEO) is when you plan to create a new website. If you design your new site with an SEO perspective from the very beginning, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble afterward.

So, if you are learning how to create new website, you should take some primary steps to get your new website SEO into place.

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So, without further ado, let's explore them in order of their sequence.

SEO Elements For A New Website

Domain Name

Domain names are one of the essential ranking factors. Search engines look at domain names to figure out what a web page is all about. Choose a domain name that is relevant, short, and easy to remember. By relevant, it means that if your website is about food recipes, the domain name could be like eat now, piece of food, and something like that.

New Web Hosting

Since visitors like web pages to open within a few seconds or milliseconds, Google made loading speed one of the critical ranking factors. So, choose that hosting provider that gives consistent speed.

Keyword Research

It is a best practice to target long-tail keywords for each of your decided web pages. Remember not to focus on broad keywords as they are very competitive, and you being the newbie out there, wouldn't be able to rank your website among all the industrial giants. There are many tools available that will generate relevant keywords for your business – they will also show you the search volume, keyword difficulty level, and many other associated factors.

Site's Architecture

Even if you plan to create a website with a few web pages, it is best to design your site architecture to keep things simple and align for future changes. Essentially it has to be a pyramid structure – that means the Homepage should be at the top while having other important pages below that. Within those main menus, you can add different categories and subcategories. Doing so would help crawlers identify which pages are prioritized, and also, your visitors would find it easy to navigate between various webpages on your site.

Intuitive new website design

There is another way to make your website intuitive is by prioritizing navigation in your design. Remember, the idea is to get inside your customer's heads and imagine how they would like to interact with your website. Consider the below tips for a better understanding.

  • Ensure that all the required information is placed on the main menus
  • Create categories based on the target audience preferences
  • Add keywords within all those categories and subcategories to make them visible on the user's search results.
  • Link to other relevant internal pages
  • Place clear Call to actions to let visitors know how to proceed further
  • Make search bar available on web pages for quick navigation
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But before you even create new website account on any site builder, make sure you design your website prototype by keeping the design parameters of SEO under consideration.

You can use Wondershare Mockitt for all of your designing needs.

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Mockitt is a prototyping and collaboration tool that allows its users to create and share stunning prototypes in a few easy steps.

With Mockitt, you can select its pre-installed templates to start right away with the customization, or you have an option to create an entirely new project from scratch.

The benefit of using Templates is that you can tweak these designs without investing much time – or you can take a look for inspiration that will help you design your prototype.

You can select a Mobile screen, Tablet, Web layout, or create a customized screen by putting the working screen's dimension.

Whichever screen you would choose, you can easily include widgets and icons by using the drag-drop feature – so no coding at all.

You can also create links within various screens to make it more interactive for your stakeholders.

So choose Mockitt for prototype designing and ensure that your new website design stays relevant and intuitive.

Optimized URL Structure

Search engine algorithm analyzes your web page URL to understand what your page is all about. So make sure to add relevant keywords into each URL within your website. If you are having one category of Pets along with a subcategory of Cats, should be your preferred URL. And if you want to add your related keyword (Cat Food) for optimization, is a suitable URL.

Site Speed

As we have discussed how Google and Visitors love if a site loads faster, make sure to consider the below ways to make it happen.

  • Compress large-sized images or animations
  • Shrink CSS elements or JavaScript
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests for each of your page
  • Minimum features and minimum widgets

Do not fall prey to all those fancy features that will slow down your website speed.

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Responsive Design

Since more than half of the traffic comes from Mobile phones, you must make sure your website design looks equally good on your Laptop, mobile, and Tablet. So, use that theme or create such designs that are responsive.

Meta Tags (Title Tags and Description Tags)

Ensure that your Title tags are under 50-60 characters because Google will only display titles of such lengths. Use primary keywords and avoid stuffing. Otherwise, Google will penalize you. The optimized title tells bots what your page is all about, and the meta description tells your customer if the provided information is relevant or not. Note that Meta description does not directly influence your ranking on search engines but improves your site click-through rate.

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Submit your sitemap using the Google search console to allow Google crawlers to index your data. It will speed up the process, and your web pages will start emerging for your customer's relevant queries.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the steps mentioned above, optimize your images by adding keywords into alt text properly. You have to shortlist one primary and few secondary keywords for every web page to ensure it appears on the relevant search query.

With that being said, we have covered some basic but useful steps that will help you create your new website from an SEO perspective. So, make sure to follow all these steps for long-lasting success.