The Pros And Cons Of Using a One Page Website Template For Website Creation

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

These days more and more businesses are opting for one page website template for website development, and there are some good reasons why they are doing so. 

In today's world, where there are so many distractions attention spans of people have reduced drastically. So anything that has the potential of grabbing your reader's attention should be exercised. One way you can drive your visitor's attention to your content is by using a single page template.

In this article, we have shared all the pros and cons of using a one-page web template. It doesn't matter if you are using one page website template free of cost or not; these are the general points and apply to any single-page website.

What is a single page template?

One page website template allows you to place all of your website content on a single page. You will scroll down that same page over which a complete website has been built – means no more switching between various other tabs. In contrast to a multi-page template, a single page template strives to make the website free from clutter and only drives attention to the relevant content.

Note: Divi and Astra are one of the best one page WordPress themes available.

one page website template

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Advantages of using a single-page website template

Since you do not need to know a single thing about coding, and also, it's all about focusing on a single page, the advantages are endless. So let's discuss them one by one.

Effective Message Delivery

A single web template allows you to put all the relevant data on a single page, allowing you to cut all the unnecessary information and stick to the useful details. Web visitors usually take 15 seconds to consume content from your website – they do not read all the content on your website. And when the information is divided into various other web pages, it becomes even more challenging to engage them and make them read all of your relevant content. So it's better to be concise and clear with your content and place all the relevant information on a single page. In this way, you will be able to deliver a compelling message in a short time.

Prioritize the content

If you use a single page template instead of a multi-page, you can control your audience's way of consuming the information. People in a multi-page website move between various pages, and they might skip the information unintentionally that you think is relevant. Using a single page template allows you to prioritize your content and make your visitors concentrate on the relevant information with a high potential of conversion.

More Mobile Friendly

If you design your website using a single page template, you can easily make it mobile responsive, or there are many platforms in which you can get Mobile friendly one-page template that is ready to be customized. On Theme Forest, you can purchase various one page WordPress themes that are fully responsive. And if you are a beginner or have some budget constraints, you can also get one page template free of cost for your website.

one page website template free

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Less Written Content

Using multi-page templates for a website would require more content to be presented on each of the pages. You may think that I should add some more content every time you open that web page of yours. The SEO part would want you to add different keywords on each of the different web pages, and then a lot more content around that keyword will be required. But if you use single-page templates to build your website, you can save yourself a lot of time by writing only relevant and meaningful content.

Apart from all of the above advantages, using a single page template allows a designer to think out of the box – since it is a new trend of creating a website that makes designers think more critically.


While there are many advantages of using a one-page template, there are certain inherent disadvantages as well.

Hard to analyze stats

Google Analytics allows you to see which page is getting more attention from your visitors, but if you use a single page template to build your website, you will not be able to gauge that information. You will be deprived of this knowledge, leaving you with no clue on which part of your website needs attention from your side.

best one page wordpress themes

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You can use Hotjar and Clicky instead of Google Analytics to resolve this issue

Longer Loading Time

Having all of your text, videos, graphics on a single page would make your site too heavy to be load quickly. And if your site is taking too much time to load, your visitor might not wait and leave – which would increase the Bounce rate. Also, Google de-rank those websites that take a longer time to load.

one page wordpress

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To resolve this issue, you can use a lazy loading technique that ensures your web page loads as your visitors scroll down.

Note: On Theme Forest, you can search for blogger one page template and cv one page template using its filtering and refining option.

Things to do before choosing a website template

Creating a website using one page website template can be challenging for someone who has never designed such a website before. So it is recommended to first make a prototype with Wondershare Mockitt and get feedback from all of the stakeholders. And once that design prototype gets approved, one can proceed towards creating an actual website.

blogger one page template

Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that allows you to collaborate with your project's team on the same platform – which means that once you complete your prototype, you can have all of your stakeholders on Mockitt and get their feedback and approval on it.

Mockitt has a clean and uncluttered interface that makes it user friendly for a new designer who has never used a design tool before.

If you have time constraints, you can use Mockitt pre-installed templates in which half of the work is done already – you will only have to customize it your way.

For customization, you will have access to a library of icons and widgets that will help you create any single page website within minutes.

If you want to create a prototype from scratch, you can also do it by selecting a different screen size layout from the options – you can use Mobile, Web, Tablet layout or create a custom screen size using your dimensions.

In a nutshell, Mockitt gives you complete freedom to let your creative juices flow. Since single page template is all about how you think out of the box, you should use Mockitt to exercise your creative muscles before proceeding towards one-page website development.

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