Free and Simple Website Templates Based on HTML & CSS

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:38

Sometimes staying simple is the way to go – no distractions and no clutter. You need brief and to the point content to grab customer's attention. So if you are looking for a minimalist design, these simple website templates that we will discuss within this article should be your priority. They are free and give a professional look to your website.

With these free simple website templates, you can create a fully functional dynamic or static website within a few hours. Even if you are a novice, you would still be able to achieve great levels of professionalism. However, having a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML would help further customize these templates.

Web design these days tends to be minimal and clean. While you may get attracted to all the fancy stuff, it doesn't enhance the overall user experience. Adding more of such elements would make your website load slowly, and then Google will de-rank your site. Your visitors wouldn't wait if your site is taking too much time to load – this will lead to a higher bounce rate.

These basic website templates would speed up your web designing process while keeping the quality quotient high. So without further ado, let's discuss each of them in detail.

Note: All of the below-mentioned templates can be acquired from Colorlib through its official website.

Free and Simple Website Templates for Beginners


As the name suggests, it is ideal for loading pages – almost all kinds of landing pages. Landing is a one-page website template. You might find it one of the best solutions to showcase a Mobile App. However, it can be customized well to use for other services and products.

simple website templates

Landing is a simple and super easy to use website canvas with a straightforward and simplistic web design. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and sports all the latest technologies.

With landing comes a smooth scroll, pricing tables, signup form, and smooth scroll. It also includes sticky navigation and an accessible call to action button.


Space is a minimalist website template that also has been developed creatively. You can create a strong impact by using this an eye-pleasing template. Its content reveals function will grab your attention right from the start. You may check out its live demo version to experience it firsthand.

minimalist website template

With Space comes Google Maps. Contact form, Testimonials, and Animated skill bars.


Reshape has an amazing blend of light and dark segments within its template. If you are an architect or creating an online presence for other architects or an architectural firm, you should use Reshape. – it contains an original structure that will display your services and projects beautifully.

basic website templates

With Reshape, you will get internal page layouts, carousels, animate statistics, and social icons. You can also use its full-blown gallery to showcase your project portfolio.


Photosen is known for its dark and straightforward design, making it the best choice for the Photography industry. But it doesn't mean that one should use it strictly for photography-related business. Photosen templates are adaptable and can be efficiently used for different other projects.

simple website templates for beginners

You will get pre-defined home and internal page designs, a multi-level menu (drop-down), an about page, and hover effects within Photosen. You will get an amazing performance across all platforms and devices with Photosen.


It is a creative and straightforward web template that one can use to place the freshly developed app on display. Appco has a catchy design that ensures to present everything about an application in great detail.

basic CSS template

With Appco comes back to top button, pricing plans, testimonials, and a floating navbar. Call to action buttons, Google Maps, and a contact page with a form will be at your disposal as well.


Started should be the first choice for startups and agencies. It is a basic CSS template that is innovative and clean as well.

simple web template

With Started, you will get a working contact form, multi-level drop-down menu, home, other internal pages, and social media buttons.


Whether you plan to build a landing page for a marketing campaign or a single page business website, Quantum will have you covered. Although the default appearance is quite impressive, and one would not want to change it, you can still customize Quantum in your personalized way.

free simple website templates

With Quantum comes a sticky menu and excellent navigability. You will also find animated statistics, social media icons, pricing tables, and many other qualities.

Website Prototype Goes First

You may use any of the above mentioned and other simple website templates as per your tailored requirements. But how will you analyze your requirements? The best method of realizing and understanding the project requirements is to draw a prototype to which you can always refer to in time of need. You can make a prototype with a pen or a pencil, but here we are talking about websites, so a digital prototype should be prioritized. So to make a digital prototype, you can use Wondershare Mockitt as your design tool.

simple website templates

Mockitt is a design prototyping and collaboration tool developed by Wondershare to cater to the designer's needs and requirements.

With Mockitt, you can easily create a prototype of any website within few easy steps. And also, you can make its Mobile and Tablet version for a better responsive end product.

Mockitt has a clean interface that makes it equally user friendly to novice designers

With the drag and drop feature, you can easily place elements on your working screen. You can also right-click on a particular widget to see its settings.

Mockitt allows you to pick up one of its pre-installed templates or start a new screen size to make a project from scratch. If you have not designed a prototype before, you can use any of its templates to get inspiration.

Mockitt also offers a collaboration platform within its enterprise plan so that you collaborate with all stakeholders for their feedback and approval.

So, before you even start to look out for your required simple website template on the internet, make sure that you possess all the required information and plan in the form of a digital prototype. Only then would you be able to research the online template market in a better way.