Top 6 Webflow Templates You Should Know About in 2024

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:21

If you are running a business then you would need a website to represent your website online. Webflow is one of the best platforms to make your website. Webflow Templates make the job of creating a website very easy. You can find many Webflow free templates also if you want to save money, but in my experience spending money on the right paid templates is a better choice.

When you have the right webflow template you can very quickly build your own website with minor changes. It also saves you a lot of time when you use a template. It is important to know about the features of each template. To make your life easier we have compiled 6 of the best webflow templates for 2020. 

1. Jules

One of the best webflow templates which you can use for blogging is Jules. Though Jules is a multipurpose template, it is a very good example of the effectiveness of a webflow blog. It is very good for the SEO of your website as all the elements are already available in Jules. 

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You can also make amazing landing pages with Jules that can attract your customers very quickly to your website. It is easy to edit the template and make it your own. You would just need to make some small changes to make the theme changed into your brand new website. 

2. Forest

Like its name, this webflow template comes with a pool of features. Speed is a very big advantage of the Forest template which enables designers to build simple websites very efficiently and also very fast. You can also use the various UI components in the forest theme to add complex features to your website. 

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With the forest theme, you get a lot of choices. There are many built-in sections that you can use on your website. It would make your work a lot easier. 

3. Ollie

If you are a freelancer who wants to showcase the services to your clients then Ollie is one of the best webflow templates for you. You can make an amazing portfolio website using Ollie. It comes with amazing Contact us blocks that you can use to get more customers to contact you. 

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You can use the pricing page of Ollie to list the various service that you provide along with the price of your service. With Ollie, you also get the option to integrate all your social media to drive more traffic. 

4. Foray

Foray is another webflow template that is perfect for portfolio websites. You can present your previous work with a nice presentation by using this template. You can also create an amazing user experience by using Foray.

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Foray is one of the webflow themes that comes packed with many different elements that you can choose from to make your website unique. You get more options with Foray to build your website. If you spend some time checking the features of this template you can figure out a way to build a modern-looking website for your business.

5. Vega

Vega is one of the most effective webflow templates if you are thinking about making a website for an agency. There are 5 different homepage layouts that you can choose from to make your website look elegant. 

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You can also switch the different components to give the website a very unique look. Vega is also an amazing webflow blog template which makes doing SEO for your website very easy. It is a fully responsive template for all the devices with many different elements to optimize the user experience. 

6. Agencieos

Agencieos is one of the most multi-purpose webflow templates available. It is perfect to create a smooth and perfect user experience while giving you the ability to add complex features to your website. Agencieos have both homepage designs and also different landing page designs. 

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You get amazing typography features with this template which definitely can attract the attention of the users. You can choose an amazing contact form to capture leads for your business. Agencieos is very good when it comes to lead capture. It also allows you to integrate your social media accounts. 

Making the Design of Your Website Unique

To make the design of your website better than others you should use a prototyping tool. Many of the website builders would also be using the same webflow template that you would choose. To make your website design unique and optimized you should use Wondershare Mockitt. 

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Mockitt allows you to test their features for free with a trial offer. It is built for everyone starting from a complete beginner to a professional website designer. You can use any of the components from the group of elements Mockitt offers to design your website. 

You can check the responsiveness of the design and test out bugs in the design which would allow you to give your visitors a great user experience. You can make any element interactive and give the user more options. If you need a team to work on your website design, Mockitt has you covered. 

Mockitt is great for a team of designers as it has amazing collaboration tools. Your designers can work in peace and harmony maintaining proper communication without disrupting the workflow of others. You can export the final design in formats that are very popular so you can share them with people to get their valuable opinions. With Mockitt, it is easy to hand over the final design to the developer very easily avoiding any unnecessary complications. 

In the end, your webflow templates can be changed into a unique design for your website by using Mockitt. 


A webflow template is a great option for making a website effectively and quickly. Times are changing now and in 2020, it is important to know which webflow templates are relevant. 

After knowing about all the popular webflow templates you would be able to choose the most suitable template for the need of your business.