What are the recommended Apps to use with Wix for online store development?

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:02

If you have been planning to use Wix for online store development, you should know that you can enhance your store's functionalities by adding some useful Apps from the App market of Wix.

Wix App Market has different categories such as Marketing, Sell Online, services & events, Media & Content, Design Elements, and Communication. Apart from that, they categorize Apps under Team Picks, Newest Apps, Made by Wix, Social Apps, Popular This Month, and Wix business solutions.

And then there are Apps to help you collect leads, analyze traffic, and interact with visitors.

In a nutshell, Wix gives you complete freedom to add some amazing features to your store as per your requirements.

For this article, we shall review only those Apps that are meant to be used if you plan to sell online – in short, eCommerce Apps.

So, let's start reviewing them.

wix for online store

Wix For Online Store: App Recommendation

Wix Stores

Wix stores facilitate you with all the tools required to build a professional store and market your products. The App is available worldwide, and Wix developed it.

Striking Features

  • To get a professional storefront, you can customize your product and cart pages, design, and more.
  • To manage end to end fulfillment, you can process orders, manage inventory, set custom shipping charges, print shipping labels, and track the parcel from your Dashboard.
  • You can automate the sales tax calculation process and get the current rates worldwide with Avalara.
  • You can optimize the checkout process by offering in cart previews and displaying tax and shipping estimates at Checkout.
  • You can accept secure payments from PayPal, Stripe, Wix payments, and all major credit cards.
  • You can sell using multiple channels that include Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • With the Automated emails feature, abandoned shopping carts can be recovered. Also, you can promote various offers and facilitate your loyal customers with discounts and coupons.
  • With a customized SEO plan and advances SEO tools, you can rank your store within search engines in a better way.
  • And of course, 24*7 support is always there

Wix Art Store

Wix Art Store allows you to sell your digital images for downloads and market them on bags, mugs, canvases, and more. So use this App and transform your store into the online money making sites. The App is available worldwide, and Wix developed it.

godaddy online store

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Striking Features

  • Without any efforts, you can sell printed and digital artwork.
  • To create a personalized design, you can select from 12 layouts that are customizable as well.
  • You can add a custom watermark to the brand and protect your images
  • One can create a custom license for digital art.

Etsy Shop

Etsy Shop App allows you to add your Etsy Shop within your Wix site. In this way, you can drive traffic to your Etsy shop. This App is available in a couple of languages, available worldwide, and developed by Wix.

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Striking Features

  • Within a few easy steps, you can connect your shop to the Wix site.
  • You can display products within a customizable storefront in a captivating gallery.
  • Include options like Search, Sort Filters, and Category features to your shop.
  • You can sell products on both Mobile and Desktop.

PayPal Button

Paypal Button allows you to add a custom payment button on your website that facilitates a seamless checkout process. It is developed by POWR, available in English worldwide. So Install a Paypal button for quick online money.

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Striking Features

  • It allows you to accept one-time payments, donations, and subscriptions easily.
  • You can make seamless checkouts with Stripe (credit card payments).
  • It allows offline payments.
  • Provision of payment collection up to 25 currencies.
  • You can create discounted codes at Checkout to offer free shipping or a percentage off to customers.
  • You also can add tax and shipping costs to let this App calculate everything automatically at Checkout.
  • There is not any transaction fee that POWR will charge.
  • This button comes with a flexible design that will match your site.
  • It is Mobile responsive that will enhance your conversions

Modalyst - Dropshipping

Modalyst – Dropshipping helps you find millions of drop-ship items - you can show them on your website to sell online. It is worldwide available in the English language and developed by Modalyst.

Note: You must have Wix Stores App installed on your store before using this App.

Striking Features

  • It will automate the process of running an online store.
  • You can explore over 100M products.
  • With 1000s of EU US-based suppliers, opportunities are endless.
  • Provision of high quality and discounted products from the verified suppliers.
  • You can send orders with your brand name mentioned on them.
  • You can integrate directly with AliExpress.
  • In short, a complete automated eCommerce operation.

There are various other useful apps that you can use on your Wix for online store creation. Plugins replace Apps when you create an online store WordPress way – Both do the same task. Similarly, for every other platform, they name their stores differently.

It is crucial to know that you should add these Apps or Plugins as per your requirements. Stay vigilant as more Apps will increase your website's loading speed, which is the last thing you would want for your online store. So, use that App of which features you require.

Design Website Prototype First

To make sure which features you would want and which can be avoided, you can make your website prototype before starting the actual development process.

And Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool that you can use to create stunning prototypes in a few easy ways.

quick online money

A prototype will help you in deciding which features could enhance your design functionalities upon the development

Mockitt is not only a prototyping tool; it also allows you to collaborate with your stakeholders and share ideas over the same platform.

Mockitt is so user friendly that even a novice designer would be able to use it without seeing any tutorial videos.

It doesn't require you to make some space on your hard disk for installation because it works on your web browser.

Mockitt gives you two options, either you can use its template to start customizing the prototype right away, or you can create a complete prototype from scratch

Mockitt has a clean and uncluttered interface that makes it attractive to even amateur designers.


So make sure you use Mockitt before you select Wix for online store development. Even if you consider platforms other than Wix, such as Weebly or Godaddy online store builder, make sure you start with prototype designing to ensure uninterrupted online store development. Once you are at the development stage, do not use unnecessary Apps to overload your website.

Stay relevant in your Apps selection to ensure long term success.