Get More Design Ideas from 7 Beautiful Website Designs

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:53

Get More Design Ideas from 7 Beautiful Website Designs

Are you struggling to create a beautiful website design? If you said yes, then this post has everything you need to know about, as here we are going to talk about 7 beautiful website designs from where you can take inspiration for your website.

We will also have a look at one of the most efficient and reliable beautiful website designing tools that will help you create a new and innovative design for your website without any high-end development knowledge. 

7 Beautiful Website Designs to Inspire You

Here is the list of our seven hand-picked options from which you can take inspiration for several factors to be taken care of while designing your website.

1. Morgan Stanley

The first option from the list of beautiful website designs that inspires you to generate a better web design is of Morgan Stanley website, which is a finance management and service provider website. With the help of their website, the main motive is to let people know how good their services are and how they can rely on them. 

beautiful website design

Hence, to build trust between their customers, the developer of this website has beautifully managed to integrate real statistics of their previous customers on the website's homepage. Once you visit the site, you would be able to notice a high-quality image on the top that depicts they are dealing with problems and solving them with strategies and proof-based records.

As we scroll down the website, we would be able to find out various sections, such as "What do we do?" and "Real Reviews." Along with that, at last, you will get a call to action button for newsletter sign up.

2. Boosted

Here we have our next option from the list, which is by an electric skateboard development company Boosted. If you are trying to find the inspiration for beautiful website design, this website is for you. Once you visit this website, you would notice that they have developed a clear branding of their products by using a high-quality picture of products on the top of the homepage.

nice designed websites

Not only that, but they have also selected the color scheme of the theme based on their product colors. With the help of which they are relating the whole website with their products and services, hence this small step helps a lot in generating higher conversion rates.

At the top section, you would be able to notice all kinds of products and accessories offered by the Boosted company. From that section, visitors would be able to make selections and buy products.

3. Wozber

On the third option, we have a Wozber website that comes with an attractive website design. Not only will you be able to notice great graphical integrations within site for making it look even better?

stunning website designs

This is a resume-building website, so they have provided their call to action button on the top only. Users just need to click on the button for creating their resume and filling all the details. But once you have a look at their content, you will fall in love with it, you would be able to notice that they have worked really hard on their website design, but along with that they haven't left behind the content.

We loved their website design because they have shown a few company names such as Google and others. Hence stated that people from these companies used Wozber, which is an amazing way of promoting your business.

4. Opus Grows

Here we have a fantastic & beautiful web design option of organic soil producing and selling business with the help of which users can grow plants efficiently. You will notice by visiting this website that it is made using natural color schemes so that their work and website design can be related to each other. 

attractive website design

On top of their homepage, they have added a high-end picture of plants with the help of which they want to depict plants' better growth with their organic soil. Not only that, you will find the CTA on the picture only, which states Shop Soils.

With the help of which users can have a look at all the available options and make purchases for themselves. By scrolling down a bit, you would notice that they have used graphical integrations such as videos and all for letting people know about their products.

5. Zero Financial

The next option from the list of beautiful website designs to inspire you is Zero Financial which is a finance helping website, and one thing that you need to learn about this website is, as they have crystal clear terms and conditions for their work, same like that they have a clear website design that looks amazing and related to their work. 

beautiful web page design

As you scroll down, you will look at their services; they have used an impressive way of showing off the different cards available with graphical integration. They also stated how their services could help users save more money efficiently, which is an unusual approach and addition to the website design for gaining trust between users.

They also added pictures of their smartphone application that will help visitors know about their application. Hence it promoted their application without doing any extra efforts.


CAP HPI is a website with the help of which you can have a look at a wide variety of car data efficiently. Hence this was the reason the developers wanted to make website design and easy to use one,

adobe xd alternative

Moreover, this is the reason whenever you visit this website; you would be able to get every product and services at one place. Because of which the visitors would be able to know about all the services provided by CAP HPI at first glance only.

One of the important things is this site is filled with an appropriate amount of animations and graphics that enhance the overall look of this website. Not only that, but you would also be able to find their number and other such contact details from the site directly.

7. Quiver

Now we will have a look at the final option from the list of beautiful website designs, and that is the Quiver website. This is a safe & secure platform for business communications. Hence, while developing their website, the developers had one thing in their mind: visitors should be able to feel that our services are ultimately safe and secure.

the principles of beautiful web design

They used an impressive-looking template with a light color scheme design that enhances the overall look. You would also be able to find that the design, color scheme, and other additions make this website look more comfortable to use and reliable.

Good Tool to Help You Design a Beautiful Website Design

As we have already discussed above, we are going to talk about one of the most efficient tools that can help you generate beautiful website designs: Wondershare Mockitt. With the help of this tool, you would be able to take advantage of plenty of features and benefits, let us have a look at them one by one:

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  • You would be able to develop highly efficient website designs and templates. Within the package, you will get a few in-built options that you can use.
  • This tool comes with a cloud storage integration with the help of efficiently storing every single data file on your cloud. Hence access it from anywhere easily.
  • Users would be able to take advantage of regular updates with the help of the Mockitt tool.