Start Your Journey Today: Website Design Examples For Beginners

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:09
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It can be quite a difficult task to create an ideal website if you don't have a design. We feel discouraged at some point. Especially when it is your first project. It is better to stick with a simple design initially. But how to find the website design for beginners? Well, we have got it covered as we have gathered all the best designs for newbies to take inspiration and get a head start.

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mockitt website design for beginners

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8 Great Examples of Web Page Design for Beginners

#1: Dropbox

Dropbox is taken as a great example to get an idea of designing a web page for beginners. They have added some catchy Images to draw the attention of their visitors and a dark background theme included in the two CTAs. No doubt that dark background attracts more attention.

dropbox for cool website designs

The marketing strategy used here is very simple as they target the crucial points of the audience on their website design that concerns them. It includes performance, security policy, and the services provided by Dropbox.

#2: Slack

Every visitor loves the Slack website design. They have done a great job when it comes to adding custom graphics and unique illustrations. The catchphrase on their website “Where Work Happens” it's a very productive and a good way to express the essential feature of the tool.

slack good website design example

Slack tried their best with the website design to make it accessible for their visitors. Sign in or create an account option is available. On this design, you may find more navigation options than the Dropbox, the purpose of each one is to help visitors get what they require. You must visit their website to get an overall idea of the design.

#3: CarMax

You will confront many challenges while working on beginner web design projects. CarMax also encountered a unique challenge regarding its website homepage design. The company was dealing with both selling and buying of cars, so the website design should cater to both visitors. As you can witness, CarMax ultimately scored in that.

carmax for homepage design

They have added multiple CTAs to direct visitors to either sell their used car or buy a new one. Accurate and easy. They added a search bar for specific cars and models you are trying to find at CarMax near your town.

#4: ThredUp

Designing the homepage of an e-commerce website can be a complicated task, which includes displaying your flagship product and introduction to your business at once. How can you not overwhelm your visitors with a list of products or categories? Hopefully, if you are a beginner, this website design will give you an inspiration.

thredup for beginner web design projects

At Thredup, they have organized all the available products in categories. They change their homepage design according to the seasonal approach. The navigation is massive but designed neatly, which helps visitors to easily access the categories that interest them the most.

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#5: Skype

These days, Skype is used globally and everyone is familiar with its working. The design of the Skype homepage directs the targeted visitors ideally. The custom graphic subtly states that technology is compatible with all types of devices, and if you go in-depth and discover their more features, you will know why their service is popular.

skype best websites design

They have designed all the three important factors of Skype: chatting, collaborating, and talking neatly. The graphic work done on CTA buttons on the website design is beauty itself. They are showcasing the download now advantages to save time and be ready on the go.

#6: Suicide Prevention Hotline

Nonprofit organizations' homepage design has their own barriers, and this is one of the web design challenges for beginners. They look forward to give a hand to as many people as possible, but they also keep aside volunteer, donations, and other assistance from the public. The Suicide Prevention Hotline fulfills each of these good intentions well.

web design basics for beginners

Their website design is very interesting as they have used a phone number for primary CTA. This might seem antithetical to what we usually observe, but it's designed for its visitors. If you surf the website from a smartphone, you can click that number so quickly dial it.

#7: United Healthcare

If you are learning web design basics for beginners, you wouldn't be familiar with color psychology in marketing. You should keep in mind that to symbolize health and emotion healing, blue color is often used in such website designs.

united healthcare for basic website design

If you visit UnitedHealthcare's homepage, you will see why its design is so compelling. They have also used relevant pictures to support their audience in every manner. Multiple CTAs are used to provide clear directions about health and insurance plans for individuals and families. 

#8: Uber

Anyone who doesn't like to drive by themselves calls Uber to pick them up from a location. They have the best homepages designs. They have done it remarkably well to categorize each proportion. That is not easy to design and execute. If you take a closer look, you will observe each action directs visitors to another section. It works like a funnel.

uber website ideas for beginners

You can sign up with them to travel or drive. They have combined entirely two different segments together. The rest of the remaining homepage design is filled with more information regarding their service.