5 Awesome Examples for Personal Website Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Personal website designs are one of the most important things that play a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance of a website. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that more than 80% of visitors firstly have a look at your website design then move on to check out your products and services. 

Hence it is suggested that one always try to be innovative and unique with its personal web design idea. But how to generate some new ideas for the design of your personal website?

If this question strikes your mind, then you are in the right place. As here, we will have a look at five best examples for personal website designs, from where you can fetch some ideas and generate a new one for yourself.

Best 5 Personal Website Designs for Impressive Ideas

It was a really difficult job to pick out only five personal website designs from millions of websites online, but here we are, along with our hand-picked options. 

1. Gary Sheng

Gary Sheng is a software engineer and a web developer. Hence, whenever you visit his personal website, you would be able to notice an impressive look. Although he didn't use any fancy or more pictures on its website, but still whenever someone visits his website, it strikes in a person's mind. 

personal website design

Once you visit Gary's website, you would be able to notice that he has made a static website with two pages. The first one is the homepage, while on the other hand, the second option is the Blog section.

The homepage section is filled with to the point information where he fluently showed its profiles, told about its work. You would also be able to notice a few graphical additions that help make its personal web page design look even better and innovative.

In the blog section, you would be able to notice that Gary has used a simplistic approach for designing. Hence all the blogs are placed in a listicle form that looks great with the design.

2. Raf Derolez

The next available example from the list of best personal website designs is Raf Derolez's website. If you want to develop such a website that is filled with plenty of graphics and other such illustrations, then this website is worth taking ideas from. 

You will not find many sections on his website. Hence you will get the main homepage where Raf has shared all the details about himself and his work. Thus at the top, you get an About section placed on the top right corner; from this section, you would know more about Raf easily.

One thing that is being loved by Raf's personal website visitors is, he has used different graphical icons to every section on his homepage. At last of his homepage, the user has added a button that will directly take the visitor to its email id, where the person can get in touch with Raf.

The whole design is made over a black background, no additional pictures are used, and even after all these, the design looks outstanding.

3. Pascal van Gemert

Pascal is a web developer from the Netherlands, and here we have his personal web page design as the third best design in the list. Once you visit his profile, you would be able to notice that he has added a section bar at the right side of his resume website, from where you can scroll down and have a look at the section name. 

best personal website designs

One of the biggest things you need to figure out about his resume website is the color schemes. He has made a light color background along with various sections where he wants the user to focus; there, you will find dark colors being used.

Moreover, if you are also trying to build your resume website, make sure you are providing every detail about yourself, your work, and other things that you want to add on the site.

4. Brandon Johnson

The next option in the list of awesome personal website designs is Brandon Johnson's personal website. From this website, you would be able to find numerous impressive ideas for designing your website with photographs of space and other such objectives. Not only that, if you are thinking about getting forward with a dark theme, then this website is a must-visit. 

personal web design

One thing that you will notice while scrolling this website is that he didn't only make his website design a unique one. But along with that, the entire content and placement is unique too.

Moreover, if you want to generate a new idea under a multi-layered background section, this website will offer you the best possible inspiration.

5. Quinton Harris

Now we are going to look at our final option of best personal website designs, and that is Quinton Harris's personal website. He has done an awe-inspiring job in developing the website design, under which he made various sections on the homepage, and every section depicts one part of his personal or professional life.

personal web page design

He has also used an appropriate image for developing all those sections that add-on and beautify the web page. Hence at last, you would be able to submit your requirements with the help of a clickable button.

At last, the user has also provided a backlink to its official website, with the help of which he can bring direct traffic to the site easily.

Good Tool for Creating Personal Website Designs

Although the online market is filled with several options that can help you in developing personal web page design. But here we are going to have a look at one such option that helps in providing its users reliable and guaranteed results efficiently. That platform is Wondershare Mockitt; this is a modern-design-based platform with the help of developing personal website designs and other types of graphical requirements.

personal website design

Here is the list of features you get with Mockitt:

  • You would be able to get cloud support, where you can easily store all the developed personal website designs. Hence you will never misplace them.
  • It offers amazing template options, from which you can select the most appropriate option for yourself.
  • You will have access to various widgets, designs, and many more such in-built options. That will make it easier for you to develop your personal web page design.

    Let us look at some advantages of using Mockitt and why you should prefer this option over any such personal website designing app/software:

  • Mockitt offers you numerous integrations that no other designing platform would be able to provide.
  • The overall usage of Mockitt is easy, and you won't need any instruction guide for getting started with it.