Website Header Design: What Is a Good Website Header?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Website header design has always been critical for designing an excellent website. Two main points considered to be essential for creating a website; one is website header design, and the other in the footer design. New designers do not give much time to designing headers and footers, which leads them to create an unprofessional website. In this article, we are going to about the website header design; why is it so essential to design a good header? What should we need to put inside the website header? And what exactly is a good header?

We will answer all these questions one by one, so stick with this article from the beginning to the end.

Why is website header design so important?

Like other content available on your website through pc or smartphones, website header design also plays an essential role in directing the user's attention to your site. Website header design must be attractive and eye-catching if you want users to visit your website regularly. Give some extra time to design a perfect header for your website.

Now the header with large text and logos has become a mainstream element of modern website design. The website header design plays a vital role in engaging with the audience. The website header section always creates a connection between the user. The header highlights the critical parts or links so the users can easily navigate the site without any hurdle.

Plus, the header is the only part where the users or customers look first to find out what a website offers or what kind of we are on. If they had any questions in mind or anything, they would look for the header design's contact option. The header also contains social media icons, which help promote their business through social media platforms.

It's evident if your header and the website design are appealing and attractive, visitors would love to follow you on social media platforms.

What to put in a website header?

There are things that we think everyone should need to add to the website header. These are as follows:

These are the most effective user interface trends you should add to your website header.

1. Hero Images

Background images at header design can be used to feature your product or highlight anything relevant to your website or business perspective. 3D images or animation to showcase your website purpose can be convenient for your site. Hero images may also help your business to become a brand itself. You don't have to advertise your product anywhere else.

2. Scrolling Menus

Scrolling menus can be easy to implement by using CSS and jQuery. Scrolling provides a better user experience; users can navigate throughout the website easily. The remains fixed while you can browse the other contents of the site. Scrolling menus is a must thing to be a part of a website header design.

3. Visual Branding

We've already mentioned about visual branding above. Including background images at design about your brand can be noticeable and presentable in a better way. Or you can put a logo of your website right in the middle of the header. You present your logo in a 3D picture format. The logo must be large and attractive.

What is a good Website Header?

Now, it's time to squeeze all the things in one place to know precisely, what an excellent website header is. And what things should we need to create the best header design for website? Again, remind your headers are the only thing that the visitors first see on your site.

Let us show you different websites having a good header.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Here we have got a simple, clear and calm website header design. Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping software that helps designers to design their beautiful and responsive webpages. What we liked about this website header is that it has developed a perfect and simple design. They didn't use any kind of complex structure or background-images and videos. Without them still, the website header design is classic and appealing to the visitors.

Not every time you'd see a simple design looks attractive to the visitors. Everything describes at the menu header like pricing, features, Apps, tutorials, and forums. Everything that a user need is right at the top of the header. Users don't have to search for pricing plans and on the website or don't have to explore the whole site.

2. MockPlus

MockPlus is a collaboration or prototyping website for product design. This website header design looks good for users' perspective but takes some to load the page. However, it's an excellent visual presentation of their product. In the background of the header, a video plays automatically and describe the features of their product. Everything right at the top of the header, that's what we are looking for precisely, or any other visitor wants to see on your site.

And there is a free trial button right in the middle of the header. We've told you before; the header is the only thing that visitors first see on your site. The header must be self-describing about your product or anything you offer on your website.

3. Slack

Another website is similar to Mockitt. Slack website header design is mostly identical to the Mockitt, but it is slightly different. Slack uses lightweight animations on its header, yet it's a simple design; that's why this header remains on our list. Slack's website header design contains everything that users need. You'll find a logo up there, navigation, free trail CTA, buttons, and don't forget the animations.

There are floating elements that describe the nature of their services they are offering to the users. Moreover, its header is lightweight and straightforward. Sometimes designers use too many things inside a header, which takes much time to load their website. Remember, don't stuff your header with unnecessary items. Users love to visit those sites that are simple and perfect and fullfil their needs. Don't stick to the heavy side of the design.

4. The Cool Club

Just like the name of this website, the design of this website looks cool. This website has many cool interactions when you click on the objects. This website is promoting games and a collection of classic designs. You'll also love its website header design after visiting the site. A bit of a cumbersome design interface, but you can ignore this part because many other things can take care of this one.

On the right side of the header, a card pack is floating on the interface when you click on the box the cards pop out from it which seems more enjoyable. It's an excellent way to introduce your game to the website, forcing visitors to play that game. It's a friendly trick to gain attention towards their product. It seems that the header is an excellent way to promote their product in an epic way. That's why the header has always been right on the top.

5. Woven

Woven stands last but not the least, website header design on our list. The header's design is quite a bit impressive, but they haven't genuinely focused on fonts colors. The fonts' colors are so light that they disappear with the background color of the header. Woven uses hidden navigation, so the design of the page remains clean and visually simple. Additionally, this website uses some large hero images to gain visitors' attention. Apart from the fonts colors, the website header design is clean and straightforward, no doubt about that.

These are some best header designs for website; new web designers can get some ideas from these website header designs and make innovations in header designs.

A good tool for website header design

Well, there are lots of tools available in the market to make a website header design. We have tried many tools to design website headers such as Adobe XD, Axure RP, Figma, etc, but of all these we loved Wondershare Mockitt to create website headers. There are many reasons for using Mockitt. We'll discuss them in below, first let us explain what exactly a Mockitt is?

website header design

Mockitt is a prototyping software or best web design software that quickly designs beautiful layouts, web-pages, and website header designs. Apart from all of these you can develop projects in it without knowing the code.

Our personal opinion after using different platforms, we have decided that Mockitt is the best prototyping software for the beginners as well as for the professionals. Now, it's up to you to take benefits from it by just signing up at their site and start prototyping. Must try it and share your experience with us, or if you have any questions in mind related to it, let us know, we're here to guide you at every step.

That's all the information related to Mockitt, now let's talk about its amazing features and advantages.

Mockitt Features & Advantages

We cannot cover all of the features and advantages of Mockitt all at once, but we will explain some of its basics and most essential elements, and it's the advantage for new designers.

  • Assets: Mockitt provides lots of widgets and other elements and the Asset Library. Apart from widgets, there are many design templates available in it. You can edit and reuse them for future design.
  • Design: Mockitt lets users design websites layout by just drag and drop thing. All you have to do is just drag an element and drop it to the canvas. Some many transitions and gestures help you to create animations easily.
  • Cloud/Collaboration: Mockitt gives the cloud access so you can share and save your work online. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the world where you have the internet facility. Not only that you can collaborate and share your work with the other team members.