How to Create a Web Banner Design?【Mockitt】

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Website banners provide you the freedom to portray your product or service in a way that connects to your potential customers. For your business, it is important to inform your potential customers about your product or service. For this, they need to be informed about your brand name from time to time again. Website banners can help you with this. Nowadays, Website banners are a must-use thing for every brand or business that wants to thrive. Most of the brands and businesses use web banners in their marketing strategies. Exciting website banner designs, increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. A good web banner design ultimately helps you achieve your business goals or to get a potential audience.

How to design a web banner

Wondershare Mockitt is the multiplatform prototyping tool that can supports prototyping platforms like PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, Digital Watch. Its simple drag and drop functionality makes it superior to other prototyping tools. With Mockitt, you can also design a various prototype banner style. It has huge widgets, material design, and icons library.

web banner design

The best feature of Mockitt is that you can link your screens very easily with your other team members. I have used many wireframing tools but they are not up to the mark when it comes to linking the screens. Without wasting time, let's start, first of all, you need to click on the "Workspace" button here at the top right next.

  1. Then click on the top left menu. From here you can switch between your personal and enterprise spaces.
  2. Now you can go to the demo group then you will create a new project. Where you can find and utilize pre-built templates based on Effect, Industry, Basic and other options.
  3. Now you will view the details of the project and come up here to make edits. You can access the different pages from the menu on the Left.
  4. On the right side, you can access the widgets. You can see widgets. Below that we have the icon library where you can easily search for icons and drag them onto the canvas.
  5. You can edit the dimensions in the right menu or just click and drag it. You can also change the color down here and connect it to the comments.
  6. You can also choose a transition duration.
  7. Now, you will come to the comments section and connect the back button to the preview button and change the duration back in the library.
  8. You can see a preview of what you have done so far and even click on the search and back icons to ensure your changes took effect.

5 Great Web banner design Ideas

We have 5 amazing web banner design ideas to impress your potential audience/ clients. You can implement these web banner design examples to your web banner design. Why waste more time? Let's dive into the top 5 website banner design ideas!

1. Keep It Simple/ Simplicity & Clarity

In graphic design, some rules could be considered. These rules are called the principles of design and these are typically separate good design from bad design. The two key principles of design are simplicity and clarity. Great design is made up of simplicity and clarity. A good designer keeps these two principles as guidelines in their product web banner design. Because the audience will be more easily engage when your message is simple and clear. So, keep them in mind when you start working on your website banners design. You should consider simplicity to ensure that a piece of communication has maximum clarity. Simplicity in your web banner design creates balance and impact. Because simple design is easy to understand and more likely to make a lasting impression.

2. Animated Web Banners

An attractive web banner is very crucial to make an impact on your online presence. An eye-catching and fascinating web banner always get more clicks. Animated web banners play a vital role to catch the user's intention and in order to get your message through and ultimately generate a click. Animations in your web banners can act as an eye-catcher. When a viewer views your website banner, they can't avoid watching your animation. Since the human brain is wired to recognize movement primarily. If you combine that with a little eye-catching way, maybe in a little playful, unexpected way then definitely you can win the battle. The biggest benefit of having an animated web banner is that you can also show multiple images to your audience through an animated banner design. Did you know that Apple uses an animated banner on your website very effectively to display its products.

3. Typography

Typography without a doubt is one of the most key essential parts of graphic design. It's just a more than wording. It allows the user to focus on the content and it affects how it's understood and perceived. It can set the personality of your product or service and improves the user's overall experience. The magic happens when it works invisibly while making banner design legible and visually satisfying.

My first recommendation is to start by selecting a typeface for your body text. It will determine the decisions of any other typeface like headlines and labels. Because body text is the most common element in your web banner. Body text in the banner will have the greatest impact on the typographic quality of your design. Now, I am going to suggest you the 5 best fonts that can rise the beauty and readability of your web banner.

4. Don't Tell, Show Them

The more simplistic your design, the more striking and easy to understand it will be. Too many texts and visual elements on your website banner will make a very confusing and bad experience. A good web banner designing is not about stripping a design down to the point of its soulless. It's also about harmony and balance between text and visual elements. Coupled with a simple logo placement or bold message can be striking.

When you think of some of the most prestigious brands. It's common to see simplicity set on a backdrop of complex beauty. It's a striking dynamic which can also be seen in advertisements. You often notice that an advertisement communicates a message in a few seconds. So your web banner design must be as striking and as easy to understand as possible. For example, an image texture or a pattern texture may be seen as complex. But this work to suggest a mood, a feeling, an emotion.

5. Always Pick Right Colors

The color is the first thing that a user notices in your website banner. Using high converting colors in your web banner helps to engage the visitors/viewers. Picking

the right color scheme for your website banner design might feel a little overwhelming at first. The colors you use on your web banner can actually have a pretty big impact on your potential customer and their perception of your brand or service.  For instance, if your web banner design has a lot of red colors then you can project passion, love, and fun to your customers. But if you use a lot of blue colors, they can perceive a sense of calmness, pureness, and even loyalty.

So choosing the right colors can help differentiate you from your competition, focus your customer's attention on your products, and even can generate more sales. You can choose a monochromatic color scheme for your website banner design. In this color scheme, you can choose one single color as your base and use a lighter or darker shade of that color to add contrast.  This emphasis or simply separate content on your web banner. This color scheme is mostly used when a designer wants their photography or illustrations to be the main focus on a web banner.

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