Check out these 7 Web UI Design Examples for Inspiration

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Around 75% of your website's credibility is dependent on the Design. This one figure is so influential that it summarises the importance of a good web UI design. Websites are the storefront of every business, offline or online. Domains with exceptional design and a seamless interface are the key to customer acquisition and customer retention.

Well, the innovations and advancements in technology will take care of your website's performance. But, when it comes to designing, we need some motivation and inspiring ideas from time to time. Well, if you are looking for some inspiration, we have curated a list of the most amazing UI UX web designs for your website.

The Most Effective Tool For UI/UX Website Design

If you are looking to create some revolutionary designs for your website at most competitive rates, go for Wondershare Mockitt . Working on your website UI design with Mockitt, you can create prototypes and dynamically beautiful website interfaces from scratch.

Further, it also allows you to collect actionable insights from live previews producing the website's frameworks and navigability in real-time. All of this is done without even writing a single piece of code while helping your Website UI design inspiration for others.

Mockitt takes care of the entire structuring, designing, and dynamism of any website, taking it from an idea to reality with smart, efficient, and state-of-the-art tools.

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A Designers Paradise 24/7

Mockitt is a cloud-based service, plus it is enabled for member's collaboration. So, all the members associated with the website design can work on a single project. The users have got the ability to a multitude of tools with a single click or add new elements with drag and drop.

Free Assets

For creating designs that resonate with the business objectives and fuel your creativity, Mockitt provides free access to an abundance of icons and widgets. Further, you can also get a hold of fully customizable pre-made templates spanning from different industries.

Friction-Free Handoff

Mockitt allows the designers to create the best UX web design, interface, animation, screens, CTAs, and whatnot without having to worry about converting it to code. The handoffs allow the developers to identify every single detail of the assets and items that aid them in executing the perfect code. To know the dimensions of these additions and items, hover the required item, and the required information will show on the screen.

Advantages of using Mockitt

  • Downloadable slices associated with various resolution specifications and dimensions.
  • Ready to copy CSS, Swift, or Android Codes that smoothens the work efficiency.
  • Smart color picker with the ability to pick, record, and apply any color to the design.
  • Platform-specific specification of the added elements is generated automatically with a single click.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mockitt is one of the most extensive and advanced tools that is going to radicalize the UI/UX designing.

7 Amazing Websites with Good UI/UX Design

To identify the wheat from the chaff and understand why these 7 UI UX design websites are great. For a website to have good UI and UX, it needs to align with the purpose of its development. If the website's narrative does not match the UI and UX, there are issues to be fixed.

#1: ESPN Sports Programming

Not in broadcasting the best sports events from across the globe, ESPN has also benchmarked the online designing world with its intuitive and appealing website. Large-sized HD images and videos are playing on the screen, which is privy to the website as it is a business that runs on visual content.

For a better UX, there are several background videos and slider content that change with the cursor hovers. Moreover, the features sections that you can see are superbly made to enchant the user with the latest sports actions and statistics for better interaction. They aim to provide the most crucial information in minimal space with effective information sharing design.

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#2: Virgin America

Booking a flight ticket is made very easy, fast, and a single-click process on the revamped Virgin America's websites. The best part about UX web design is that they have expanded the experience from just booking the flights to include other relevant content.

The first screen that you will see boasts a feature article, and on the right, there are four booking options. Below the entire page is affixed with the latest news from across the globe. Not only have they made the booking experience easier, but they are also providing the latest information to the user without switching between screens and tabs., easy does the task.

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#3: Waveguide

Getting authentic and actionable insights about any subject matter must be sourced from knowledgeable domains. Waveguide is such a domain that supplies designing information curated and created by experienced designers.

Experienced designers have provided the entire pool of knowledge available on the website. The flow of information and the presentation is also unique and intuitive with Waveguide. For effective and long-lasting user interaction, the content is suitably segregated and formatted to get previews about each article with a thumbnail.

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#4: Zillow

Being a real estate website, one would think that, "let's focus on the properties, who gonna notice the design." But no, for a customer to find their ideal home, they need good research, that is intuitive and smart.

Zillow idealized the core of good design, and with the latest technological integrations, it enhances the user experience. The duality of UI and UX has been beautifully integrated to create an amazing website. Aspects like quick research and accurate listings further make it a website worth checking to get some website UI design inspiration.

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#5: Airbnb

Airbnb knows the importance of creating a personalized interaction history with the user. Starting from the home screen, the user is asked to enter the details of their stay. The conversational tone of the website is a great asset for creating the best UX websites.

Design-wise, Airbnb has kept it simple and easy to navigate. Most of the interactions a user can have with the website are there on a single screen. The best part about Airbnb's UI is how it brings two people together intuitively.

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#6: Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's homepage screen does not define what they do or what's their aim. But in the first instance, they share three "Ideas" or articles that are most relevant to the present circumstance. These ideas are meant to drive traffic to the website recurrently.

Further, the grid-based segmentation of the content makes it easier for the end-user to get more insights into the market. Because Morgan Stanley is an information-centric organization, so they have spearheaded their website experience with both UI and UX.

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#7: Workstack

If you are looking for an appealing and colorful web UI design inspiration, this is it. Workstack did a perfect job of providing the relevant information with minimal screens and still keeps the user engaged on the website.

The superlative imagery of Workstack is pretty amazing and shall be enough to set an example of how to design your website for the best results. But that is not how they went. Workstack further increases the UX with a uniform design to ensure a consistent feel and engagement for the user.

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What Is Web UI/UX Design?

Not many people (not web designers, they are creative geniuses) think that UI and UX can be used interchangeably. But, they are wrong. In fact, both these terms are different. Yes, they are used in the same sentence, like UI UX web design, the story behind the curtain is totally different.

UI Design

Simply put, UI or User Interface design is how the products look to the viewer. This statement might be simple, but when you read between the lines, there is a lot to under and a great amount of subjectivity involved.

Now the word, "Look" is overrated here. It is not only about the looks, but a good UI created with tools like Mockitt also includes how the product feels and interacts with the viewer.

The best UI websites pay attention to the product's intuitiveness, the resonance, and the nudging patterns it creates to inspire the user towards making a decision or taking action.

  • Buttons, icons, typography, graphics, animations, font, layouts, sliders, carousels, colors, responsiveness, and so on all are essential in the UI.
  • A good UI design is like a walkthrough for the viewer, which guides him/her towards a specific route.
  • Lastly, UI imbibes the brand's core objectives, motives, and strengths by personifying them into incredible and appealing imagery.

UX Design

User Experience or UX is that aspect of designing that is human-oriented. Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy coined this term back in the 90s. Since then, the core of a UX designer website has not flinched. Even today, UX revolves around those iterations and aspects that focus on the end-users interaction with three fundamental things.

  1. Company
  2. Service
  3. Product

UX is not just limited to a website or a mobile application. It includes anything and everything that comes under the ambit of customer interaction. If the end-user interacts with a coffee machine or even a vending machine, the UX will focus on defining the user's interaction with the said subject.

Talking about the technical side of UX, a designer leverages state of the art tools like Mockitt to create mockups and prototypes first to understand themselves how they the user will engage.

Then using the same tool, they can also test run the entire website's framework equipped with animations, images, and every other imaginable asset to enhance that experience. A well-prepared UX web design is not about the look; it is about the feel and the overall engagement.

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