10 Restaurant Website Design Examples

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

All the top restaurant websites have one factor which remains consistent in all of them: Exceptional Presentation. A website with an eye-catching design and outstanding imagery is bound to bring in a whole lot of customers. Although user interface is very important but it's the attractive and mouth-watering images that make these sites stand out.

The best food websites' design have one thing. The visual appearance should not distract the traffic on the website from attaining valuable information, however. Your address, menu details and operating hours should be accessible without any difficulty.

Top 10 Inspiring Restaurant Website Designs

We have listed a few websites below which can be used for inspirational designs and exceptional user experience. You can read on for great restaurant website design ideas.

1. Bresca

This is an ideal example of a website for restaurants, if you are looking for a standard restaurant website design. Have a look at the top, Bresca mentions their complete location address and contact number. Then there is a nicely organized menu bar which can be used to access all the important pages on the website such as location, menu, dining options etc. The website restaurant menu design is an important aspect. While scrolling down, you will find beautiful visuals with information presented orderly. You can easily reserve a table by simply clicking the Reservation button on the top right corner of the page, which is a very convenient feature for prospective customers.

restaurant website design

2. Sono

Sono Australia has very nicely designed single-page website with appropriate visuals and call-to-actions in each of its sections. This website is a great example for restaurants who want to create a simple website but with precise information on a single page. You can access different parts of the page from the menu on the top. They have provided information regarding their location, operating hours and parking facilities. If you want to ask any questions of have a query you can access and fill out an inquiry form which is also available. Overall the website is very well designed and user friendly.

food website design

3. Catch

If you are looking to build an unconventional website "Catch" is it. This Australian fish and chips restaurant has, very smartly used animated visuals to grab attention of its visitors. These types of websites cannot be used for every business, but if it is accurately done, like Catch, it will make your business stand out from the others due to its exceptional online presence. Even though the website relies heavily on animations and visual effects, yet it works flawlessly on any mobile device. It's an ideal example for websites who want to use vibrant visuals and colors to attract its visitors.

best food websites design

4. El Burro

El Burro has an exceptional single page vibrant website that matches with their brand. The website has been created with a goal to provide a very user friendly experience to its visitors. Bold colors and vibrant animations have been used in the website intentionally to make this Mexican street food website eye catching and attractive. There's an entire gallery section on the page which gives you access to show the food and environment of this place using an image carousel. However, the website does not use HTTPS which is a big negative.

website restaurant menu design

5. Protein

Here's another restaurant website which uses a very vibrant and colorful scheme to engage its visitors. As seen in their navigation bar, Protein Bar & Kitchen functions on several locations and receives online orders. The website heavily relies on images to keep its visitors involved. The user interface is very simple and neat which allows the user to easily access all the required information. The homepage has used a carousel of vibrant images along with some parallax effects. The visuals used throughout the site follow a carefully selected color palette.

beautiful restaurant website design

6. Quay

Quay is one of the finest restaurants of Australia which has been awarded many times, and they have an exceptional website which truly matches their reputation. They have used a very smart combination of spectacular visuals and abundant use of whitespace which give this website a very graceful look and feel. The website is very user friendly, you can reserve your table by simply accessing there in-built reservation system from the top right corner of the page. On the left of the page you can access the Hamburger menu which is very well organized. The good thing about this stunning website is that you can access it from all mobile devices.

great restaurant website design

7. Quince

Quince restaurant has a great restaurant website design which provides you an excellent example of how you should design a restaurant website. They have a very user friendly interface for its visitors. Their menus, private dining, team and reservation options are easily accessible from the discreet main page of their website. You are able to receive all the essential information like, location, opening hours and accolades by simply clicking on the Welcome button. The visitors have a very pleasant experience as attaining information about the restaurant and their menu is very easy. There are exciting full-with visuals of the food and the restaurant interior in all the pages.

best restaurant web design

8. Easy

Easy Bistro & Bar have used a slideshow of vibrant images and visuals on their home page. The information about their operating hours, contact information and address is available at the bottom of the page. You can reserve a table by accessing the Reservation button on the top left of the page and menu by clicking the Menu button which is on the top right. Once you click on the menu button a full page navigation is accessed which provides you all the necessary information about their food menu, private dining options, know more about the chef and get links to their social media accounts.

restaurant web page design

9. Au Cheval

Au Cheval's website is heavily loaded with visuals. Their site consists of spectacular full-screen images. The vibrant visuals are eye-catching and once you scroll down through these images you will surely think about giving paying their restaurant a visit. The site design has a very user friendly interface and you can easily access all the important information which his available on the top right menu icon. If you plan to build a restaurant website which focuses mainly on visuals and images, Au Cheval is an exceptional example of how to do that.

restaurant website design ideas

10. Moxhe

By now we have seen several website which use multiple full screen images and vibrant visuals on their home page. This seafood Australian restaurant stands out by using a full screen video background at first. The remaining images of their home page zoom out while you scroll down the page. You can easily access the information about their menu, contacts, bookings and social media from the sticky navigation bar on the top.

restaurant website design

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