Careerfoundry: How Is the Careerfoundry Courses

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:44:58

Education or knowledge is all about transforming lives and helping individuals create a better version of themselves. Careerfoundry is built with a special purpose, and that is to help people make a career in anything they love to do.

The online learning model might seem a bit off the track, but it is much more accessible, inclusive, and community-oriented than a classroom with a limited number of students and boxed diversity.

Online classes have students coming from various places across the globe and they interact, converse, as well as grow with each other's support and exchange of knowledge.

What is Careerfoundry?

Careerfoundry is a global community of students, teachers, career specialists, and experts coming together to learn, grow, and develop. Education is more than just getting a job or getting a raise, and that is where Careerfoundry makes its way to build a better future for the students on the platform.


In other words, Careerfoundry helps a person become a better learner adorned with autonomy and creativity, which will ultimately help them lead a quality life. As per several Careerfoundry reviews, this platform is one of the most flexible online education portals to help individuals build careers in several technical fields.

This includes UX design, UI design, data analysis, and web development where all the courses come with a job or placement guarantee. For those who are not sure which is the right course to take, there are specialist career counseling programs and guides to help them understand the potential and requirements of each course.

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The typical time frame of the course is 4 to 12 months and combines the flexibility of online learning with mentor guidance and training. Even better, the curriculum created by Careerfoundry is specially designed, project-oriented, and boasts an adaptive character.

Moving forward, we will take a look at the courses offered by the platform, focusing specially on the Careerfoundry UX design course.

Careerfoundry Courses

There are four main courses you can choose from at Careerfoundry;

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  • Full Stack Web Development Program - This course will help you become a web developer in 7-months and after spending $6,555. Even better, it comes with a job guarantee or money-back guarantee. There is no need to have any experience in coding or technical background to join the course.

The mentors teaching this program have more than 5 years of industry experience and they will help you learn the skills, understand the tools and processes to become a successful web developer. The major highlights of this Careerfoundry course are frontend development, full-stack immersion, and building your portfolio.

  • Data Analytics Program - As per the Careerfoundry reviews, this program is one of the best courses on the platform as it covers three major aspects like data analytics introduction, data immersion, and getting ready for the job. It will take only 8 months for an individual to become a data analyst with Careerfoundry.
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The 420 hours course will cost $6,555 and it will help you learn concepts like data analysis, data visualization, databases, python fundamentals for data analysis, data mining, and ethics, etc.

  • UI Design Program - The 9-months program to become a UI designer will help you become more creative, understand the end-user, and create apt designs that are brand-specific and interactive.

Learning to build a career in UI requires commitment, and the course goes on for about 360 hours costing $6,555. Since UI requires you to make designs for the device interface, it can be a mobile phone, desktop, or even a smart TV, you need to have a creative mindset.

Any program cannot teach you to be creative. They can teach you how to use your creativity and ideas better, but being creative is a trait that you should possess before making a career in UI design.

  • UX Design Program - The UX Design program has the longest length of 10 months and the Careerfoundry cost to join the course is $6,555. The Careerfoundry UX design course mentors hold 8 years of industry experience.
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UX designers are high in demand and as we move forward the types and preferences of a customer also changes, which further makes for a better outcome for anyone learning to become one.

In this program, you will learn about UX fundamentals and UX immersion. This includes concepts like thinking like UXer, understanding the user, usability testing, design refining, and an end-to-end design.

Along with this, the students can also select one field in which they wish to specialize like Voice User Interface Design, Frontend Development for Designers, and UI for UX Designers.

Careerfoundry reviews

After going through several Careerfoundry reviews, we can state that in general, Careerfoundry is an excellent platform. It has received positive reviews from the students, with some claiming that they have learned a lot in their UX design, UI design, and web development bootcamps.


The mentors and coaches are also good, and they help students immensely from the instructors plus the Careerfoundry community. Any online education platform gains prominence because of two factors, the curriculum, and the mentors.

Careerfoundry has proven to be an excellent resource in both of these aspects. The mentors help build careers and job-ready skills. Almost every industry that we can work in today's highly competitive. Individuals who work to improve their skill set along with gaining technical knowledge stand to gain the most from the program.

Coming to the Careerfoundry curriculum, which is adept and as per the latest industry standards. The students like the depth and extent of the content, along with getting access to explainer videos and detailed resources. The realistic projects ensure that the students work on designs that are relevant and specific to the industry while following the latest trends.

careerfoundry reviews

Everything about Careerfoundry is great and efficient. But one of the issues that students have faced in the past is the mentor's or Program Advisor availability. The mentors may not be readily available for a call or be ready to assist the students on short notice.

For someone who is working while taking a course, this can become an issue as they already have a dearth of time and management becomes an issue at this juncture.

A prototyping tool for UI/UX designers

The UX/UI courses on online educational platforms recommend the user to use a Mac because most of them teach on Sketch, which is a Mac-only software. For students who are using a Chromebook or a Windows platform, this can become an issue. But, we have a great substitute for them, Wondershare Mockitt.

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The best part is that you can import the Sketch designs on Mockitt and never have to face any issues with the learning process. Mockitt is built to help both beginner and experienced designers learn and grow their skills in designing.

Mockitt is predominantly a prototyping and collaboration-friendly tool that can work on your PC, Mac, and also has a web browser version. Designers need to learn to code to use Mockitt. The drag-and-drop functionality allows adding any and all types of items, widgets, shapes, icons, etc in your design.

This designing software is a blessing for the designers because it also allows you to import custom libraries and embed them into the designs. Plus, if you want to share the design with other users, it can be done by sharing the link. Due to these aspects, Mockitt is one of the best options for students enrolled in the Careerfoundry UX design course.