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Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:34
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Learning a new skill and getting a job in that field is easier said than done. Irrespective of the skill you want to learn, it will test your patience and give your endurance levels a run for their money. Given the fact new learning takes time and effort, it can be streamlined and made easier if you have access to the right source.

UX designing has only observed growth, in terms of its demand, understanding, and innovation. Careerfoundry UX courses are designed and updated keeping in mind these new developments. There are three courses on Careerfoundry related to UX designing and designers. The courses are meant for three types of students, one; those who want to start their career in UX, two; those who want to get the basic training, and three; for advanced learners.

Top UX Courses on Careerfoundry

1. UX Design Program - 10 Months

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This Careerfoundry UX design course is meant for those who want to initiate their career in the field and have no prior idea about User experience. After joining the course, you will be able to not only learn everything a beginner learner should know about the concept but also develop a level of skill set that will get them a starting job.

Yes, Careerfoundry guarantees a job after the course is complete. Because this is a beginner's course, it will introduce the students to all the core skills, tools, and processes that are essential for the person to become a UX designer.

Throughout the program, you will learn from expert teachers and students while building a closed community that you can depend upon to grow as you learn. Also, the program is tailored to help students like you, who are new to the field learn the ins and outs of the industry. This is further beneficial in getting the right advice to be prepared for the interviews.

Careerfoundry also gives the students access to the platform's Career Services Teams to further understand how to ace in the interviews and never look back in their career.

What Can You Expect to Learn from the Full Program?

Working as a comprehensive learning experience this Careerfoundry UX Design program is fit for all kinds of UX designers, although it teaches everything from the start, so it is better suited to those who are new to this field. The mentor-led online classes are meant to increase your knowledge and build a skill set that is relevant to the kind of work you will be doing in UX designing.

Only after 6 months of graduating from the program, you will get a job.

However, Careerfoundry uses the word "Eligible Candidates" to represent those who will get a job in 6 months. The definition of what makes a candidate eligible is not shared.

Apart from the regular classes that will run as per a fixed schedule, every student enrolled in the course will be connected with a tutor and a mentor who will provide feedback and help the student with other processes.

The role of the career specialists is to help you prepare for future job interviews. While studying in the course, you can start applying for new jobs and get help from the career specialist leveraging their industry expertise to do well in the interviews.


There are three parts of the curriculum;

  • Intro to UX Design
  • UX Immersion
  • Specialized Course

Under the first part, Intro to UX Design, the course will help you take one step at a time and build a basic understanding of UX. You will go through the building blocks of designing and end it with making your first application.

The UX Immersion is the part where things get a bit serious. You are taught to think like a UX designer or as the mentors like to call it 'UXer'. After learning the design process, you will learn how to understand the user, build the design foundation, cover usability testing, learn to refine your design, and complete the process with end-to-end design.

The last part of this Careerfoundry UX design asks you to choose a specialization and get training in that area only. The specializations you can choose include, UI for UX Designers, Voice User Interface Design, and Frontend Development for Designers.

2. Intro to UX Design Course - 1 Month

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This is the second Careerfoundry UX design course that is available on the platform for the students. More importantly, this course covers only the basics helping the students get an overview of what is UX designing and what is done in this course.

The course runs for a month allowing the students to for about 15 hours in a week. In parts, you will be taught about the UX design fundamentals and the importance of user-centered designing as well as information architecture. While getting more knowledge about this Careerfoundry UX course, the students will also know about the core aspects of user research and interactive design that allows getting and inferring customer feedback.

Throughout the course, you will be connected with a mentor who will guide you and give personalized feedback while sharing valuable insights about UX designing.

What to Expect from the Program?

Being a beginner-friendly program, this UX course is meant to help the newbies like you learn what it is to become a UX designer. The program also allows you to connect with the industry expert tutors and mentors whose deep-set understanding of how to become a UX designer.

The beginner course is jam-packed with basic learning that helps you learn by building yourself and your skills. The students will get access to a large amount of learning material in the form of digital books, notes, interactive tools, and videos that will remain with you even after the course is complete.

As it is a starters program, this Careerfoundry UX design course teaches you about the most in-demand industry skills. The curriculum for the course is also built by in-house experts and industry stalwarts to make sure that you only learn the most appropriate content coming from the best of industry.


There is only one module in the course that includes almost everything that you need to know about the basics of UX and Design Thinking. Most of the course has a theoretical basis and the lessons are divided into;

  • Conducting Effective User Research
  • Building Personas
  • Analyze Information Architecture
  • Build Wireframes and Prototypes
  • Usability Testing
  • Work Presentation
  • Career Building in UX Design

3. UI for UX Designers Course - 2 Months

careerfoundry ux design course

This is a specialization course and comes after you have completed the UX Design Course. The three Careerfoundry UX design courses are developed in a manner that the student who starts with the "Intro to UX Design" course will learn more about the subject and the industry in the UX Design course and then if they want to specialize in a stream, they can join this course as well.

The specialized courses are highly integrated, detailed, and require the student to have more than basic knowledge about UX designing. After enrolling in the course, the students will get the same type of access as it is provided in other courses.

There are dedicated mentors and tutors who will help the student learn more and more about the course every day. The courses are designed and developed by industry experts with the help of in-house tutors and instructors. This high-level Careerfoundry UX course also allows the student to build their portfolio


The curriculum of this specialized Careerfoundry UX course is divided into two parts or as they like to put it, "Achievements." The first one is Composition and Visual Design and the second is Advanced UI and the Design Handoff.

The lessons include helping the students learn about creating responsive layouts, grids, working with UI elements, visual hierarchy, UI design patterns, visual design, typography, colors, imagery, among other things.

In the advanced UI section, you will be taught about the importance and the creation of shapes, icons, interactions, gestures, style guides, mockups, design handoff, and presentation.

Working through all these things, you will end the program on a high note and become eligible to work in a competitive industry while getting your hands on several opportunities not to mention the chance to work with some of the best design companies.

Choosing this program to upskill yourself and become an integral part of the UX designing industry means that you are ready to put what it means to be a UX Designer and create new and innovative service interfaces and applications for the users.


Working as a UX designer can get you as close as possible to working for the users in almost every industry. You will learn a lot of new things and build strong connections between the end-user and the digital interface.

Depending on your level of expertise and understanding in UX designing, you can join the right Careerfoundry UX design course and learn new things about this field of designing. UX designing may not be the only part of an application or website development, but it is an integral part of the entire process and cannot be ignored.