Top 5 Alternatives for Zeplin Mac in 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:11

Since there's a huge competition going on with prototyping and collaborating tools, we've decided to introduce you to another popular prototyping tool if you don't know about it—this time, we bring you, Zeplin Mac. This article is for Mac users only.

In this article, we'll cover all the features of Zeplin Mac and see which alternatives are best with Zeplin. If you're already using the Zeplin app Mac and not satisfied with its features, you are in the right place.

Top 5 Zeplin Mac App Alternatives

In case you haven't known about Zeplin Mac. Zeplin is a web-based online prototyping or designing tool that allows designers to design websites layouts and mobile interfaces. If you haven't used the Zeplin app Mac so far, you can sign up at their official website. Or if you're already a Zeplin user and not satisfied with its features, you can choose its alternative.

All the alternative tools are listed according to their popularity and top reviews by top designers. The top alternatives of Zeplin in 2023 are as follows.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

zeplin mac

We've got the first and highly recommended alternative tool for Mac users. Already lots of Mac users are using Wondershare Mockitt for creating prototypes. Not only the Mac users, but we're also personally using Mockitt for our designs. The reason for using this tool is it provides so many freemium features to its users. Plus, they've reasonable pricing plans. Everyone can purchase their subscriptions easily. Undoubtedly, Mockitt is the best alternative to Zeplin Mac. There's no question about that.

Mockitt offers so many features to its users. If we discuss all the features of Mockitt than we are afraid it might take you the whole day to read it. We've other Zeplin Mac alternatives to discuss.

2. InVision

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We've got the second-best alternative for Zeplin Mac. InVision is mostly similar to what we've seen in Mockitt. Almost it has the same features. But InVision is overpriced. Other differences make InVision in second place; otherwise, it's a perfect tool for prototyping.

InVision also offers Cloud supports to its users. With Cloud support, you'll be able to collaborate online with the other team members. You can create interactive interactions between screens and links between components. More importantly, InVision lets you share your designed prototype to other online platforms to receive feedback from other professionals. Feedbacks are much more important for designers to develop productive designs.

3. Adobe XD

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Adobe XD is one of the 20 products of Adobe Creative Cloud. And it's the most popular product among designers. Why we put Adobe XD on the third in our list? Why'd anyone placed popular and perfect products at No. 3? Remember, this list is only for the alternative to Zeplin Mac. Here we aren't comparing anything or any software.

Almost Adobe XD has every feature that is available in Mockitt. The reason why we put Adobe XD at No. 3 because it is not easy to use for the beginners, there are no tutorials and guidance; they only provide the documentation. Otherwise, Adobe XD has no exceptions at all. It's also the best alternative to Zeplin Mac.

4. Figma

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Figma has some fantastic features which lead us to consider it as a perfect alternative of Zeplin Mac. It's another popular tool, just like Adobe XD. Figma is a prototyping tool that lets users design unimaginable websites and UI designs. With Figma, you can collaborate with your other team members and maintain focus on a single page with real-time communication and collaboration. Not only this, but Figma also allows its users to import their projects directly from Sketch. Not only are features similar to Mockitt, but their pricing plans are also identical to it.

Like other tools, it has some free features, and some are paid. You wouldn't get more features in its free version.

5. Avocode

Well, in last, we've Avocode as the alternative to Zeplin Mac. Avocode is in the last place because of its pricing plans. The packages of the Avocode are way much expensive for the new designers. Therefore, we put this tool at the bottom of the list. Except all of that, it has some fantastic features also like you can import your design files from XD and Sketch. Other features are similar to what we've seen in other alternatives.

So these were some of the most popular alternatives of Zeplin Mac. Every mentioned prototyping tool has some unique features, and some have low pricing plans. So anyone who wants to use any of these tools can visit their sites and sign up for the best pricing plans.

Tips: How to Use the Zeplin Mac?

download zeplin for mac

We've seen the alternatives of Zeplin Mac already. Now, it's time to go through how to use Zeplin Mac to automatically generates styles and assets from the Sketch files.

Here's a complete walkthrough to your Zeplin Mac:

  • Go to the Zeplin official site, download, and install the Zeplin Mac app in your machine. Zeplin Mac app comes up with a pre-installed Sketch plugin. After installing Zeplin on your Mac machine, you'll get one project for free.
  • Once you installed the Zeplin Mac app, choose your project devices on which you want to create a prototype.
  • Go to the Plugins menu right in the middle of the menu bar; you'll see different plugins from you can import or export your projects. Choose the Zeplin export artboard from Sketch to Zeplin.
  • View your project in Zeplin. In Zeplin, you can see the properties of elements by just clicking on any element.
  • The fantastic thing is that you can share your design screen to the developer. If you want to share a single screen with the developer, you can take the right panel link when viewing the screen in the Zeplin Mac app. However, we'll recommend inviting your developer through email addresses. It's a more professional way to communicate with the developer.