How to Create a Prototype with Justinmind Prototype Software

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:01

There is a lot of competition among designers to choose the best prototyping tool/software for their projects. In this article, we bring you the rising Justinmind prototype software that may fulfill designers' needs. If you aren't familiar with Justinmind prototype software, don't worry; we'll also discuss this tool further in the article.

With that, we'll also see its alternative tool that can be the best choice for the designers. Discussing alternatives is always crucial because who knows which prototyping tool may perform better than another one. So, this is why we decided to give a glance to other software than the Justinmind responsive prototype.

So, be with us to the end to know how to create prototype with Justinmind software or how you can use Justinmind?

What is Justinmind Prototype?

To create projects or responsive layouts in the Justinmind prototype, you need to know about Justinmind software. So, what exactly is the Justinmind prototyper? Justinmind is a prototyping software that helps designers to create beautiful designs or website layout. It's different from other tools.

You've to download Justinmind prototype software to use it. Without the right platform or hardware, it's impossible to use it. To use this tool, you need to install this software properly in your system; otherwise, it's impossible to use it.

This tool is undoubtedly useful for prototyping, but we'll never suggest new designers use this tool. This tool pretty much expensive for the new designers. Generally, it has two different pricing plans; either you can subscribe for yearly subscriptions or purchase its licenses.

1. Subscription: Subscription has its own three different packages for its prototyping users only.

  • Professional ($19 per user/month)
  • Enterprise ($39 per user/month)
  • Server on-premise (Contact them personally)

2. Perpetual Licenses: Same as a subscription, Justinmind offers three license packages.

  • Professional ($455 per user)
  • Enterprise ($795 per user)
  • Server on-premise (Contact them personally)

See? This tool can be expensive for new designers to start with. You can find similar types of features like the Justinmind prototype in other software with less cost.

How to Create a Prototype with Justinmind?

So far, we've briefly discussed Justinmind; now its time to discuss its features and how you can create a prototype in Justinmind.

There are 4000+ UI elements, and design kits are available in the Justinmind prototype software. With these UI elements and design kits, you can create responsive prototypes easily. Through pre-installed design kits, you can get the design ideas for your website. Plus, there are also lots of iOS and android elements that may enhance your UI designing.

Justinmind prototype software lets you import your projects from Sketch, JIRA, and much more. Well, this integration feature is much impressive to others. With this feature, you can easily edit or reuse the projects that are developed on other platforms.

Here is the step by step guide to creating a simple prototype with Justinmind:

1. Create a Project

Let's create a project on Justinmind. After successfully download and installed Justinmind prototype software in your system. Open up and sign in your Justinmind prototype software, you'll see some options for creating a new prototype.

You can create a brand new project or import from Sketch, Adobe XD, or Photoshop or much more supported ones. After creating a new project, you'll see some devices to pick from, including Android, Web, and iOS.

2. Canvas

After choosing the device, you are designing for, a new window will appear to place the elements on the screen.

3. Screen Palette

On the left side of the screen, here you'll find the screens in your prototype. Every screen will be its own canvas. Each screen you'll create linked with the entire prototype.

4. Widget Palette

The widget palette is placed right at the bottom of the "Screen Palette." Widgets are small elements that enhance your creativity and design. Just pick any one device and put it on the canvas.

5. Design

Justinmind prototype software lets you create website design or UI design by just drag and drop functionality. You can drag any element or widgets from the Library and drop them on the canvas. You can easily customize your elements using the properties palette, which places on the window screen's right side.

Well, that was all from the Justinmind prototype. Now, move forward to another tool that can be the best alternative for Justinmind prototype software.

Create a Prototype with Justinmind Prototyper Alternative

There are many tools available on the web that can be the best alternative for the Justinmind prototype. But we've got a tool that possibly the best prototyping tool of 2020.

We've found this easy to use tool for the new designers that can be considered as the alternative for the Justinmind prototype. Wondershare Mockitt is an online tool, so you don't need to download anything. All you have to do is just go to the Mockitt site and signup for the best pricing plan that suits you. That's it no need for extra installing.

Plus, many features are similar to the Justinmind prototype software already available in an advanced way. Let's have a look at its features and advantages that have the upper hand on the Justinmind prototype.

Features and Advantages of Mockitt

There are many features and advantages of Mockitt, but here we will take a look at some of its important ones. The ones who have the upper hand on the Justinmind prototype.

1. Design: For the designing perspective, Mockitt provides lots of features and elements to its users. It also gives freedom to design freely by just using drag and drop functionality. Not only this, In Mockitt, but you can also customize your template and save them for later use. The same goes for the widgets.

2. Assets: In Mockitt, elements and widgets are considered assets. All the widgets and elements are available in the "Asset Library." All you've to do is drag any element from the asset library and put it on the canvas.

3. Cloud | Collaboration: The best thing we've seen so far in the Mockitt that it gives the Cloud service to its users. You don't have to worry about your data storage. All your projects are saved on secure servers. Plus, you can easily access your projects with someone else devices. This cloud service in Mockitt is quite remarkable.

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