How to Enhance your Prototyping with Justinmind Templates【Mockitt】

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Pre-installed templates are good friends of designers, especially when they are free for designers. No doubt, templates helps designers to think more creatively than usual. They also save a lot of time during design. Justinmind has even some pre-installed templates that can be useful during designing. Some Justinmind templates are free, and some are paid. This article is all about Justinmind templates, how designers would approach them, and creating a prototype with Justinmind templates. Some designers don't consider this approach as professional. But some say it saves a lot of time during design.

Well, let's move forward and see how things work with designing a prototype with Justinmind templates.

How to use Justinmind template to use prototype?

Almost every prototyping tool gives the facility for using templates. And every tool has some free and paid templates. The difference between the free ones and the paid ones is the free one only limited to some extent, whereas the paid ones are fully customizable. In paid templates, do whatever you want to change within the template. The same goes for Justinmind templates.

Let's see how to use Justinmind templates with an example.

Here we've got a simple template design in Justinmind. We selected this template because the much simple the design is, it's easier to understand for the designer. Now, consider this template for your website design you are working on. You got the idea, and you got the design as well. Now it's time to create a prototype with Justinmind templates.

Closely look at the templates; what do you see at first? You'll see a background image and usage of fonts. You'll see the website name at the top left corner, the top right corner you see the sign in and signup buttons.

You've decided all the elements and widgets present on the template. Now its time to put them with some changes on your prototype.

  • Create a project as New on Justinmind.
  • Select the device screen that you're designing for.
  • Choose the device screen according to your need; if you're creating a prototype, then go for the web or designing for mobile, then go for iOS or Android devices.
  • The next step is to start the project; you'll see a canvas, everything that you're designing will be placed on the canvas.
  • On the left side, you'll see the screens and templates. And under the Screen tab, you'll also see a Widget tab.
  • On the right side of the canvas, you'll see a properties tab.
  • If you want to make some changes to pre-installed Justinmind templates, select the template tab, and choose which template you want to customize for your designing.
  • Or if you want to create a whole new design, go for the screen and widget tab.
  • Multiple screens can be used while creating a prototype. Every screen will be connected with each other.
  • Now, it's all up to you which element you want to put it onto the canvas for your prototype.
  • After finishing the prototyping, you can also run your prototype for testing purposes.

Well, that's how you can use Justinmind templates to create a prototype.

Create a Prototype with Justinmind Templates Alternative

What if we tell you there's an alternative for Justinmind templates if you didn't like anything related to Justinmind? We've got another fantastic tool that has similar but more advanced features than the Justinmind software.

Wondershare Mockitt tool is the same as Justinmind software but has some advanced features with cost-effective. Mockitt has cloud support, which Justinmind doesn't have. Cloud support is a big plus for the Mockitt. With cloud support, you can easily collaborate with your team members and share your ideas on social media platforms. Or you can access your project with any computer or in any part of the world. Also, it provides more free features than Justinmind has.

 justinmind templates

Mockitt gives you the options to choose the templates of different categories and their types. It's more like you put a filter for your particular template.

So, how Mockitt can be the best alternative for Justinmind templates? How can we create a prototype with Mockitt templates? Follow the guide below; you'll see the difference between them with example.

Back to the topic, we've selected a Justinmind template alternative from Mockitt. And this time, we choose a mobile chat app template. The idea is to create a prototype from both platforms, either its web or for mobile devices. The procedure for creating a new prototype in Mockitt is similar to Justinmind software. But the key difference is that the Mockitt is an online tool you access anytime or any device you want.

To access Justinmind templates, you must need the same device on which it's installed. Otherwise, there are no other options to use Justinmind templates.

Now, let's back to the Mockitt templates. You've got the template in front of you; now look at which key elements used in the templates.

  • Now, sign in at Mockitt's official website.
  • The second step is to create a New Project.
  • After completing both steps, you'll be asked to select devices you want to create a prototype.
  • That's it; now you'll see canvas mostly similar to Justinmind, where you put all the elements and widgets.
  • On the left, you'll find the "Asset Library," which contains all the elements, widgets, and templates for your prototype on the left side of the screen.
  • Properties of the widgets and elements are available on the left side of the canvas.
  • Just drag and drop anything on the canvas that is necessary for your prototype.

That's it, simple as a piece of cake. Isn't it? Why we use another tool while we are getting everything inside Mockitt at minimum cost? So, choose wisely before start prototyping.

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