How to Make a Program Step-by-Step

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:19

With the world getting more digital, you also find that there are several programs coming up every day. You get the programs implemented in almost all jobs and industries. Making a computer program is a task that requires good skills and focuses on details. There are several online tutorials on how to make a program you can follow and do a good job. A good program is one that users find value in it since it helps them perform various tasks fast. If you want to gain skills on how to make a program, this article offers some tips that will help attain your set objective.

5 Steps on How to Make a Program

Step 1: Research and determine the goals of the program

Know the goal you want to attain with the program you want to make. For instance, think if you want an editing or payroll program. The point here is to think of the function the program will play. Take into consideration the targeted end-users too. This helps you make a program with all the features that make it friendly to users and perform the intended function efficiently. Determine the inputs and outputs required, how the program will work, and the major features to include. Go through tutorials or other resources to research so that you learn how to make a computer program. Check other similar programs and their functionality to help you come up with ways to create a program that is unique in terms of user-friendliness and functionality. Your goal should be to make a program with a competitive edge over others.

Step 2: Wireframe your program

When you go online, you get a wide range of tools you can use to make your desired computer program. All of them offer a distinct experience to programmers, so you should work with the best among the many. Wondershare Mockitt offers the best functionality when it comes to making an efficient program regardless of the end goal. Even if you are looking for how to make a simple program for the first time, Wondershare Mockitt is worth it and easy to use.

how to make a program

With it, you can create easy to click prototypes and wireframes for the program you want to make. It has sketch plugins that make it easy for computer programmers to import various sketch files and make the programs fast. The latest handoff feature makes it easy to collaborate during the process. With it, it is easy for you to preview, read specifications, export assets, and get the required code. It also features slices for several resolutions of different devices. The good thing is that you just download these slices instantly. Other features you like about Wondershare Mockitt include high responsiveness, real-time inspection, and code.

How to make a software wireframe step-by-step

Step 1: Create a new project

  • Click create a new project, choose the device you are making the program for, size, and save. For your trial, you can create a program from demos.
  • If you want to change the name of the program, go to settings where you can do all changes and then save.
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Step 2: Design the app

  • Add icons and widgets- On the left side of the tool; you see fast widgets. To add them, you can double click or drag them to the canvas. Then, press the hotkeys and draw. On the right side, you can see my widgets, build in widgets, and icons. You can add them by double-clicking or dragging them to the canvas. There is also the option to edit the widgets for improvements.
  • Add links between screens- Select one widget and then click a new link in the panel or by dragging the link icon on the left side of the widget to the screen.
  • Add notes- Use sticky in the library to add notes to explain your program further.
  • Create interactive animations- Create interactive animations by using dynamic widgets. Use the screen state to implements a fully interactive animation with your target screen.
how to make a computer program

Step 3: Coding the program

After you make the wireframe for your program, it is now time to code. Start by selecting the right programming language. Use programming languages that are user friendly. CSS and HTML are the simplest but are more efficient in developing basic programs. If you are making a program for highly interactive websites, you should apply languages such as python, PHP, javascript, and SQL. Mobile programs use languages such as C or swift, kotlin, or java. Wondershare Mockitt makes it easy for you to generate the codes, that why it is always the best tool to use even as you learn how to make a windows program.

how to make your own program

Step 4: Package the program

Package the program by calculating all the costs involved in its making. You should also take into consideration your target users in terms of their numbers and demographics as you do the packaging. You do not want to make a very cheap program that the target users will suspect or one that is too pricy that your targets cannot afford. Other factors to consider include, competition, frequency to charge for the program, and market dynamics.

Step 5: Test and Run the program

After you make a program, it is wise to test it to ensure it is working well as desired. Test it to make sure it is not doing anything it is not required to in all the devices it is supposed to run. During the testing process, you can also ask other people to try it and give feedback. Wondershare Mockitt has this feature that allows you to get feedback from others and allow you to make the right improvements. After doing the test and you are sure the program is good, you can now run it.

Summary: The above are some helpful details on how to make your own program fast. You can follow the steps provided to make any program regardless of the objectives in mind. Wondershare Mockitt has made it easy for even beginners to make functional and user-friendly programs. Its features are simple to understand, so it does not take you long to know how to use the free tool. The fact that it offers you an opportunity to preview and test your program makes it stand out. With the preview feature, you are sure that you will launch a program that is working and has the efficiency your end-users will enjoy.