Top 5 Best Alternatives of Justinmind Linux in 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:11

Currently, Justinmind for Linux is not available. Therefore, you’ll not be able to use Justinmind in Linux kernel. We don’t know exactly why they haven’t launched for the Linux or Ubuntu environment, even though their IDE is based on Eclipse and runs on Java. It’s still a mystery for Linux or Ubuntu users. Yes! You heard that right; you can only use Justinmind with Windows or Mac. It’s an embarrassment for Linux users; they can’t even use their favorite prototyping tool on Linux.

So, this Justinmind Linux error forced us to discuss its alternatives. We know it’s not available as Justinmind Linux, but we’ll cover other Linux versions in this article.

Top 5 Justinmind Linux Alternatives

We know that Justinmind Linux is currently unavailable, but many other prototyping tools can fulfill the need of Linux users. We listed them under, according to their popularity among other prototyping tools.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Meet Wondershare Mockitt, one of the top prototyping tools in Asia. And it is spreading its wings all over the world. In no time, it has gained more popularity among other prototyping tools. Every platform user can easily access this tool either is from Windows, Mac, or Linux. Mockitt has many features that forced us to place this tool right at the top of our list. Its online availability helps the different platform users to access Mockitt easily.

 justinmind linux

Mockitt is the best alternative for Justinmind Linux for sure. This tool has reasonable pricing plans. Anyone can get them. If someone doesn’t, its free version also has terrific features that new designers can easily understand and use them according to their needs. With Mockitt, you can easily create a prototype without the need for any tutorials or guidance. You’ll just need to drag and drop the elements or widgets on the canvas, Mockitt will take care of the rest.

2. Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a standalone app for minimal prototyping. The great thing is its an open-source GUI prototyping tool that’s available for all platforms, including Linux. But sadly, it doesn’t have many advanced features. Pencil Project is limited to pre-installed features, but it’s an excellent alternative to Justinmind Linux. The unavailability of the Justinmind Linux version causes the other tools with fewer features to take the place of Justinmind.

It’s a single user app that there’s no collaboration and share available at all. You have to design UI for your own. Their only mission is to provide free services to all designers of all platforms. Well, let’s talk about its features. You can create a multi-page document with a background page. It also has On-screen text editing with rich-text support. It means you must know to code. There is no drag and drop service available for the users.

3. Figma

Figma is another popular tool among designers. Like Mockitt, it’s a collaborating and prototyping tool. It’s a freemium tool that means some features are free, and some of them are paid. Figma features are mostly similar to Mockitt. With Figma, you can collaborate with other team members and maintain focus on a single page with real-time communication and collaboration. This is another best alternative to Justinmind Linux after Mockitt. Plus, you can use features like importing projects from Sketch, full-featured vector graphic manipulation, easily preview designs on iOS devices with Figma mirror, and works in bowsers with downloadable pages. See, this tool is almost similar to Mockitt, and their pricing plans are quite similar also.

4. QuickMockup

QuickMockup is a strange-looking website that is used to create online design mockups in the browser. You can later save the file on your system. In order to keep your mockups, use your browser’s save mockup function, and save your file. Perhaps, you can export your code for others.

QuickMockup is a simple tool for creating simple templates. This tool isn’t for high-quality designs like what we’ve seen in Mockitt or Figma. The idea of this tool is to make quick mockups for communication ideas. That’s it. You cannot create a complex interface and add several screens to it. Still, this tool is available on Linux that means this is another alternative to Justinmind Linux.


Lastly, we’ve MockupTiger; this one is a web-based prototyping tool used to create website designs and desktop software. MockupTiger provides lots of widgets and quick wireframes to its users. It’s a commercial app, so it might be costly than you imagine. MockupTiger is available for Linux kernel that means it’s another alternative to the Justinmind Linux version.

MockupTiger has a massive collection of pre-installed icons and widgets that can be very helpful while designing.

That’s all the popular alternatives for the Justinmind Linux operating system.

Tips for using Justinmind Linux App

There’s unfortunate for Linux and Ubuntu users that Justinmind is not available for them. They can use the Justinmind Linux alternative mentioned above. Mockitt is another useful tool for prototyping and also supports Windows and Mac operating systems. If you are too keen to use Justinmind on the Linux environment, you have two ways to use it; first, switch the operating system which Justinmind supports. And the other way is to install a virtual machine on a Linux operating system.

How virtual machines help Linux users to use Justinmind software on the Linux platform? With a virtual machine, you can open up another operating system inside the Linux operating system. Through a virtual machine, you can easily use the Justinmind Linux environment. With a virtual machine, there will be another operating system created on a virtual hard drive.

The question is how to install a virtual machine in a Linux environment. It is straightforward to download VM inside Linux. All you have to do is download Virtual Box insider Linux. Before downloading VM, you have to turn on virtualization from the BIOS. You turned on the virtualization now install Virtual Box and install in your system.

Now, download the image ISO file of the window operating system and install it through the Virtual box. After installation, you’ll be able to use a windows operating system in Linux environment. Now, install Justinmind software on the virtual operating system and enjoy the services of Justinmind in the Linux environment.

add several screens to it. Still, this tool is available on Linux that means this is another alternative to Justinmind Linux.