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Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Prototyping tools or Software’s always plays a vital role in designing responsive and SEO-friendly designs. Without the help of tools, it’s challenging to create beautiful and responsive designs for websites. Here in this article, we are going to review Justinmind software for prototyping. Like any other prototyping tool, Justinmind is used to create prototyping for websites.

We’ll also see its various features and advantages of being beneficial for the new designers. Plus, we’ll also see its alternative tool to design prototyping. This whole article is about everything that a designer needs to know about Justinmind prototyping. You’ll get to know what exactly is Justinmind and how you can become familiar with the Justinmind app or software.

What is Justinmind?

So we begin with what actually is Justinmind? Justinmind is a prototyping tool that assists designers in creating responsive and user-friendly designs for websites. Not only can the designers create a web design, but they can also design mobile layout design as well. It’s a new emerging software in the market. Well, don’t forget the competition going around the world on SaaS (Software as a Service) because there are many alternatives available in the market. Just one minor feature can make a significant impact on its market value.

Well, that’s all from the introductory part of Justinmind. Now, let’s move to its advantages and disadvantages (Pros and Cons).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Justinmind Software:


Well, let’s discuss some of its good aspects first:

  • In Justinmind, you can create high-resolution prototypes easily. And don’t need any kind of training for that.
  • Complex interactions need more concentration, but drag and drop functionality make it easy.
  • Their pre-installed templates are lovely to redesign. It’s effortless for designers and stakeholders to understand the visual concept of web designs.


  • Although the monthly package is a bit acceptable, it becomes expensive to use it for the long term.
  • Mostly tricky for the newcomers to use it. They will have to watch all the tutorials before starting. Well, Justinmind will need some changes to this one.

That’s all about the good and bad from Justinmind software. Now, move forward to how you can create a prototype with Justinmind.

How to Create a Prototype with Justinmind?

Creating new projects in Justinmind is almost similar to other prototyping tools. But creating prototypes in Justinmind is a bit different from others. It can be challenging for new users to develop a prototype without proper guidance. Justinmind is one of the challenging software for new users. To create a prototype with Justinmind, you’ve to watch all of its tutorials.

If you’re already familiar with Justinmind, then there will be no problem for you at all. But if you haven’t, then don’t worry, we’re here to give proper guidance at creating prototyping. We’ve selected a template on which we’ll design a simple prototype.

Let’s see how to create a prototype with a template example.

Here’s the template example of the iOS app. Look closely at all the elements and widgets that are placed on the template. Now, think about this app template as a primary design for your design. You’ve got the idea? And you got the design as well. Now its time to create a prototype in Justinmind software.

  • Open up the software and create a new project.
  • Now, choose the iOS device screen for your prototype.
  • Start the project after starting the project; you’ll see a canvas, everything you design will be put on to the canvas.
  • There will be a screens and templates tab on the right side of the canvas.
  • You’ll see a widget tab right under the screens and templates tab.
  • You can choose pre-installed templates from the Templates tab and make some changes according to your need.
  • Plus, you can use multiple screens while creating a prototype. Every screen is linked with each other.
  • Now it’s up to you to which you want to drag the element or widget on the canvas.
  • After completing your design, you can also test your prototype to see if every element is in the right place.

Well, that’s how you can create a prototype with Justinmind.

Create a Prototype with Justinmind Templates Alternative

We’ve got a fantastic tool that can be the best alternative to Justinmind. With this tool, you can design amazing for your websites and mobile devices. The main reason why we choose this tool as an alternative to Justinmind, this tool is cost-effective. The new designers’ primary problem is that they can't afford an expensive tool to start their careers. Therefore, we highly recommend this tool for new designers. Not only can new designers take benefit from it, but professionals can also gain benefits from it.

Like Justinmind, Wondershare Mockitt is also a prototyping tool that can help designers design fantastic layouts and designs for their websites. Another thing is Mockitt is available online, whereas you’ve to install Justinmind on your computer. Mockitt has the upper hand on providing Cloud services to its users. This feature in Mockitt is magnificent.

justinmind mobile app

Creating a prototype with Mockitt templates can be easy for the designers because it provides templates from different categories and industries. All you need is to filter your searches, and you’ll find the perfect templates you are looking for.

Remind you, everything in Mockitt is online; you don’t have to download any external sources or third-party applications. Your data is fully secure within powerful servers.

Now, let move to the topic of how to create a prototype with Justinmind templates alternative. We’ll show you how to do that with example. Just follow the steps below:

  • First of all, sign in at the Mockitt official website.
  • Now, create a “New Project” within Mockitt.
  • After creating the new project, you’ll need to choose platforms for which you are designing. If you’re designing for a website, select the web version or design for a mobile phone, then choose Android or iOS devices.
  • On the left, you’ll find “Asset Library,” which contains all widgets and templates, and on the left side of the canvas, you’ll see the properties of those widgets that you’ll use in your design.
  • Now, drag and drop any widget or elements on the canvas you want to put on your prototype.

That’s it, that is how you can design in Mockitt with the help of its templates. It’s the best alternative to Justinmind.

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