Justinmind Free Version VS Justinmind Pro Edition: Which One Is Better

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:28

Here's the thing, every useful software has its worth. You cannot find a perfect something for free. If you're lucky to get it in free, there might 100% chances that you won't access all of its features because every free thing has a limit that you cannot exceed. Therefore, in this article, we'll discuss a Justinmind free version and Justinmind pro edition—actually, it's a comparison between a free and a paid account. Is Justinmind free? Or how can I get Justinmind free account? These types of questions you'd possibly find over the internet.

To clear your thoughts on Justinmind free version and pro edition, you've to go through this article to the end. Then you'll be able to differentiate between them.

Let's move forward to introduce you to the free version of Justinmind.

The Features of Justinmind Free Version

Is Justinmind free? Yes, to some extent, it's free. But you'll find limited numbers of features in the Justinmind free version. To access all the features of Justinmind, you have to purchase its license or subscribe to one of its subscriptions. Two main tools are available in the free version of Justinmind, which are a wireframing tool and UI design kits for android, iOS, web, and more.

  • You can create unlimited prototypes with Hi-fi simulation. It doesn't matter that it's a free version or not; you can build endless screens and prototypes.
  • Pre-installed widgets are the main components that can create beautiful UI or website designs and boost functionality. These are also available in the Justinmind free version.
  • The free version also lets you create links between screens for interaction. This is done by just dragging the component to the next screens panel location.
  • Drag and drop wireframe creation. Justinmind free version can also let you drag and drop the components to link and interactions.

So, these were the features that you'll possibly find in Justinmind free version. You'll see more features in the upcoming comparison.

The Difference Between Justinmind Free Version & Justinmind Pro Edition

In this section of the article, you'll see which features you'll miss if you use Justinmind free edition. If you aren't satisfied with the free version, you can purchase the pro one. After all of that, you are not confident with the pro edition; you can transfer to the Enterprise version. The Enterprise version has some extra features and advantages.

Let's have a glance at the features of Justinmind Pro edition:

  • With all the free version features, the Pro edition has some exceptional features for its users.
  • In the Justinmind Pro version, you'll be able to use cloud service, which allows you to work with your team simultaneously. Or, if you want to make your own server for storage, you can contact their support for Enterprise packages.
  • You successfully created a prototype with the efforts and teamwork. Justinmind allows you to submit your work on an online platform from where you'll be able to share your work and receive feedback from the designers around the world.
  • You can export and import your HTML documents and images while creating a prototype. What's the benefit you got from exporting HTML documents over the internet? Well, exporting HTML documents will allow you are opening your project in any browser and distribute it to a number of users around the world; they will able to use and test your project on their systems.
  • Well, this feature is terrific for the designers. In the Justinmind Pro version, you can also import and create your own widgets. In case you don't want to use pre-installed widgets and elements in the software, you can create your own widgets according to your need. And you can also customize the widgets that you are using in your projects.
  • Justinmind has the facility of Web interactions, gestures, and transition effects. This functionality is only available in the Justinmind Pro version. You can add gestures; actions that the user will do with the app that you are designing, for example, tapping with a finger, swiping the screens, and much more. You won't be able to use these features in the free version.

Well, these were the features that you'll find in just Pro versions or Enterprise subscription.

Justinmind Free Version VS Wondershare Mockitt Free

Above, we've seen the free and paid features of Justinmind, and we had also compared them with each other. Now, it's time to make a comparison with Justinmind alternative. No doubt, Wondershare Mockitt is also an excellent tool for prototyping. But the thing is, does Mockitt offering such services and features in their free version, as Justinmind does? It's a big ask.

justinmind free

Let's see which tool is offering more services in their free versions.

We already had a conversation on the free features of Justinmind. Now, it's time for the Mockitt to showcase its free features.

Mockitt Free

Let's first discuss which features are available in Mockitt free and which ones are not in the Justinmind free version.

  • Interactions and animations: You can use interactions with screens and animations in its free version, whereas Justinmind offers these features only in the Pro version.
  • Personal Asset Library: Mockitt allows its users in its free version to create their asset library. Users can customize any widget and save them in a personal asset library for the future. And Justinmind doesn't have this feature at all, neither in its free version nor in its Pro versions.
  • Share: In Mockitt free version, you can also share your work with other team members and even on different online platforms.
  • Sketch-Plugin: With the Sketch plugin, you can easily import projects directly from Sketch. You don't worry about the paid version; you can use this feature in the free version also.
  • AWS Cloud Security: What if we tell you that Mockitt offers you to use its cloud services in its free version. Isn't this amazing? It not only providing cloud services to its users, but it also providing AWS cloud security in its free version. How amazing is Mockitt is?

There are many other free features of Mockitt; you can go to their site and check for yourself. If we compare Mockitt and Justinmind free versions, Mockitt has the upper hand because it provides everything that a new designer needs to begin his career. Then after he/she can move to paid versions.