Top 5 Balsamiq Alternatives in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:10

Are you fed with some of Balsamiq drawbacks and direly in need of a suitable Balsamiq alternative? Do you want to put an end to limited functionality and dive into a feature-rich platform? Yes, it is essential to leverage a robust wireframe and prototype design and collaboration platform to get quality results. Fortunately, this article will guide you on the top 5 Balsamiq alternatives. Please go through them and choose a Balsamiq alternative with immense prowess.

Top 5 Balsamiq Alternative

1. Wondershare Mockitt

No other tool is a better free alternative to Balsamiq than Wondershare Mockitt. Yes, the immense features specifically tailored to create the best user experience make it an ideal platform for designers. Wondershare Mockitt lets users design wireframes and prototypes, animate, and interact with teams or clients to establish project development move faster.

balsamiq alternative

There are numerous built-in widgets and icons that users leverage to make magnificent interfaces within minutes. Simply drag and drop these widgets from the panel to the canvas and create stunning interfaces much faster than you thought. Interaction features like Action, Target, and Transition will simplify transitioning from static to interactive screens. Your project lifetime from design to development is kept accurate and automated. Use the handoff mode, inspect and view codes, and comments to communicate on the prototypes and give proper flow to the project. Take advantage of UI assets and templates to speed up the design process. With the cloud feature, you can collaborate easily and keep everyone and project sync online.


  • It has an intuitive user interface and users won't experience a rough ride.
  • It supports real-time co-editing.
  • Users can collaborate across various devices.
  • It has a pool of templates and UI assets suitable for various industrial scales. These templates help to speed the design process.
  • Users can create their asset libraries and reuse them.
  • It has in-built widgets and icons that help create beautiful interfaces.


  • The free version has limited functionality.

System Compatibility

Windows, MacOS, Linux, browsers, Android, iOS

2. Zeplin

Zeplin is a good Balsamiq free alternative that offers one of the best ways to share, organize, and collaborate on designs that are created to reach development. Since it was first rolled out, Zeplin has been focusing on fine-tuning collaboration between project designers and engineers. Its uptime is very reliable, and you don’t have to guess if the service will be up or not. Users can easily hand off designs to developers as well as integrate with other similar-purpose platforms like Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketch, among others

balsamiq free alternative


  • It is fast and thus saves time.
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • The comment feature improves project collaborations.
  • It helps to maintain consistent styling.


  • It is not that feature-rich.
  • Collaboration is not that advanced.
  • It is pricey.

System Compatibility

Windows, MacOS

3. Notion

The Notion is a popular alternative to Balsamiq. It is a fantastic tool that lets users write, plan, and keep them organized. It is suitable for filling diverse niches for every function, including products, engineering, HR, design, sales, and marketing. You can connect the whole organization on a single platform and manage your projects with ease. Whether you are creating logos, fonts, assets, building flexible CRMs, organizing meeting notes, creating a company wiki, or performing cross-functional collaboration, Notion will do it for you.

balsamiq mockups alternatives


  • It is not complicated.
  • It supports easy collaboration.
  • Suitable for diverse organizations and teams.
  • It keeps everything in one place.


  • Features are a bit scarce compared to other powerful tools like Wondershare Mockitt.
  • The price is high considering the limited features it houses.

System Compatibility

Mac, Windows

4. Mockplus

Mockplus is a good alternative to Balsamiq. The program gives users a great platform to quickly create designs and collaborate better with their team members. If you are looking for a robust platform to do prototyping, design, and collaboration, then Mockplus could be one of the suitable candidates. Interactive prototyping helps users quickly turn their ideas into useful prototypes using program components, icons, and interactions. You can streamline your design and validation process without even getting down to writing a single code. Mockplus cloud further gives a platform for painless collaborations as managers, designers, and developers can work on a single platform.

alternative to balsamiq


  • Mockplus cloud supports easy collaboration.
  • It provides scalable design systems.
  • It supports interactive prototyping.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a primarily made and available library.


  • There is no support for Linux.
  • You cannot export your design with a free version.

System Compatibility

Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS

5. Draftium

Draftium is a comprehensive design, prototype, and collaboration platform. It is one of the most trusted tools to ideate and collaborate on prototypes with teams and clients. Grab a template from the rich template library and use the powerful editor to customize it. Draftium offers real-time feedback to your prototypes, and thus you can easily make changes and receive approval faster than you thought.

 free alternative to balsamiq


  • It supports real-time collaboration.
  • Allows users to gather content in one place.
  • Users can test results on any device.
  • It is easy to use, a great alternative to Balsamiq.
  • Several templates ease the design and prototype process.
  • The output prototype is naturally responsive.


  • It is expensive.

System Compatibility

Windows, Mac

In the end, let's list the top 5 Balsamiq alternatives:

  • 1. Wondershare Mockitt
  • 2. Zeplin
  • 3. Notion
  • 4. Mockplus
  • 5. Draftium

All the 5 Balsamiq alternatives can help you create wireframes and prototypes. But I highly recommend Wondershare Mockitt. It is the easiest one to use and you don't need to spend much time learning.