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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

In Software Development phases the application prototype plays an important role, it reflects many advantages in the subsequent development of the project, with the help of prototype the interface developer clarified the development direction, reduced the workload, and increased the development efficiency of the development team. To improve the efficiency of software design and get customer satisfaction you must need a prototype which attract the customers, here is a question that came in our mind that how to make a softwareprototype online without installing any heavy application that consume a lot of resources? In order to get the answer, you can visit our Wondershare Mockitt tool here and you can easily create online prototyping with real time preview for your application within few minutes according to your custom size just by following 5 easy steps.

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5 Steps on How to Make a Software

If you are thinking about how to make a software program for free or how can i make a software if i do not have enough command in development languages, so do not worry you are in right direction. Wondershare Mockitt an online prototyping application will solve your problem which is a cross platform application used to create a prototype design for your application in simplest and fastest way just by dragging and dropping the widgets without downloading heavy software's which consume a healthy amount of computer resources.

Below are the 5 steps on how to make an application prototype.

Step 1: Creating Project to Make a Software

Go to the dashboard by click on Workspace button here you can create a new work group where you can add multiple projects in it and allow people to interact with you in making the prototype if you have an enterprise plan. You have the option to create the project from demo or a blank project, in demo you have a pre-defined template so you can adjust it according to your requirements

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Step2: Design the Prototype of the Software

In designing phase, you can perform multiple things like:

  • Adding widgets and icons on multiple screens just by drag and drop and utilize the screen to add different views on it which add interactivity to the design
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  • After creating the screens, you can also link different screens on your prototype design according to your requirements and project specifications to make a reliable project navigational flow
how can i make a software
  • You can add multiple notes to your home screen and can create interactive animation on them which can attract the customers and apply multiple gadgets on your screen
how to make a software program for free

Step 3: Downloading Apk and Perform Testing

You can download the wireframe as apk and html file its mean that you can download the source code as well that depends on your plan that you are using. Apk can be downloaded if you are using enterprise plan whereas in personal plan you can only download the html file. You can also preview your design on Wondershare Mockitt to check either its working properly or not in this way you test your design as well.

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Step 4: Handoff to the Developer

You can collaborate with developer in this tool, and you can handoff the software prototype directly to developer.


In order to create online prototype this application will surely save your time and resources and will provide you the opportunity to create a software prototype in easiest and fastest way just by following 5 easy steps. The application has the flexibility to use it on different platform which increase the usability of the application, it provides free plan for users where you can check the efficiency and effectiveness of the application without paying money to ensure the integrity of the application. If a person cannot afford heavy development software, he or she must use Wondershare Mockitt without worrying for installation and resources headache and they can also share its prototype with its colleague. After reading this article you will surely be able to make software for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

It provides you the opportunity to make a prototype for different customize screens like mobile , watches and tablets. You can also download its APK or html file and can send it to your developer without writing its code which will help in saving your time and money along with providing a crystal-clear image of customer requirements to the developer in an efficient way. Wondershare Mockitt application is available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating system, the application provide you the facility to add multiple people in a project including your company owner or colleague in order to create a desired prototype for your newly launched application or a product, further more you can also facilitate the students at universities to make an initial design for their finial year project as well. The application also provides you the service of consultancy where you can consult with the professional about application design and privatized deployment versions that are consistent with online functions. After completing the form, someone will contact you within two working days for service.

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