5 Creative Artist Website Designs of 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:45:54

For many people, the artist website design remains a sealed secret. It is a part of website creation that needs more imagination from the part of the creator.

However, today modern online site builders like Mockitt and others can guarantee excellent results even when you have a lesser artistic criterion.

In this short article, you should have a glimpse of artistic site creation and how easy it is to get accomplished. Even if you are an experienced and talented artist, it is always a new challenge to create an equivalent quality website for visitors to admire.

Examples of 5 Artist Website Designs that make a difference

These are some of the most brilliant sites to show you examples of the musician website design:

#1: Lotta Mieminen Artist Website

It is a typical example of an art web design that considers both the audience's needs and the artist's sentiments. Some people can see the direct connection with the artist's inquiries and the depiction of everyday life in the painter's environment.

The site design automatically takes the visitor to the next page. That makes the whole experience more intrinsic and gives the artist the chance to express himself easily.

Colors and fonts are less critical here since the visitor has to focus on artistic work.

artist website design

#2: The Dufala Brothers

Another web design for musicians makes it easier for you to check the difference between regular and artistic site designs. The Dufala Brothers are famous for their music innovation, and their website has to reflect that tension.

Their site is sublime among the art and design websites, offering a quick response to mouse-overs for music parts. The ever-changing themes and pictures, combined with the fonts and menu bars that integrate into the background, give the essence of an artistic website.

musician website design

#3: James Turell

The famous architect has finally launched a site that shows the best website for artists and how it should look like. James Turell decided to integrate the scenery pictures bent with the construction sites that he develops.

The site is faster than anything else you have seen and has some ready to play videos when you approach a particular part of the pictures. The artist plays with colors and shadows in the landing pages to create a more pleasant view for the visitors and make them want to come back soon.

art web design

#4: Rebecca Miller

The Rebecca Miller site is the best place to meet the artist and get acquainted with her work. It is a brilliant example of web design for artists and musicians since it shows how their work should get exposed to the public.

The visitor is overwhelmed by pictures and videos showing Rebecca Miller's artistic work when he enters the site. The menu bar is easy to access, and the transcripts are more accessible to people of older ages.

Finally, Rebecca Miller's website is ideal to fit in smartphone screens, which is why she accepts many orders from Millennials.

web design for musicians

#5: Brad Albright

Here is the site with the most artist website design templates you are going to find online. Brad Albright expresses the underground comic movement in his site. That is why he has created a site that shows more videos and pictures than anywhere else.

The visitor can have a virtual tour of all the newest art creations of the Albright team. The site can give both audio and video pieces equally divided to bring the perfect balance to the visitors.

The site is also SSL encrypted and has enough speed and capacity to support simultaneous visits from multiple parts of the world.

art and design websites

Create an Artist Website Design Now

It is evident that using the Wondershare Mockitt online application; you may create the best artistic website. Some features make it easy for beginner artists to skip the programmers and upload their site the exact way they imagine.

best website design for artists

First, templates are abundant within the Mockitt application. That means artists will find it easy to log in and select the templates for every landing page in their site.

Then, there is the chance to have a live demonstration of your additions to the site without saving it or making it complete. That feature is extremely useful for artists who are usually indecisive about the best artistic outcome for their website.

The Mockitt also offers an online tutor to help artists drag and drop their videos, scripts, and pictures directly to their landing page. There is no need to copy-paste anything since you have the automatic drag and drop system.

Another great feature that Mockitt offers to artists in the comments part. The artists can add some partners or friends and send them an invitation to view the site's landing pages. That is an ongoing process, and they can leave their comments for the artist to take the insight. The artist can then go on and make the necessary changes to the site content through the Mockitt application.

Mockitt is also unique in presenting your content to third parties. You have the chance to initiate a Beta edition of your website to run only for specific parts of the web. In other words, it would be feasible to present a different version of your site in North America than in Asia.

The application also offers a vibrant voice recording that is available even to the free version of it. The voice recording can add to some prototype comments or artistic creations of the artists and enrich the content of the website that is getting built.

Finally, Mockitt offers more space than any other online free site building application. Artists have the opportunity to add as many pictures as they like and become more generous in offering content to their audience.

By all means, Mockitt has been the golden standard for artistic sites. It is easy to follow and learn applications that can be accessed by any artist around the world.

Using the Mockitt, you can improve the quality of your site and create art just by being online!