What are Airbnb Design System and its Advantages

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:44:58

Airbnb design system can be beneficial when you are facing difficulties with the design-development workflow. It also solves the handoff problems and enables you to make better product decisions. However, it is a very popular resource, but most UI/UX designers don't have accurate information about it.

So if you are curious to know more about Airbnb design system components, then here we have mentioned all the important information. From a comprehensive definition to the proper ways to use it, this article will introduce you to the Airbnb design system very effectively.

What are Airbnb Design System and its Advantages?

Airbnb design system is a set of reusable elements like a visual language, UI kit, front components, and various documentation. It helps designers to handle design at scale. It is like of series of elements that can be reused by an entire team. This includes designs, colors, and character styles and these components can be used in multiple combinations.

Some amateurs think Airbnb system design is like a pattern library or style guide, which is totally wrong. It's not just a collection of components and assets. It is a complete group of design standards combined with patterns and principles. Now when you have developed a foundational understanding of the design system airbnb, it's time to talk about its advantages.

Advantages of Airbnb Design System

1- Excellent Communication

One great advantage of the Airbnb design system is that it makes communication seamless. The product development team refers to it as an SSOT (Single source of truth), which makes sure that all members are utilizing the same information while making business-related decisions. This helps the entire team in planning, developing, and maintaining the quality of the product.

Implementing SSOT also makes sure that everyone is familiar with the vocabulary that will be used during the project. This eliminates the possibilities of miscommunications and leads to better conversations and discussions between designers and developers.

2- Faster Workflow

Airbnb's design system makes the whole designing process a lot convenient. By implementing this approach, development teams are able to iterate within a short time. Airbnb dls helps you launch fresh designs without utilizing a lot of resources. It helps members stay updated with all the new design changes, which help them organize everything in a better way. This does not only improve the work flow but also reduce time-wastage.

3- More Clarity

Another great advantage of the Airbnb design system is that it provides clarity to developers. It helps them keep their vision clear, which is to maintain the unified styles while creating the components. It gives them a clear path and prevents any kind of confusion regarding the procedure and resources.

4- Promotes Consistency

When you implement the Airbnb design system, it gathers and places all the graphical components in a single product. This makes it very easy to monitor inconsistencies and also helps the teams to determine which elements and components are relevant to the product.

How to Use Airbnb Design System

1- The first thing you need to do is to click the create design system button. You could either use the pre-existing resources or Airbnb design system sketch files or start from scratch. Each design system is divided into multiple parts where you could include your resources. This includes color, patterns, typography, and UI patterns.

2- To add colors, you could paste the website address directly or link to a CSS file. If you wish to add text styles and formatting, you can do that directly through the editor. Once you have organized all the resources, you need to open your prototype and check how it functions.

3- Now click on the upload images button to import all of your resources. To upload UI patterns, you will have to open the editor. You can take inspiration from other design systems to get a better idea. Use the add and edit elements button on the editor to update the library, it will sync everything automatically. This will help you use elements from the design system directly into your prototype.

4- If you want to add textiles, you can do that by choosing an element and then clicking on add textiles. Now choose a symbol on the canvas and include that in the library. To get documentation and descriptions regarding using colors, you have to go to the hmq library. It contains detailed links, code elements along with the information to implement the designs.

5- In this area, you will see comprehensive descriptions of individual categories. Here, you will get react codes for all text styles. Now divide all the assets, UI elements into various groups, and describe them. Visit the left panel and go to the edit mode. Here select add a new category.

6- Once you have created the categories, you just have to drag and drop the elements into the category. This makes designing extremely convenient when you start expanding your Airbnb design language system. Now you could add a description down below. It allows you to use advanced formatting and you could also add some codes.

7- The main benefit of documenting your symbols is that it helps developers access the documentation while working on the spec mode. It saves time and prevents miscommunication. Go back to the editor and preview to access the spec mode. Now search properties such as CSS code. Down below you will get all the important information like snippets from the design system.

8- That's it, now it depends on you whether you want to keep your design system private or public.

The Best Tool for Prototyping

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