Top 10 Free Android App Maker Software in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:41
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Choosing a good android app maker is one of the most important thing you should do when creating a professional android application. However, there are many online android app maker software available but the problem is that most of them come at a high price. So if you are searching for a free android app maker, then this article has a lot to offer. Here we have reviewed 10 best android application makers that can help you finish your app design work, without having any coding skills and experience.

Top 10 Free Android App Maker

1- Appy Pie

Appy Pie is one of the best android app makers currently available in the market. It offers a wide range of plans, including the free one, which makes it perfect for beginners. The best thing about this app maker is that it provides users with various unique features that help them create highly professional and powerful applications without writing a single code of line. Appy Pie also offers a video tutorial library, which helps users learn more about the platform. Its drag and drop interface makes the app development process very convenient and even if you get stuck anywhere, you can use the live chat option to solve your queries.

2- AppSheet

AppSheet is a very popular business productivity solution that enables you to build custom mobile applications from your Excel and Google Spreadsheets. It is a very simple android app maker with which anyone can build powerful apps in a very short period. Currently, more than 100000 individuals are using AppSheet to optimize their workflows. This online solution helps you reduce costs, keep your private data safe, and reduce the deployment time. The best thing about this app maker is that it doesn't require any coding skills and even a beginner can create apps without any problems. With AppSheet, you get functionalities for customization with Image Capture, GPS & maps, Barcode scanner, and other interesting features. One great thing about AppSheet is that it provides priority support and customized platform training, which makes everything very easy.

3- Mobincube

If you want to create apps and make money out of them, then Mobincube is a great option for you. This best android app maker provides highly innovative features and you can also choose from its wide variety of templates. All the Mobincube pricing plans are very affordable but if you have just started building apps, then you can use it for free. The good thing about Mobincube is that it has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it perfect for beginners. You can also use its blog section to develop a better understanding of this platform.

4- Appsmoment

Appsmoment is a great app building platform that is specially designed to satisfy the needs of all types of users. This online android app maker frees you from a lot of troubles by providing various useful features. For example- it offers a free domain and free website template for your brand. The app author also gets multiple publishing options, so you can easily run and distribute the application to all the reputed platforms. Appsmoment provides amazing support and exclusive video courses library, which helps you overcome all the problems that one faces while building apps.

5- AppMakr

AppMakr is another very popular app building solution that has over 2 million applications built on it. It offers amazing functionality and enables you to build apps within just 20 minutes. With this platform, you get a large number of building blocks and it also gives you the option to tweak the app design. This easy android app maker doesn't make you feel overwhelmed and you can use it easily without any technical training. However, the design of this platform is not the best in the market, but it has some amazing app features that help you build powerful apps easily. If you are okay with humble interface design and simple detailing, then AppMakr can be a very useful tool for you.

6- Appery

Appery is one of the leading cloud-based app-building tools, which can help you build applications for all reputed app stores. As a cloud-based app building solution, it makes everything very safe and convenient. It offers a very responsive drag and drops interface, which makes UI/UX design faster and easier. This is a perfect game maker app for android and the good thing is that the pricing plans are also very flexible. You can use it for free or upgrade it to use all the advanced features. This app builder is well-known for its simple interface and customization abilities.

7- Caspio

Caspio is a one-stop solution to create powerful database applications. The best thing about this platform is that it is highly secure and compliant and also gives interactive web-based reports. For people who are searching for an android app maker without coding skills, Caspio is the best option. With Caspio, you don't need any advanced technical knowledge and training. This online android app maker free to download and is very easy to use and anyone can build apps without any complications.

This app builder enables you to create apps in any language and it functions on the AWS framework. It provides built-integration for different services like Google app Authentication and MS Office Plugin. This solution is ideal for various industries like Media, Education, Healthcare, etc. and it also allows you to launch the application on any website.

8- Rollbar

Rollbar is a well-recognized online building platform that supports all the popular frameworks and languages. It is equipped with amazing features that help you build highly interactive and powerful applications. This simple android app maker allows us to trace all the debugged data, including includes local var values, request params, IPs, etc. It also protects your data with encryption, which provides extreme security. With this android maker, you will be able to recognize real-time errors and it also provides smooth integration with all the important tools.

9- AppsGeyser

This is one of the best app building solutions for beginners. It has a very simple interface, which makes everything very easy to understand. This platform doesn't require any coding skills and you can also monetize your creation by using a simple method. It offers multi-customization feature and the good thing is that you can build any type of apps, including text, browser, games, websites, etc. This platform also provides you various additional features such as adding messages, social media tabs, etc.

10- GoodBarber

Goodbarber is another very popular android app maker tool that is generally used to develop business, news, and community applications. It provides monetization and user authorization features and you can also integrate the essential features to the app to make it more professional. Some of its main features are couponing, chat, loyalty cards, beacons, and notifications. If you want to advertise, then you can also link with other platforms or even build your own.

The good thing about GoodBarber is that it supports video and audio content and you can also schedule notifications or push them manually. It offers a broad range of themes to choose from and different resources to customize app sections, menu, icons, toolbars, and many more.

The Best Android App Maker Software

If you are searching for a simple yet powerful android app maker, then you should consider Wondershare Mockitt. It is an online prototyping tool that helps your mobile app prototype and wireframes. With this android app maker, you can create apps without having any coding skills and the good thing is that it allows you to create apps for both iOS and Android devices.

android app maker software mockitt

Here are some features of this online android app maker:

  • Screen Switching- Wondershare Mockitt allows to switch screens and choose text copy with the help of preview and sharing mode.
  • Cloud Editing- You can use this android application maker and start creating apps without downloading any additional software.
  • Team Support- It enables you to add team members to work on your project.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to create apps

1- Start A Project

To start creating your project simply log in to your account and go to your workplace. Here you can choose from a list of existing product templates or you can just simply create a new blank project from scratch by clicking the bank "Project" option.

free android app maker mockitt

2- Design The App

Now you will reach the main project editing page, where you will be making your prototypes. Here you can perform tasks like selecting icons for various menu items, creating menus, creating widgets, linking and editing various pages of your app many more with the simple drag and drop format.

online android app maker mockitt

3- Preview and Share

When you are finished with creating your prototype in Wondershare Mockitt, you can select the "Preview" option to get an idea about how the app will look like on the platform that you have selected. You can always edit the mockups further if you are not satisfied with the current prototype and also use the share feature to share your prototype with your friends and family to get valuable insights and suggestions for your creation.

android app maker software mockitt