How to Make an Android App Wireframe

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Wireframing is the backbone of a project. Wireframing is the middle ground between the first interactive prototype and low-fidelity design. However, different Android wireframes will require different processes. Various designers approach the Android wireframe in a different way. This is why it is very important to research the best Android app wireframe tool that will allow you to design an app just the way you want to. This article will talk about how to make an Android App Wireframe effectively without wasting any time, and which tool to use.

The Best Android Wireframe Tool

If you are thinking of using an Android wireframe tool for free, consider using Wondershare Mockitt. This all-in-one tool will allow you to use different templates and widgets, share, collaborate, and design a wireframe from very scratch. When it comes to the best Android phone wireframe tool, nothing can come close to this android wireframe tool. It's easy to use a feature, and simple interface makes it extremely effortless for the designers to design any Android app wireframe.

 android wireframe

The following are the main feature of this tool:


You can use Wondershare Mockitt not just to create a wireframe, but the same tool will allow you to share and collaborate with your stakeholders, clients, and team members for a real-time update regarding the app that you are trying to develop. You will get all the necessary inputs right away so that you get to improve the app efficiently.

Share and Preview

Another feature of this tool that makes it stand apart from the rest is that it comes with a QR code, which can be copied and shared with anyone. You can also copy the URL if you wish and share it accordingly. Not just this, after creating the wireframe, you will be able to take a preview of the app too. The best Android wireframe tool-free will have this feature.

Offline file download

Many types of exporting offline files can be downloaded, such as IPA/APK/PNG/HTML. No matter which environment you would like to present the wireframe in, you can very well do that.

Lots of widgets and icons

We know that you will require multiple widgets and icons to create the wireframe to create an app that you and your client can be proud of. Well, this tool offers you a gamut of widgets and icons which you can use while creating the wireframe.

Multi-Platform Prototyping

Whether you would like to create a prototype for iPhone, Android, PC, Watch, or Pad, This best android wireframe tool supports multiple platforms. Not just this, if you wish to customize the wireframe, you can very well do so. The purpose of using this tool is to create a design from scratch without any hassle. Use the best Android wireframe tool to create the wireframe that will visually look good and work seamlessly.

Steps to Make Wireframe for Android App

Step 1: Create a New Project

The first thing that you need to do is visit the site to create the wireframe. Once you land on the homepage of the site, click on create a new project to create a project from scratch. You will some of the options, such as Android, iOS, Watch, TV, Web, or Pad. From this option, you need to click on Android because you want to create an Android app. If you wish, you can customize the wireframe as well. And as we have shared in the features, you can share the wireframe once it's created with your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients to get their feedback. You can even save it on the cloud to share it with anyone later.

 android wireframe

Step 2: Design the Android App Wireframe

Now that you are all set with the new project, it is time for you to add some features to the prototype.

Add widgets and icons:

Wondershare Mockitt is loaded with a myriad of widgets and icons. Add them to have a prototype that your client will like.

 android wireframe

Add links between the screens:

Once you are done adding the widgets and icons, the next thing to do is add links between the screens. There is an option available on the tool, click on that to complete this step.

 android wireframe

Add notes:

Because you would like the client to know what you have done, it is always better to add notes for them. Click on the Add Notes option to add some important information.

 android wireframe

Create interactive animation:

The better the prototype is, the better the actual app will be. Hence, create some interactive animations, and add them to the app.

Step 3: Preview and Share Your Android Wireframe

Once you are done with the prototype, click on the preview option to see whatever you have done in the prototype before sending it to the client.

 android wireframe

The fourth step before launching the product on the Google Play store is to send it to the client to get their feedback on the same.

Step 4: Download the File as APK/HTML

After creating the Android wireframe, you are all set to download the tool. You can download the file either as APK or HTML. Save the file in a folder that will be easily accessible.

 android wireframe

Step 5: Launch the App on Google Play

To lunch the app that you have recently created, you will first have to visit the Play Console. After that, click on the All Application option and then create an application option. Choose a title, as well as the default language for the app that you have created. Lastly, create the Store Listing, create a content rating questionnaire, and finally choose the pricing and distribution.

This is how to make a wireframe for an Android app. Follow the steps mentioned above and create a robust wireframe.

Useful Tips to Create Android Wireframe

Do Your Research

Readers may note that it is not the app that you wish to create the wireframe for, but the real struggle lies in the research. You need to know who you are creating the app for, fill in all the detailed requirements, analyze your competitors. This means that you must do some background research for similar products. You should also review your design and idea to see whether it will work or not.

Your Flow Maps

If you want the wireframe to be less messy, you need to quickly think about how many screens you will require to get started with the wireframe. You also need to know where your customers are coming from and where you want them to end up. If you are proficient with UX, you shouldn't have difficulty in creating the wireframe. Your app needs to offer lower levels of user-frustration, easy navigation, and so on. Everything has to be there mentioned on the flow maps.

Use The Right Wireframe Tool

Before you make sure that your Android app wireframe is going to work and will be downloaded by millions of people, you first need to test the prototype, and that's why you must choose the right tool to test the wireframe. This is the reason why apps like Wondershare Mockitt exists. Readers may note that the wireframe is the real skeleton of the app that you wish to create. This right android wireframe too lets you create a wireframe with ease.