Get Inspired by these 8 Awesome Android Wireframe Templates

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:33
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Android commercial applications have now become a very rapidly growing market, thanks to the increasing popularity and appreciation of mobile devices and developer communities. Android wireframe templates help reduce the boring parts of coding and lets the developers concentrate on more demanding work.

An android wireframe template for apps gives the developers the freedom to make changes in the design before beginning the development phase. You can be creative and work with the idea in your head, but it's always nice to pen it down on paper and design the mockups. Wireframing templates are the designer's most important asset, they allow the developer to be more efficient during the development process and help them in avoiding mistakes.

8 Great Android Wireframe Templates

1. Android wireframe template - Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a great tool for wireframing. You can create your own android wireframe template using Wondershare Mockitt. You can easily design prototypes that illustrate your ideas and enhance your overall experience. Mockitt's "Library" full of "Built-in" UI assets and templates. You can create and reuse your own "Library" for bringing customization into your workflow.

android wireframe template

The best part is that you can work together on the same page as a team. Your teammates can easily view the changes which you have made in real-time. You can also optimize the collaborative efforts of your design and development teams through Mockitt's browser-based inspection and export tools.

With Wondershare Mockitt, turn provocative designs magically into rich and interactive prototypes without any coding whatsoever—prototype UI designs anywhere: on the web, PC, Mac, or mobile.

2. Android wireframe template - Cacoo

android wireframe template pdf

Cacoo is exceptional online software that is used for designing android app wireframe templates. It is compatible and can be used to create mockups for Android, iOS, and Windows. It has a platform that is very suitable for designers who are considering expanding on their designs and flex their imagination. It has an amazing collection of built-in features that enable you to organize, plan, share, and enhance the design for multiple platforms.

Cacoo also lets the developers collaborate simultaneously. They have a huge variety of templates and shapes which are available to create diagrams instantly. It has a built-in, intuitive editor that offers the liberty to design and edit flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, and network diagrams.

3. Android wireframe template -Sporters

android phone wireframe template

Sporters - is an authentic Online Booking App UI Kit that helps you to simply create an attractive and pleasing online booking android phone wireframe template. It comprises a huge collection of screens for the designer to take advantage of various benefits. In addition to this, 10+ screens cover a number of valuable features that enable the user to navigate from one screen to another. Each and every snippet of code is made us off and all the layers are very nicely structured and precisely named. It also allows you to freely edit and customize text, colors, and graphics or place photos with very little effort.

4. Android wireframe template - Adobe xd

android tablet wireframe template

Adobe XD is a versatile tool that has plenty of features for creating an android tablet wireframe template. Designers can use the platform to make low-level mockups or high-quality, interactive interfaces for websites, web apps, mobile apps, and wearables. And once the design is ready, the developers can share it with their clients via sharable links and receive feedback as comments directly. It has a toolkit that consists of an asset panel for consistency, allows easy replication of characteristics, the responsive orientation of content, and opportunities to collaborate with the team. It also hosts chat features, tooling, and APIs for native integration.

5. Android wireframe template - Axure

Axure is another platform with a blank canvas which helps you to be creative and design android wireframe template pdf. It enables the developers to add animation effects, adaptive product reviews, apply conditional logic, code export functionality, cloud storage, and more. It has a very convenient sharing option which makes it easier for the testing of a website on mobile phones. It is an exceptionally versatile tool that helps designers to create flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and user journeys. The designers can even enhance the functionality and design interactive diagrams with sitemaps, UIs, and HTML. In addition to this, it also lets you collaborate with other team members and make notes on projects.

6. Justinmind

android wireframe template

JustInMind is a multipurpose tool that not only lets you create a website and android wireframe templates but also lets you upgrade them to mockups and prototypes. It allows the developers to add texts, drop-down features, combo boxes, carousels, and more to the drawings. Moreover, it consists of features like font widget library and mobile wireframing library. It is an amazing tool that gives you the liberty and flexibility to design lifelike, interactive prototypes for iOS, and Android. It offers both free and premium plans for developers. With absolutely free UI kits and wireframing tools, the developers can design, style, and adjust the size of the layout of the product to fit any screen type.

7. Android wireframe template -

android wireframe template pdf is an amazing free, open-source web-based software that allows the designers to design their projects using basic functionality with drag-and-drop elements, built-in templates, and a color palette to set the theme. It has a number of options for sharing so that your clients and other team members can also have a look at the diagrams and offer feedback. It gets confusing at times when you have so many options to choose from. is the perfect tool to design and develop wireframe apps for developers who are not able to make up their minds. Its limited features and simple UI simplifies the designing process and helps speed up overall development.

8. Mock flow

android tablet wireframe template

Mock Flow is based on the Adobe Flash platform, it is another free wireframing tool. It has a lot of useful and exciting features, which include preset buttons, images, graphs, and pre-made templates to help you with your designs. It also has a built-in revision control and team chat to which enables you to work together with other developers on the team. The tool gives you complete freedom of creativity in designing mockups for iOS, Android, Web, and wearables. Developers are able to finish wireframes for websites or apps in various themes shareable as PNG, HTML, PDF, or PowerPoint in a matter of minutes.

9. Frame box

Frame Box is another free tool for creating an android app wireframe template. Although it is a very useful tool for designers and developers, however it offers limited creativity with only the primary designing and editing features. While there are many tools and platforms that provide advanced features with their free plans, Frame Box can still be considered the best for those developers who are eyeing for simplicity in their mockups. The platform is very easy to use with simple drag-and-drop. It allows the developers to include texts and images, resize the diagram, and more. In addition to this the clients are able to review the final product via a shareable link of the saved copy.