Can I Import PDF to Figma and How to Do It

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Anyone using Figma knows that it's a challenge importing certain types of files into the platform. However, it's a useful process because PDFs are required in a variety of designs. For instance, if you have a free e-book offer on your website, you may need the PDF to render the cover page on your website to showcase the offer. Whatever the use case, it's important to have this functionality. This article will offer solutions to import PDF to Figma.

Part 1: How to Import PDF to Figma

Can You Import PDF to Figma Directly?

Unfortunately, the PDF to Figma import task is not a straightforward one, the reason being that Figma doesn't support this type of file. It supports Sketch files and several image formats such as GIF, PNG, and JPG, but there's no way to directly convert PDF to Figma unless you use a workaround solution. If you attempt to do a Figma PDF import, you're likely to see this message:

pdf to figma

How to Import PDF to Figma?

So, how do you circumvent this problem and import PDF into Figma. The answer is file conversion. Follow the instructions below to convert PDF into a format that Figma will accept as an import.

1. Use an online file conversion service like Zamzar or Kapwing to transform the PDF into a PNG or JPG file.

2. Visit the corresponding URL and upload your PDF. Convert the file and download it to your desktop.

convert pdf to figma

3. You can now use the Import function in Figma and it will accept the import as an image file.

The strange thing about all this is that Figma introduced a new feature a few years ago to allow designers to export layers and frames as PDF files. Unfortunately, the reverse still isn't possible for a variety of reasons. Until that changes, you'll need to continue using a workaround method like this one. Just make sure you use a reliable PDF to image conversion tool so you don't lose quality in the conversion. This is especially important for high-resolution images in your PDF.

Part 2: An Easy-to-Use Alternative to Figma

Wondershare Mockitt is a powerful cloud-based design tool from the house of Wondershare, which is the name behind blockbuster applications like Filmora and PDFelement. Wondershare is dedicated to making software accessible to everyone, and part of that push is to focus on SaaS offerings as opposed to standalone licensable software. Mockitt is just one in a long line of released and upcoming products that satisfy that requirement.

import pdf to figma

Key Features - Best Tool for Rapid Hi-Fi Prototyping

  • Highly collaborative environment with preview, commenting, and other feedback mechanisms that work in real-time.
  • The best alternative to Figma - more affordable and more user-friendly.
  • Ideal tool for designing and prototyping quickly on a clean UI.
  • Dynamic widgets or multi-state components that can show transitions on a single page without page state duplication.
  • Designers don't need to know coding to use the platform - all code is auto-generated when you deploy a component to a screen.
  • Developer handoffs are made easier due to the global accessibility of projects in a secure and permissions-based manner.
  • One of the most affordable online UI/UX design and prototyping platforms available today.
  • A rich collection of gestures, transitions, effects, and animation to create life-like and interactive hi-fi prototypes.
  • Extensive UI kits and design systems as well as templates to get you started on the right foot.

Why Mockitt Over Figma?

Although Figma has made a tremendous impact on the design community over the past several years, there are still some pain points to be addressed. We've already seen one here, which is the inability to properly import a PDF file without some sort of workaround or plugin. Another pain point is the cost of the application, which can run into thousands of dollars a year if you have a large team spread out across various locations. Yet another drawback is that it is not that intuitive and there are very few 'out of the box' training resources. It is also a resource-hungry application even though it's a web-based one. That can really slow down other tasks that are running in the background.

For all these reasons Wondershare Mockitt provides the ideal alternative. It is far more affordable, it's light on resource requirements, it's more flexible when it comes to importing and exporting, and it offers the same collaborative benefits as Figma no matter where your team members are working from. The best part is that there's a free plan to try with a 3-project limit (10 screens per project) that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of Mockitt before you upgrade to a paid plan. And when you choose to upgrade, you'll get the best value your money can buy. As a flexible design and prototyping tool, Mockitt has very few real competitors on the market today.

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