How Can You Do Blogging on Wix?

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Wix is a well-known platform, and almost everyone who wants to create a website or has a website knows about it. It is not only popular because of its marketing, but it offers phenomenal features and support to customers. The most important thing is its ease of use, which allows anyone to create a website without any need for website development services. There is no experience, knowledge, or coding required, so anyone can use it without any hassle. Some people get confused about whether Wix is suitable for blogging or not. Today, we will clear this query and give you a step-by-step method of blogging on Wix.

Can You Do Blogging on Wix?

Wix is a website builder, which can create a website without coding. You only need to drag and drop the item at the required place and build a website of your choice.

Wix can be used to create any type of website, including blogs, online stores, and personal portfolios. So, you can do blogging on Wix. You can create a stunning blog using the available templates. There are dozens of templates for blogging on Wix. You can create a personal blog, fashion blog, travel blog, podcast, sports blog, art blog, or any type of blog you want.

There are tools available on Wix that help you run a blog with ease. You can use SEO Wiz to improve the rankings on search engines. It will also help you in creating your personalized SEO plan. The free logo maker is also suitable to create a perfect logo for your blog.

Steps to Do Blogging on Wix

Creating a blog website using Wix is quite simple. You can create a stunning blog, even if you are a beginner.

1) Create a Website Design

The first step to blogging on Wix is creating a blog design. This step is not necessary; however, a flawless design is important. Professionals always create a website design before using any website builder or tool.

If your design is not up to the mark, your readers will face problems using your blog. You must create an appealing and functional design first. You might need several amendments and trials to create a perfect design. So, it is better to be ready with a design before signing up for a plan on Wix.

You can use Wondershare Mockitt, which is a high-fidelity prototyping tool. So, you can create a functional and appealing prototype without any hassle. You need to drag and drop items in the canvas to design a website of your choice. Once your website design is ready, you can check the live preview and make sure it is up to the mark. It also has a free plan for a 25 pages website.

blogging on wix

2) Buy a Domain

The next step is buying a domain. If you are signing up for the Wix free plan, you will get a Wix branded website for free. However, this is not suitable for professional websites. If you want to do professional blogging on Wix, it is recommended you buy a premium domain.

Domain availability is an issue, so it is better to buy a domain before you start building a website. You can also buy a domain before creating the prototype. Once you have some ideas for domain names, check the availability, and register anyone. Wix can also help you register the domain. Once you have your domain ready, you can move to the next step.

3) Get a Wix Plan

There are various Wix plans available for websites and businesses. You can also try the free plan; however, you will not have all Wix features. It is better to get a premium plan. The Connect Domain plan of Wix is very affordable, but it will display Wix brand ads on your website. If you are not comfortable with Ads or you want to apply for any other Ad network, you should not buy this plan.

The Combo plan is excellent for personal sites. However, it is not good for blogging because website storage is only 3GB. Therefore, you might need to upgrade the plan later or remove your older posts. But if you are planning to get a plan and you are ready to upgrade in the future, you can try it.

Wix Unlimited and VIP plans are ideal for blogging on Wix. Both have enough storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You can run your blog site without any hassle.

4) Select a Template and Customize It

After selecting a plan, you can select the template for your blog. The benefit of blogging on Wix is that there are dozens of templates for blogs. You can pick anyone and start implementing your design. Creating a website is super easy. You can pick the template and customize it according to your choice. The design that you have created using Mockitt can be replicated on Wix.

You can add text, images, and anything you want on the website. Once your website is ready, you can move to the next step.

Wix ADI is an exceptional feature that can create your website on its own. You need to answer some questions related to your blog, and the ADI will create the design and make your website without any effort. However, it might not turn out according to your expectation, but it is a quick way to build a blog.

5) Connect Your Domain and Publish

This is the last step of blogging on Wix. Before connecting your domain, you need to make sure that everything is up to the mark. You can check your website and ensure its functioning. After that, you can connect your domain to the Wix site. You will see the Connect Domain option on the Dashboard. Click on it and enter your domain. Once everything is ready, you can publish the site.

You can do blogging on Wix. It is very simple and ideal for beginners. You can create a stunning blog without any experience. Follow the above steps, and you will be able to create a blog site like a professional. 

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