How to Make An e Commerce WordPress Website

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

It is the dream of business owners to be able to sell their products through a website. You can sell both digital and physical products using a website. The website which enables you to sell products to your customers and collect payments from them is called an ecommerce website. One of the easiest ways to make an ecommerce website is by WordPress. To make your e Commerce WordPress website you would need to know about the steps that you need to follow. Once you have a proper plan to follow it would become very easy for you to make your eCommerce website even as a beginner. 

Step 1: Choose a Domain Hosting Provider

The first step to make your e Commerce WordPress Website is to select a domain hosting provider. Many web hosting providers come with a free one-year domain subscription. All of them often come with WordPress which enables you to make your WordPress shops online.

You must select a suitable domain name that is relevant to your business. If you would plan to expand your products later then it is better to give a generic name rather than something specific. However, if you plan to sell only one particular type of product then getting a niche specific domain name is a very good idea. How to make an e Commerce WordPress Website.

Step 2: Install WordPress and Configure a Theme

The next step to building your WordPress web shop is to install WordPress that comes with your web hosting provider. It is also necessary to activate the SSL encryption for your e commerce website as Google recommends doing it. After WordPress is installed you would need to go to the plugins and delete some plugins that are not useful. There are also many plugins that you would need to add that are very useful for your e commerce website. 

After you have completed installing WordPress the next step is to install a theme for your e Commerce WordPress website. There are many free themes and also many paid themes that you can use for your WordPress online store. One of the best places to get paid themes for WordPress in Theme Forest. You can get the free themes from the themes section of your WordPress dashboard. 

Step 3: Choose the best Plugin for e Commerce WordPress Website

For creating your online shop with WordPress you must select the best plugin to get the job done easier. There are many options available that provide all one solution for your e commerce website. WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many other platforms are available in WordPress now to make it easier for you to build an e commerce website. 

They can be used to manage the inventory of your WordPress store, take payments, calculate taxes, integration with your payment gateway, manage sales, and many other options. Shopify WordPress is also now popular among many successful e commerce website owners because of how easy it makes the process. 

After selecting which plugin you would want to install for your e Commerce WordPress Website you would need to install it and then configure it. It is possible to play with the designs and make the product display in an appealing way to the customers. 

Step 4: Create a Design for Your e Commerce WordPress Website

The design of your e commerce WordPress website is a very important factor for the success of your online business. You must have a modern website that attracts the users and makes it easy for them to navigate the website. Since it is an e commerce website the customers may buy more products than what he came for if you can present more suitable products to him. The right website design would allow your WordPress business to grow much faster.

For designing the website you can choose Wondershare Mockitt, which is a UI/UX design prototyping tool. It is similar to Figma and Sketch but in my opinion, it works much better especially for a beginner. You can work on the design of your website with a large team. Collaboration is made easy by Mockitt and this is a unique feature that makes Mockitt very different from other similar tools.

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When you are working on the design of an e commerce website, you must get the opinion of as many people as possible. If the user experience is good, the sales of your products would be very high. A poor user experience would result in a higher bounce rate of your website visitors. Mockitt makes it very easy to get the opinion of people as it is easy to share the design with other people. You can also export the design in the most popular formats to share with a massive audience to get their opinion.

Step 5: Finalizing the E Commerce WordPress Website

Once the design is finalized the final step would be to place the content of the website in the right place according to the design. It is very important to work on the display of the products to get more sales. There are many plugins available that can be used to customize the final view of the products page. 

You should set up the payment gateway properly and also include taxes if there are any.

It is a good idea to keep a blog section to write articles which can help in the SEO of the e commerce website to rank it higher in search engines. Make sure to place content and products that are most popular in the footer of the website. Proper care should be taken about the navigation and the security of the e commerce website to make it a success. 


It is the dream of business owners to scale up their businesses. E commerce websites are a must to maximize your earning potential. When you are establishing an e commerce website you can sell to the whole world through it. You would be able to reach a very wide audience and they would be able to shop from your website from the comfort of their home.