Design and Create a Shopify Store Like a Professional

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:51:26

Nowadays, the online presence of a business is quite important because it can take the business to the next level. eCommerce is growing day by day, and people are moving toward it. Therefore, every business owner wishes to have an online store to sell products. For creating online stores, there is nothing better than Shopify. It is the most used and popular website builder for online stores. It has given an easy path to entrepreneurs and businessmen to create a Shopify store on their own.

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Shopify is a very simple website builder that has made everything easy. You can easily create a fully functional and appealing online store using it. Today, we are going to explore how you can design and create a Shopify store without the help of a Shopify web designer or developer. Let's start the discussion.

How to Design a Shopify Store?

Website designing is an essential task whether you want to create an online store or any other type of website. It has the utmost importance because it decides the working and functionality of your website. If your website design is up to the mark, the website will work perfectly. But if the website is poorly designed or you have directly used any website builder without designing, the website will have dozens or hundreds of errors and issues.

You design a Shopify store or any other website using a prototyping tool. We recommend Wondershare Mockitt for designing a website because it is a user-friendly and high-fidelity tool. You can create a perfect and awesome design. Let's see how you can create a Shopify store design on Mockitt.

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How to Use Mockitt to Create a Shopify Store Design?

Step 1: Mockitt offers a free plan that can be used to create a website with up to 25 screens/pages. Get a free plan or buy the premium one.

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Step 2: After logging in, click on "Create". A drop-down menu will open; click on "Project".

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Step 3: Enter the name of your project. Click on "Webpage/TV". Click on "Create".

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Step 4: You will see a blank canvas. You can create a Shopify store design here. On the right, you will see the widgets menu. Select any widget you want and drag it to the canvas. You can design the online store by dragging as many widgets as you like.

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Step 5: Double-click on the widget to edit its properties. You will see an Inspector Panel on the right. Edit the properties as you like.

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Step 6: You can also link the widget to any screen. For instance, if the widget is the back button, you can link it to the previous screen. You can drag the thunderbolt of the widget to any screen you see in the screen menu. You can also drag it to "Link to Prev".

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Step 7: Design the web pages as you like. After designing, you can click on the "Preview" button to check the design.

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How to Create a Shopify Store?

1) Buy a Domain Name

Your domain name should be ready before you start building a Shopify store. Often the domain names are not available, so it is better to get the domain in the first place. Think of a few names, check their availability, and buy a suitable domain. You can register your domain through any registrar, but it is better to do it through Shopify.

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2) Get a Shopify Plan

You are setting up a Shopify store, so you need to get a plan. There are three Shopify plans available; you can select any plan according to your requirement. There is also an expensive Shopify Plus plan, which is suitable for large businesses.

You can sign up for a trial version if you want to try any plan. After satisfaction, you can buy the plan.

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3) Set up the Store and Pages

At this stage, you need to set up your store. Add all products to the store. Write descriptions, add images, make product titles, and do everything to describe your product. You can enter the product's weight, barcode, variants, and other variables. Once you are done with adding all products to the store, you can start creating pages. Shopify allows you to design pages with ease. You can create different pages, such as About Us, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, or any page you want on your website. You can also create a blog section in your store.

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4) Select Theme and Customize It

Shopify has a wide range of themes; some of them are paid, while some are free. You can pick any theme according to the type of store you are going to create. There are several categories of themes on Shopify. You can go to your category and select the best theme according to your requirements. You can also view the demo of the theme and user comments before customizing it.

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After selecting the theme, you need to customize it according to your preference. Shopify customization is simple. You can change color, fonts, objects, menus, and anything that is on the web page. Create the store according to the design that you have created using Mockitt. After Shopify customization, you can move to the next step.

5) Set Up Payments and Shipping

Shopify is specially made for creating online stores, so it has all tools and features that can help you in creating a perfect online store. The first important thing is the payment. Shopify has almost every payment gateway you can imagine. For different countries, there are different payment gateways, and Shopify makes everything easy. After payments, you can also manage tax calculations. Shopify calculates the tax according to your country. There are some pre-set tax formulas, or you can enter yours as well.

You can set your shipping strategy. You can manage shipping rates and service providers. Shopify also offers shipping calculators for different service providers, which makes everything easy for customers.

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6) Test and Launch the Website

This is the last step to create a Shopify store. Test your website's functionality, and make sure everything is perfect. After checking everything, connect your domain. Now, you can publish your online store.

It is easy to create a Shopify store, and anyone can do it without the help of a Shopify web designer or developer. Create a website design using Mockitt because it will ensure an error-free design. Once your design is ready, you can follow the above steps to create a Shopify store.