Create a Shopify Build Website in 7 Simple Steps

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

A Shopify build website is dedicatedly needed with Shopify being the most trusted website builder for online stores or eCommerce. There are over 0.5 million active stores that are powered by Shopify. It is a beginner-friendly website builder that can help you create a spectacular store with all features. Even if you have never created an online store before, you can easily create Shopify store. You can add payment options, deal with taxes, and improve SEO without any hassle. It also offers a complete Content Management System for blogging and dealing with content pages. A Shopify build website is quite easy to manage.

Today, we are going to give you a simple guide with a step-by-step procedure for a Shopify build website. You will be able to create your own without taking help from a web developer.

What to Do Before Using Shopify?

We'll go through some basic steps we need to follow for creating a website.

1- Choose Website Domain Name

Shopify is a website builder, so it builds a website from scratch. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need some time to finalize the design of the website. There can be hundreds of errors, bugs, and problems in the design, so you might need a lot of time to design a website according to your needs and liking. So, it is better to design the website before you use Shopify. This will help you to create a flawless website and will save you a lot of time. Later, you only need to replicate the design on the Shopify website builder.

There are many prototyping tools available, but we recommend Wondershare Mockitt for creating a prototype website. You can use Mockitt to create a prototype that will have full functionality, just like a real website.

Mockitt is very easy to use. You need to drag and drop the items you like. You can see the live preview and check the functionality of the website. The free version of Mockitt allows you to create a prototype with 25 screens/pages. So, you can try that to create a prototype for the Shopify build website. If your website has more pages, you can upgrade to the premium plan.

shopify build website

Step-by-Step Method for a Shopify Build Website

Building a Shopify store is as easy as using a social media site. Follow the steps, and your Shopify build website will be ready.

1) Buy a Custom Domain Name

You need to buy a custom domain name for your website. Although you don’t need to connect the domain to your Shopify build website in the first place, you must select the domain name first. Domain names might be unavailable, so you need to brainstorm a few names and select any of the available ones. Once you have a domain name, you can proceed without any worries. You will also be able to customize the text accordingly.

2) Select Your Shopify Plan

Shopify has different plans having different features and tools. There are three plans available that are for start-ups, established businesses, or large online stores. You need to select an appropriate plan that suits you the best. Make sure to check the features of every plan before you select any. You can also try the 14-day free plan if you are not sure about Shopify. If you have already created a web design using Mockitt, then you will be able to utilize these 14 days in building a stunning website.

3) Set Up the Online Store

Now, you need to add products to your store. You can add images and write the titles and descriptions for each product. At this stage, you don’t need to worry about the theme because we will deal with it later. You need to build a structure for your online store with all products. You can set up the prices for products and discounts. The best thing about the Shopify build website is that you can add different locations for inventory.

Everything about the products can be set, including their weight, quantity, variants, barcodes, etc. You can also customize the search engine listing preview.

4) Create Shopify Store Web Pages

You need to create different pages for your store, such as privacy policy, disclaimer, cookie policy, contact us, about us, terms and conditions, etc. Create all the necessary pages and add your text and images. Creating and managing a web page in a Shopify build website is quite simple. The Content Management System allows you to do it with ease.

5) Select a Theme and Customize It

It is time to make your site more appealing. There are hundreds of themes available for different niches and business. You can select the appropriate one for your online store. There are free and paid themes available. A paid theme is recommended because it has more features. You can customize the theme according to your liking. After selecting the theme, you need to customize it according to your needs. Create a stunning home page, product page, and design your landing pages. You can change color, fonts, size of objects, placement of menus, etc. Almost everything is customizable, so you can replicate the same design that you had created using Mockitt.

6) Set Up Shipping, Payment, and Taxes

Shopify build website allows you to manage shipping, payment, and taxes without any hassle. You can set up shipping options, rates, service providers, and everything within a few simple steps.

Setting up secure payment options is also easy. There are almost all payment methods available on Shopify, so you can integrate them with ease. You can sell in 133 currencies and manage multiple languages on your website.

The most important and troublesome process is the tax process of any business. However, Shopify has made it quite simple. It handles the calculation of tax for each order. There are default tax rates, but you can also change tax settings.

7) Add a Domain and Launch

Finally, you need to add the domain to your Shopify build website. Add the domain that you have already bought. Your website is now ready to go. When you are done with all customization and changes, you can launch your website/online store.

Shopify is quite easy to use, and you can create Shopify store without any help. You only need to follow the simple steps, and your website will be live.