Top 7 Myths About Running E Commerce Stores

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

While creating e commerce stores could be an easy and fun task, maintaining and getting profits out of them, maybe not.

E-commerce is a vast field and is evolving with new technological advancements. The strategy which was working yesterday might not work today. There is not any specific formula that you can apply and become successful overnight.

And the one who thinks to take its business to the height of success in few days lives in a fool's paradise.

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With that said, this discussion will reveal all those Myths which are very common in e commerce shopping business.

Let's reveal them one by one.

Products sell themselves

People think that the main task is to build a website, list a couple of products, and then the sales number will start growing on its own.

No, they won't!

The same way any brick and mortar store takes time to build its customer base, an online store is not different.

eCommerce online store cannot do wonders without having a proper strategy. You need to do a lot of marketing to sell your products online. Unless you have a unique product to sell, you cannot become famous overnight.

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So as soon as you start with your online store, make sure to contact online marketing agencies to get proper guidance on digital marketing techniques. They will guide you with Social media marketing, content marketing, including SEO and SEM.

Quality doesn't matter, but Price does

The moment people create e commerce stores, they start filling them with substandard product quality. Also, they do not stay niche-focused. They list all the products which they think they could sell.

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The idea is to sell the right quality products. People think that most people are after cheaper products and they do not look for the quality stuff – it's not true.

Even a buyer who is purchasing at a lower price would expect a quality product. So, make sure that you maintain the right quality level. Otherwise, you won't be having returning customers to your online store.

Few Facebook Ads and you are good to Go

Few people think that if we put a single Ad on the lowest Price with Facebook or any relevant social media accounts, it would help us drive traffic, and hence more sales will be generated in return.

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It doesn't work like that. Many people even do not bother to open any sponsored posts on Facebook. It is not about how many ads you are planning to create - it is about effectively targeting your customer as per their demographics and psychographics. It also matters how you are using another form of digital marketing technique such as Email, Content, and more.

It's almost free

Just get a free online store builder, and you can create your online store eCommerce way.No, this is untrue.

Even if you use free resources, you cannot expand your store within its limited features. These website builders do not allow you to add unlimited products to their freemium plan. Even if they do, there will be some other constraints like limited bandwidth and fewer to no email IDs – so there is always a trade-off.

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Data analysis don't do any good

As long as revenue is growing, data should not be of our concern – it's a waste of time.

You cannot prolong your success period if you are not comfortable playing with the data. Data is the future! You can not ignore the importance of making a practical decision based on the relevant data.

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Many owners either do not give importance to data analysis or are scared of using any tool. But if you are not analyzing what type of customers are generating sales and how many of them are returning buyers, you wouldn't be able to strategize for your marketing campaigns.

Passive Income Generation

From your e commerce stores, you can not generate passive income during the first couple of year - It is not easy to do this.

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Like a conventional business, you have to do a lot of hard work - you will have to upload products, deal with customers, suppliers, returned products, and much more. As long as you have funds to hire employees to work on your behalf, you can not rely on the business for passive income. And that stage will come when you'd build a successful online business – that usually takes a lot of time.

Branding is of least importance

If you think that without proper branding, you can achieve success – you are mistaken!

Going to a Graphics designer for logo designing won't help you much if you do not have any idea in your mind that how you would want your brand to deliver a message.

Just making a visually appealing logo wouldn't take you to places; you must know your mission. How you will deliver quality services and what would make you unique for your customers.

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Also, you need to invest much of your time in branding, and that also includes a visually appealing website that also gives a seamless user experience.

To ensure it happens, you need to design your website prototype so that it drives people's attention when you put it under the test.

You should not develop your eCommerce site right away without making a design prototype.

Wondershare Mockitt is a design prototyping tool that helps you create stunning prototypes in a few easy steps. And the best part is that you do not need to install it anywhere; it works on your web browser.

With a couple of Templates, you can opt for anyone and start using it as per your tailored requirements.

Mockitt allows you to create your web design and its mobile and tablet versions so that your developer can take care of the responsive design.

Mockitt allows you to collaborate with your stakeholders on the same platform so that you get to review each other designs and give feedback.

All you need is to share a link with whom you want to share your prototype, and they can see it at their end without hassle.

If you want to create a couple of the best free online stores prototype, you can start with Mockitt's freemium version, and by the time you think that you need more unique features, you can always upgrade your plan.

Mockitt is an excellent choice for all those who have not used any design tool before.

Mockitt is a super easy and features loaded tool - so make Mockitt your first choice while deciding on your web design.

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You should not create e commerce stores because you think that it is easy money – it is not. We have seen that it does require a lot of effort and your undivided attention.

You must understand all the myths which are linked to this eCommerce business and devise your strategy accordingly.

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