Top 6 Shopify Store Apps

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:44:58

Shopify does not need an introduction because it is the most famous eCommerce website builder that can create outstanding online stores. Many businesses and merchants use Shopify to take their businesses to the next level. For a Shopify store, there are two important things. One is the website design, and the other is the Shopify store apps. The website design ensures your website works without any errors and issues, while the Shopify store apps help you manage your website without any hassle. Your Shopify store needs both of these to work at the best.

Today, we are going to discuss these two important things in detail. This will help you create a flawless store and run it like a professional.

Best Shopify Store Apps

We are going to list down some of the best apps for Shopify stores. You can use these apps to manage your website.

1) Plug In SEO

SEO is important for online stores. If you want more organic traffic, you need Plug In SEO. It is the best Shopify store app for SEO. It can help you improve your rankings on search engines.

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Source: Shopify

It is an all-in-one SEO app that can fix SEO warnings, bad SEO practices, broken links, and all issues. You can use it to optimize the titles, headings, descriptions, blog posts, or any text on your Shopify store. The best thing about it is that it can help you manage technical SEO issues that are troublesome for beginners. You can create SEO content with Keyword research and rank your website on the search engine.

2) Ominsend

Omnisend is a popular tool for Email and SMS marketing. It helps you automate everything in the best way. Not only emails and SMS, but it also works on web push notifications, Google customer match, and Facebook custom audiences. It is a versatile platform that can boost your sales.

It can automatically send an email if the customer has left items in the cart. It can give discounts and offers automatically. Beginners can use it without any hassle, and it saves your precious time through automation.

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Source: Shopify

You can create appealing emails to target customers. It can help you start segmented camping. You can send the email to customers that like any specific item or had purchased a similar item from your website. You can also target customers based on the amount that they have spent on your website.

In simple words, Omnisend is an autopilot for email and SMS marketing. It can keep your customers happy and updated.

3) Kit

Kit is an official Shopify store app. It is for running Facebook ads efficiently. Beginners usually don’t know much about marketing, so Kit is an ideal application for them. They can easily get sales from Facebook and Instagram. The application works as a free marketing assistant. You don’t need to pay anything for this app.

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Source: Shopify

It can help you manage Facebook ads and target people that are most likely to buy your product. It also sends automated emails after the final purchase of the product. You can do marketing like a professional.

4) Facebook Chat

Your customers might have some queries related to products or services, and live chat is the best option to solve them. People prefer the live chat option because it saves a lot of time, and they get quick responses. This Shopify store app is perfect for integrating live chat to your online store. You can connect your Facebook page to your website using this app. After that, your customers will contact you live on your website.

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You can customize the chat using your chat button text, custom images, welcome message, background, and other things. You can talk to your visitors in any language and solve their queries. It can boost your sales.

5) Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the best Shopify store apps that dropshippers love. This application is for dropshipping. You can find products and pull them into your online store. There are thousands of suppliers, and almost every type of product is available. After adding the products to your store, you can customize their details and descriptions.

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Source: Shopify

Even if you don’t know how to do dropshipping, you can learn through its free course. You can start your business without any hassle. The application will help you manage everything related to your dropshipping store.

6) Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

You might have seen countdown timers on different websites. If you want a similar timer, you can use this Shopify store app. It also has a free plan to get started.

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Source: Shopify

You can use the timer for discounts, offers, sales, or anything else. You need to set the start and end dates for the timer. You can also include any promotional message.

Shopify Website Designing

We have already discussed in our previous blogs that website designing is important for any type of website, and for online stores, it becomes more important. Online stores need a proper design because your potential customers interact with your website. If there is any problem with the website design, your customers will face many problems, and they might stop using your website. Thus, we can say that website designing is an essential step that should never be underestimated.

Shopify is a website builder, so you cannot design directly on Shopify. Your design should be ready before you start using Shopify. You need a prototyping tool to create a website design. You can use Wondershare Mockitt because it is a high-fidelity prototyping tool that can create a fully functional and appealing website design. The prototype website will have complete functionality like a real website. You can also test your design using the preview. Mockitt has an excellent preview feature that you can use after adding anything to your design. This preview is perfect for testing.

Anyone can use Mockitt because it is as simple as using website builders. You need to drag and drop the required items in the canvas. You can also work with your team to create a collective design. Most importantly, Mockitt has a free plan that can be used to create a website prototype with 25 screens. You can create a small website design with the free plan. You can also upgrade to the premium plan at a minimal price.

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Final Words

We have discussed the two important things for every Shopify store. Website designing and Shopify store apps are both important to run and manage a flawless website. You can use Mockitt to design an error-free Shopify store. We have also listed some of the best Shopify store apps that can boost your sales and help you run your online store efficiently.