The Perfect Guide To Make A Website Step By Step

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

The world is changing quickly and with it, the means to market to people are also changing. Things started to change very quickly since the internet came into existence. Now people spend more time on the internet than ever before. Millions of new people are joining the world of the internet every day which makes it very essential for a business to make a website. 

Commercials on TV, ads on Radio, and newspapers are now all old ways of marketing. Today you need a digital presence to reach people worldwide. More businesses are moving towards digital marketing as it is more efficient and also much cheaper. It also gives you an option to retarget your leads by capturing their contact information. The best way to make an online presence for establishing your brand is through a website. 

What are the benefits of making a website?

You might be wondering about the costs involved with making a website and thinking why should I make my website. The simple answer is branding for your business. Whenever people need to know about something new they search Google. People would search your company too if they want to know about it. Having a website helps the customers to know about you and also trust your company more instantly. 

  • It is very essential if you want to have an online presence. 
  • The price of making a website is getting cheaper.
  • The process of making a website is getting cheaper.
  • You can acquire new customers worldwide. 
  • You can retarget your customers and inform them about new products. 
  • Easily let your potential customers know about your company. 
  • Builds a sense of trust.

You need to make a website if you are running a serious business. It would widen your range to connect with your customers. 

What are the different ways to make a website? 

Generally, there are just two ways to make a website. Both the ways have their own purposes and perks and one might cost more than the other but it goes gives you better customization. 

Building a website using an existing template: You can build a website by using a template that is premade. There are both free templates and also paid templates that you can choose to use for your website. 

Some of the best website builders that are available today contain both free and paid templates. They are also called themes in many website builders.

Making a website from scratch: If you don't want to use the templates of others you can start making a website from scratch. You can hire a designer to make the design layout for you and then hire a developer to make the website according to the UI/UX design.

Which way should you pick to make a website?

Now there is no straight answer to what is the best way to make a website. You can make a website both ways but making a website from an existing template is much cheaper. You can save money by not hiring a UI/UX developer. You just need to replace the content and make some minor modifications. 

The disadvantages of making a website from an existing template are that they don't allow much customization. The pictures that are present in the templates look tempting but when they are replaced with your brand pictures they look a bit off. Not many templates are suited for your business and sometimes you don't get what you are looking for even in paid templates. 

If you find a template that fully suits your needs then it is great. You can go ahead and use that. But, it is not worthwhile to use a template if it doesn't match your business needs. In such cases, it is way easier to make a website from scratch. 

What are the steps involved in making a website from scratch? 

Making a website from scratch is kind of a long process. If you are willing to put in the work then you can save a lot of money. 

Make a UI/UX Design

Many people skip this step when they are using a website builder. But, it is an important step that saves a lot of time. It is easy to fix a UI/UX design rather than a live website. You can do the UI/UX design by using many apps that are available on the internet. 

You can do it for a fraction of the money if you decide to make the design using a web app. Mockitt. There are many similar apps available on the internet but I prefer Wondershare Mockitt because it is very easy to use. Even a complete beginner could figure out on their own how to use the platform. The tools are placed in positions where you can find them easily. It also offers you the product for a very reasonable price. 

make a website
  • You can create a new project with Mockitt through the personal space option in the menu. There are many widgets that you can add to give your UI/UX design all the multiple functionalities it needs. You can make multiple screens and link them with each other with the click of a button.
  • You get a full preview of the website which helps you to check if the website is working smoothly. You also get an option to share the app with your friends so they can give their input on the design. It is very easy to edit the design later after saving it.
  • It also comes with some existing templates that would be very helpful for you to get a head start. You can also resize and rename all the different icons in the Mockitt Application.

Choosing where you want to build your website

The next step of making a site is to choose which platform you want to use to make a site. There are many popular CMS builders you can choose from to make your website. 

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly

Select and buy a domain name

Domain name is the website's digital signature where the people would visit your website. If the website is your home then the domain name is the address. You need to select a suitable domain name and connect it to your site. 

Build the website

The last step is to build the actual website. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It would cost a lot of hiring a good website developer. You can hire a developer at a comparatively cheaper price from the online marketplace. 


It is the dream of many people to make a website and earn money for free. It has now become easier to make a website and live this dream. If you put in the effort and work on your skills you can achieve that too.