Best Wix Templates-How to Choose One?

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Wix is a famous website builder that can be used to create any type of website, including blogs, online stores, business websites, portfolios, and events. It is excellent for beginners and people who don't know how to create a website. It does not require any coding, and there are hundreds of wix templates available to create websites without any hassle.

Website templates play a very important role because they define the outlook and functioning of your website. Every template has a distinct look and different features. There are hundreds of templates on Wix; therefore, selecting a template is a challenging task. Today, we are going to tell you how you can choose the best Wix template. We will also share some of the best Wix templates for different purposes. Let's start.

How to Choose a Wix Template?

It is difficult to choose one template when there are hundreds of templates available. But you can easily choose the best template with ease if you have your website design ready. Website design can help you in choosing the right template in no time.

Often beginners try to find the best Wix templates without creating a website design. They easily get confused because they don't have any idea of website design. They don't know what the final website will look like. But if your website design is ready, you can compare it with the Wix templates. The template that has everything according to your website design will be the ideal one.

Apart from choosing the website template, a website design also ensures the functionality of the website. If you have designed your website with perfection, there won't be any errors. It is important if you want your website to be flawless.

You can create a website design using Wondershare Mockitt. It is a beginner-friendly and simple prototyping tool. You can create a website design by dragging and dropping the required items in the canvas. It is a high-fidelity tool, so the website prototype will function like a real website. You can check the preview and test your website to eliminate errors.

wix templates

Mockitt has a free plan that can create a small website of up to 25 screens/pages. You can design your website without any hassle. You can upgrade to the premium plan if you want more screens. Once your design is ready, you can use it to choose one template from a vast range of Wix templates.

Best Wix Templates

Wix has almost all types of templates that can create any type of website. There are eighteen categories, and each category has various subcategories. So, there is a huge range of templates for any type of website. The best part is that all Wix templates are free. You can use Wix free templates to create a stunning and fully functional website of your choice. After selecting a template, you can customize it according to your needs. Let's look at some of the popular templates.

Wix Blog Templates

Wix has a separate category for blog templates. The category is subdivided into seven subcategories. You can select the template for a personal blog, food, travel, news, business, fashion, beauty, arts, sports, and podcast. Almost all types of blog templates are available.

wix website templates

Source: Wix

There are 60+ Wix blog templates that have everything a blog needs. Some of the famous Wix blog templates are Food Blog, Business Blog, Personal Blog, News Blog, Personal Profile, and Lifestyle Blog. You can pick any template that is suitable for your website design.

Wix eCommerce Templates

Wix can create stunning online stores and eCommerce websites. There are some special Wix plans for eCommerce. Wix also has a separate category for eCommerce templates. The templates are available for creating online stores for fashion, art, jewelry, food, kids, babies, books, pets, and many other businesses.

wix themes

Source: Wix

There are 100+ Wix eCommerce templates. All these templates have a stunning design. Some of the famous templates in this category are.

  • Home Lifestyle Brand
  • Accessories Store
  • Sporting Goods Store
  • Supply Store
  • Loungewear Store

Wix Portfolio Templates

If you want to create a portfolio to show your skills to people and bring more clients, then Wix templates are perfect. There are 40+ Wix portfolio templates, and they can create an eye-catching portfolio.

wix blog templates

Source: Wix

It does not matter what kind of portfolio you want because you will find almost every type of template. These are perfectly made for the purpose of showcasing your talent and skills. Moreover, you can also create your CVs and resumes on Wix.

There are portfolio templates for,

  • Journalists
  • Artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers
  • Interior designers
  • Fashion stylists
  • Architects
  • Actors
  • And many more

Wix Event Templates

Event websites are also trendy nowadays. People create websites for their weddings, celebrations, conferences, and meetups. It makes your event more organized. You can share every piece of information related to your event and send invites.

wix free templates

Source: Wix

There are many Wix templates for events so that you can create a website for any type of event.

Some of the popular ones are,

  • Classic Wedding Invite
  • Wedding Site
  • Destination Wedding
  • Corporate Conference
  • Virtual Meetup

Landing Pages Templates

Landing pages are also useful for businesses. You can create coming soon pages, event pages, online store landing pages, and product landing pages. A landing page can be created without any hassle.

best wix templates

Source: Wix

Some popular landing pages are,

  • Product Landing Page
  • Landing Page
  • Webinar Landing Page
  • Coming Soon Landing Page

What If I Don't Like Any of the Wix Templates?

There are hundreds of Wix templates available, and all of them are free. You can pick any of them and start creating your website. You will find almost every type of template on Wix. But if you cannot find the best one after searching a lot, then you must use blank templates. Wix also has some blank templates that only have a layout. You can create a website according to your own choice.

After selecting any blank template, you can create a design similar to your website design that you have created with Mockitt. Blank templates give you full control, and you can create a website according to your wish. All blank templates are highly customizable. The website will be according to your preferences.

Wix templates are more than enough for creating any type of website. But you might get confused while selecting the best one. You must create a website design because it will help you in selecting the best template. You can use Mockitt to create a stunning website design.

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