Do You Know What Wix Stores Are?

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

This article will equip you with all the necessary knowledge about Wix stores. After reading this article, you will get comprehensive information about the Wix online store.

What are Wix stores?

At first glance, the term Wix stores might give the impression that this is a physical store that sells Wix related stuff. If you also thought so, then sorry, but you were mistaken. Wix stores are a lot more than just what you thought it to be. Wix is an online website builder, whereas Wix stores is a feature offered by Wix to create online stores. As the name suggests, the Wix shop allows you to create an online store. Whether you are an existing business owner and want to create a virtual store to showcase & sell your products OR you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to start your online store, Wix web shop is just the right option for you.

Wix stores

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Why Wix stores?

If you want to start a garment shop, what will you do? You will look for a shop to showcase your products. After that, you will equip the shop with all the necessary stuff such as the cash counter, billing software, shelves to display the product (in case of garments, you will need racks as well), visiting cards, etc.

Wix shop

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Similarly, when you plan to open up an online store, you can't just one day start an e-shop out of the blue. You need to create an online store first. This online store will showcase your products and have shopping carts to buy the product. The online store must be pleasing to look at and should have all the necessary categorization of products to make the whole process easy for the customer. Your e-store should also have an online billing system. You can't do all this on your own without an online store builder. That's where Wix web shop comes in. You can create an e-shop all by yourself on Wix stores.

What does the Wix online store offer?

Think of Wix stores as a means for you to create a shop for yourself on the online market place. It offers a variety of features to make the process of creating an online store as easy as it can be. The features that Wix web shop offers are:

  • Product pages: You can create product pages and categories as per your requirements on the Wix shop. You can customize them as well.
  • Shopping cart: The addition of a shopping cart in online stores is undoubtedly a game-changer for all the customers. It gives a feeling of real shopping as strolling a shopping cart while shopping is a significant part of the shopping experience. In online shopping, having a cart to fill in surely gives major physical shopping vibes. In the Wix online shop, you can create an e-shop with a shopping cart option.
Wix web shop

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  • Different platforms: Wix gives you the option of selling your products across different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This option is undoubtedly ought to increase your sales. These days the possibility of having multiple platforms to sell on is a gamechanger for businesses
  • Design: Just like a website, an e-store has to be visually attractive; the designs matter. No one likes stores that look too basic. Similarly, no one likes the designs that are way too fancy or bright. You have to have an e-store that is simple, organized, classy, and unique. Wix shop online has different design ideas to let you design an e-store of your dreams. Admit it or not, the outlook of an e-store gives the first impression to the customer regardless of the products you offer. No one pays much heed to a store that looks messy and unorganized, even if the products are excellent. So, the store has to be designed impeccably.
Wix webshop


  • Management: Managing a store, whether physical or virtual, is a horrendous task. You need to manage finances, shipping, inventory, etc. On Wix stores, one can do this easily. Management of the finances, shipping details, and the inventory; all this can be dealt with.
  • Order: From booking the order to the application of shipping charges and then tracking the package, Wix shop offers it all. So, this means an end-to-end order fulfillment is provided
Wix online store

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  • Sales Tax: Calculating sales tax and applying it to the total cart value is a challenging task. Automated tax calculation is part of services provided by Wix online shop.
  • Automated emails: It also sends emails to potential customers and existing customers to increase sales.
  • Google ranking: Wix also helps to rank your e-store on google with SEO tools & planning
  • Support: In case of any problem or query, you can avail help from the 24/7 support that Wix offers

What do we recommend?

It is recommended that you prototype your e-store first on Wondershare Mockitt. Prototyping will ensure that your design is foolproof. Designing an e-store is similar to designing & developing a website. Prototyping an e-store is as essential as prototyping a website. Mockitt is an excellent option for prototyping. It is an online prototyping software.

The remarkable thing about Mockitt is that it makes the whole process of designing & prototyping easy and fun. There are countless in-built templates offered by Mockitt to provide you with a seamless prototyping experience. If you work in a team, then Mockitt provides you with fantastic collaboration options. You can design and collaborate in a way that is creative yet easy to understand & follow. In short, prototyping will help you create an e-store that is up to your expectations.

Wix online shop

What do we recommend?

Online shopping is the new trend in town. In today's world, owning & running an e-store can give you a massive profit. Wix stores can help you in creating an e-store with the features you want. Wix is said to be an all-rounder in the e-commerce world as it creates diverse e-stores. If you are starting your online business and are looking to develop an e-store for your business, Wix shop is an excellent option for you. Wait no more. You can only know your options better by trying them out.

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