5 Things That You Need to Know About Wix Free Version

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Wix is a website development online platform. Wix free version is one of the most used online website builders.

What makes Wix free version so special?

The free version of Wix offers pretty much everything needed to build a website. Not only that, Wix free domain provision is another cool thing. All in all, you can build a website, find a web host and domain for your website, all on Wix.

To fully understand how Wix free website development works, let me give you an example. You buy a recipe mix from the grocery store. The main ingredients are already incorporated into the recipe mix; you can't change that. You can add some little details of your own, like if you bought a pancake mix, you could add Nutella or fruits as per your liking. Similarly, the main elements of a website made on Wix can't be changed, but you can detail it according to your requirements.

Some prominent features of Wix free plans are:


This online website builder offers Pre-made templates. Think of these templates as the handwriting practice books that we used to have in preparatory school. The book had the basic form of the alphabet already made on it, and we just needed to trace them with a pencil. Same as those practice books, the main structure of a website is already present on Wix in the form of templates; the website builder has to trace it and add details to create the final look.

Wix free

Source: Wix

100s of templates are present on Wix. This huge number makes it possible for the website designer to have a range of options in front of them to have a say in the matter rather than compromise with whatever the website building platform has to offer.

Another great thing about the templates offered by Wix free website maker is that they are diverse. Considering that many templates are present, one might think that there will be repetitive or monotonous designs, but that's not the case. All the templates are different from each other and cater to different fields.

A pro tip:

If you go through the template options available on Wix free version and are still not satisfied or you didn't find the one you're looking for, then don't worry. We have got you covered. Another excellent option for you is Wondershare Mockitt. You can find the template of your dreams on Mockitt for sure.

It is an online software specially dedicated to helping you with prototyping your websites.

You can easily use Mockitt for finding the template design you want and then carry on with designing the rest of the website on Wix. Choosing the right template and correct prototyping is crucial as this step can make or break your website. That's why we emphasize finding the right template even if you have to leave Wix and move to another software such as Mockitt for this purpose.

Wix free domain

Now let's get back to Wix free plans and what it offers.

Flexibility & control

Wix is also known for its flexibility. It gives the designer the due space they need. Even though pre-made templates are available, that doesn't mean that the designer has to follow a set pattern.

The designer has full control over how they want their website to be and what elements they want to include, and which ones they want to exclude. In this way, a combination of dependence over Wix templates and control over elements exclusion & inclusion makes a great user experience in Wix free trial.

Wix free plans

Source: Wix

Drag and drop option

Drag and drop option is an important element in designing a website. The user experience depends on how flexible and diverse this option is. In Wix free domain website builder, the drag and drop option makes it easy to design the website in less time. Novice web designers usually look for ways to design websites in an easy yet efficient manner. Drag and drag option makes it possible for them.

Wix free website

Source: Wix

Addition of apps

Wix free has an in-built app market. Think of it as the room fridge that is present in the hotel rooms. You can choose items from the fridge to eat and add to your room. If you don't want anything, you can leave it as it is. Similarly, the app market is part of Wix free plans. You can add apps to your website if you want. One typical example of such an app/element added to the website is the live chat option. This live chat option is usually added by online service providers or online businesses to facilitate their customers.

Wix free trial

Source: Wix

Difficulty level

Wix free website maker is a relatively easy to use online website builder. Even a novice web designer can design a reasonably nice website on Wix. The steps are clearly defined, and there are videos all over the websites to explain the process.

Wix free

Source: Wix

Does Wix free trial create mobile compatible websites?

These days the majority of users use mobile phones. A website designer's prime goal is to design a pretty looking& easy to use but mobile compatible website. If you open a website that hasn't been updated in a long time on the mobile phone, you will notice that many features are not accessible, and you can't view the website's full view. That’s because the website is not mobile compatible. Wix free plans build mobile compatible websites.

Wix free domain

Final verdict

All in all, Wix free is a reasonably good option for users that don't want to spend way too much time on designing but want a top-notch website with all the elements. It is easy to use, but that doesn't mean that any of this website's designing elements are basic. If you are unsatisfied with the Wix free trial, you can upgrade to the paid version anytime.

Hence, if you are looking to design a simple website for your business or a freelancer and don't know much about coding, then Wix free website maker is surely the answer for you. Whatever you choose, don't forget the prototyping of your website on Mockitt.