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Weebly vs Wix – A Detailed Comparison

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

There are dozens of website builders that empower you to create websites without a single line of code. You don't need any experience or knowledge of website development. Anyone can use a website builder with ease and create a fully functional website. Weebly and Wix are two popular website builder tools that have millions of users. Wix has over 180 million users, while Weebly has over 12 million users. Today, we are going to have an in-depth look at Weebly vs Wix. We will help you decide which one is better for your business or website. Let's start.

weebly vs wix

Source: Burst Shopify

We will look at Weebly vs Wix in terms of different features, factors, and aspects. This will help you compare both website builders without any confusion.


The first and most important thing is storage space. All website builders offer storage space to host web pages and data. Weebly and Wix offer hosting with their plans.

The storage space is the space where your website data is stored. This data is accessible from anywhere in the world. Some website builders offer limited space in their plans. For instance, Wix offers 1GB in Connect Domain, 2GB in Combo, 10GB in Unlimited, and 20GB in VIP plan. Moreover, there are separate plans for eCommerce and business, and they have storage space from 20GB to 50GB.

wix or weebly

Source: Wix

Weebly offers 500MB space for its free and Connect Domain plan. It is a very low space, which is only suitable for personal websites/portfolios. However, the Pro and Business plans have unlimited storage space, which is commendable. It does not impose any limit like Wix.

wix vs weebly vs squarespace

Source: Weebly

You need to select the website builder after looking at its storage space. You need to decide how much storage space you need according to the website you are going to create.


Weebly and Wix have different types of templates for different niches. You can easily select anyone according to your needs.

Weebly has templates for online store, business, portfolio, personal, event, and blog. There are 5-15 templates in each category. These templates are amazing, and you can use whatever you like. Furthermore, you can also buy paid templates from third-party stores.

wix vs weebly vs wordpress

Source: Weebly

Wix has a huge collection of templates, which is way more than Weebly. There are hundreds of templates, and you will find almost every type of template. There are 18 categories, and every category has sub-categories. You can easily pick the best template for your website.

wix weebly

Source: Wix

After selecting the template, both (Weebly vs Wix) offer customization. You can customize the template according to your needs. You only need to drag and drop the items at the required places.


Tools are important to discuss in Weebly vs Wix. You need to check the tools that these website builders offer.

Weebly has a wide range of tools for SEO, forms, statistics, pop-up notifications, eCommerce, etc. You can also offer forum support to your customers. It has everything you could expect. So, when you choose a plan, you get tons of extra features to run your website. Surprisingly, some of the features, such as SEO, forms, and forum, are included in the free plan.

web builder

Source: Wix

Wix also offers different tools to run a website smoothly. The most important feature is the SEO Wix. It can give you a personalized SEO plan and help you improve your rankings on search engines. Moreover, there are applications to improve site traffic and analyze the statistics.


Both Weebly and Wix can be used to create eCommerce websites and online stores. There are business plans available. We must look at the features of both website builders in terms of eCommerce for Weebly vs Wix.

The most important thing in eCommerce websites is payment. Weebly offers payment through Square or any third-party providers. It makes the experience of customers pleasant. It offers dozens of features, including coupon codes, square gift cards, reviews, a shipping calculator, discounts, badges, and everything that you need in an eCommerce store. It is a complete package.

weebly vs wix

Source: Weebly

Wix has separate plans for eCommerce stores. You will get sales analytics and reports. The best thing about it is that it offers 40+ payment options that make everything easy for the customers. Moreover, it can also help you automate your sale tax calculations on every sale. There is a currency converter, custom shipping rates tool, coupons, discounts, reviews, and dozens of features.

wix or weebly

Source: Wix

In terms of eCommerce, both are equal in Weebly vs Wix.


Weebly and Wix have different plans for different purposes. You need to select according to your website and budget. Let's look at the monthly prices of the plans.

Wix offers plans that have a price range of $4.50-$35 per month. The Combo and the Connect Domain plan are available at $8.50 and $4.50, respectively. The unlimited plan costs $12.50, and the VIP plan costs $24.50. The business plan of Wix starts from $17 and has a maximum price of $35.

wix vs weebly vs squarespace

Source: Wix

Weebly is affordable as compared to Wix. The business plan is for only $25, which is the best plan for small businesses and online stores. The Pro plan is for $12, and the Connect plan is only for $5 per month.

You can select Weebly or Wix after seeing their features. Both provide excellent features and reputable services.

Do You Only Need a Website Builder to Create a Flawless and Appealing Website?

Weebly and Wix are website builders that are to create a website. You can create any type of website using website builders, and there is no need for coding. However, you cannot design your website on these website builders. Often beginners create a website without creating a website design, and there are dozens of errors and problems with the website. If you want a flawless and appealing website, you need to design it first before implementing the design on any website builder.

For website designing, you need a prototyping tool, such as Wondershare Mockitt. We recommend Mockitt because it is excellent for beginners. It can be used online or on your computer. You only need to drag and drop the items to the canvas. Mockitt is easy to use, and it designs the website like a real website. The prototype will have full functionality and an appealing design. You can test your design and come up with the perfect design that you can publish with confidence.

Mockitt is available in the free version. You can design a small website of 25 pages/screens with it. Moreover, the premium plan is also affordable. It can help you create a professional website design. After designing with Mockitt, you can replicate the same design on Weebly or Wix.

wix vs weebly vs wordpress

We have discussed Weebly vs Wix in detail. Both website builders have distinct features, pros, and cons. We have compared every aspect in detail so that you can design a perfect website. For a flawless design, you must use Mockitt and implement the design later using Weebly or Wix.