Can We Optimize Wix Website For Better Performance?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

There is a reason why Wix website builder is regarded as the leading website building platform and managed to secure the 22 per cent of the World's share - It keeps on improving itself.  

Wix web builder has come a long way within a short period. Among all the improvements it has made in its platform, the most prominent is the development of a wide range of SEO features.

Talking about SEO features of Wix, it has all of the basic features built-in along with some of the most advanced ones as well.

Pros of Wix SEO

  • You are not required to learn coding to use the SEO features of Wix.
  • Since SEO is built in the Dashboard of Wix, you do not need to mess around with plugins or widgets.
  • Wix SEO Wiz tool helps its users to optimize their websites; Answer a few questions, and it will give you the SEO plan for your website.
  • You can always connect your Wix website with Google Analytics and Search Console.

Cons of Wix SEO

  • Wix is great for Basic SEO. So, for smaller businesses who don't require much advance SEO techniques can get fruitful results from the Wix platform.

SEO Features Within The Wix Platform

If you want to create the best Wix websites, you better know how to optimize it. On Wix web hosting, every Wix user will get the same SEO features, but it only drills down to how you take your creativity and get the maximum benefits out of those features. We shall discuss the applicability of a few basic SEO features which Wix offers in detail throughout the rest of this article.

Keyword Research

The first step of any search engine optimization is to identify the keyword. One should create a keyword strategy for each page of a website.

There are different kind of software with the help of which you can generate relevant keywords for your website and blog. You can check their volume, keyword difficulty and relevancy.

Wix SEO Wiz

This tool helps the SEO beginners to start optimizing their website within minutes. Go to the settings menu and select "Get Found on Google".

After you answer a couple of questions, it will create an SEO plan for you. In this way, you would get an idea of how do you need to take up the SEO matter.

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Source: Wix

Google Analytics and Search Console

You certainly want to get insight into your website data and to achieve that you must connect your website with these Google products.

If you are using a freemium plan of Wix, you need to set up this manually. However, with their premium plan, you can integrate with a simple button of "Connect to Google Button". For Google Search Console, go to the tool and enter your domain into the URL prefix box. Click continue, and you get to see an option with which you can verify it using an HTML Tag. Copy that tag and go to the settings within your Wix site dashboard. Look out for an SEO tab. Here you will see an advanced SEO setting, and along with that, there will be an option to include the header code meta tags.

Paste here the code you copied from search console. After you publish your site, go back to search console and verify hit.

Adding Google Analytics tracking to your site is only available while you use a custom domain. You can grab your tracking code after you sign up for the platform.

Go to the marketing integration menu, and there you will get to see an option to connect Google Analytics to Wix. After your complete connection, you will be able to see your stats tracking within Google Analytics Dashboard.

Meta Tags

Meta tags include Title tag and meta description, and you need to set up a unique and optimize meta tags for each page of your website.

Title tags are essential for website optimization as they tell users and search engine all about your page.

Similarly, a good meta description will help you in getting a higher click-through rate. However, the meta description doesn't directly impact your SEO.

You can set up both for each page of your Wix website. Go to the Site menu and select any page against which you want to optimize meta tags. Go to the SEO (Google) option and include Title Tag and Meta Description. Make sure to stay in words limit for both.

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Source: Wix

Great Content and Internal Linking

Great content improves your site visibility. With Wix editor, you can easily place your content but optimizing it against your selected keywords will be the user's responsibility.

You should look out for the top-ranked content against your selected keywords and see how they have written content which helped them in getting good ranks.

If you are running a blog, then you should try to link your one blog post with another which comes under the same category. It will help Google crawlers to index your pages.

Image Optimization

Images which are not optimized and required will affect your site performance. So, get some useful tools which can reduce the size of your image by keeping quality quotient intact.

You must add alt tags for your images on all of your webpages. Add details in the box of "what's in the image? Tell Google". Google crawlers read the text, and if you are not placing any information for your images, crawlers won't get an idea what the image is all about.

Take one step further and be Proactive

We have discussed some basic Optimization techniques for your Wix website. However, there is an option with which you can start your SEO planning from the very beginning when you are finalizing your Wix website design.

It is always recommended to start building Wix web design prototype with Wondershare Mockitt. Mockitt is a design prototyping tool which will help to create a better design which eventually you can use to implement while you make your Wix free website or a paid one.

The best thing about Mockitt is that you can get all your stakeholders on board and ask for their advice in real-time; that's why it is called a collaboration tool as well.

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While you use Mockitt, get the guidance from your developer on where to place the images, how to reduce the size and how the overall content will affect your website speed performance.

These optimization related matters, along with the other ones, should be discussed and finalized during your design prototyping phase.

Talking about internal linking, if you are designing a blog prototype on Mockitt, you can make as many screens you want and then you can decide on which pages should be linked together.

Addressing all these matters before your Website development will not only save your time, but also you can be more creative in the process of your Wix web development.

The better performance of a Wix website depends upon how considerably its design prototype has been made. So use Mockitt and take the lead on your SEO journey.