How To Create Blog Website: Everything You Need To Get Started

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:35

You ever wondered how to create blog website and make ample money out of it? Or have you seen someone making a living out of blogging? Blogging is reality, and indeed, people are earning from a few dollars to millions of dollars from it.

But it is not as easy as it sounds!

Let's look at the differentiating factors of a Blog and a Website.

Simply put. a blog is a type of website. The difference between a blog and other websites is that blogs are updated regularly with fresh content. That content is displayed in reverse chronological order, which means that newer posts would appear first. Professionals consider WordPress the best site to create a blog, but many other platforms are available as well, which are free to use as well.

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Typical websites are not updated frequently and are static. A blog can be a part of a larger website. Usually, companies have a separate section of blogs within their websites to create fresh content to educate and inform their prospects.

Now we have seen the difference between a Blog and a Website, so we shall discuss those steps essential to create blog website from onwards.

Step 1: Brainstorming

1) Select a Domain Name

This is the first step where you generate ideas for a blog. It is recommended to start a niche-oriented blog and not a general one. You must have seen those blogs that talk about Food, entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Money Making, and whatnot. Those are general Blogs. Nowadays, it requires much effort for a general blog to gain authority. It will help to rank such blogs if you produce a lot of fresh and quality content almost every day.

And if you just talk about pets in your blog, that is considered a niche-oriented blog. However, you may want to drill down even a bit further. For instance, if you like to talk about pets, niche down to the dog's category. In this way, you will be able to rank much sooner on search results.

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So Basically, it's all about how specific your blog is around a Niche.

You do not need to have any revolutionary idea. Just think and narrow down your hobbies.

Point to ponder

Do not narrow down your niche to the extent to which you run out of fresh ideas to produce content. Because here we are talking about a blog that runs on new content.

If you are still confused about niche selection. Ask yourself the below questions.

Do I like to learn about this topic?

If you do not like the topic, your disinterest will be shown in your writeups. Do not start writing about random things or a particular subject because your friend is making money out of that niche. They probably love doing it; that's why they are earning through it.

Still clueless? Think about; for what kind of advice, your friends and family members come to you? It could be about fitness, food recipes, automobiles, or maybe relationship advice.

Are other people seems interested in the same topic?

You want to know if people are interested in that chosen topic of yours, go to a search engine and quickly find results about the number of searches regarding that particular idea.

Step 2: Blog Name

You need to consider your chosen niche and brainstorm around its related topics. It is best practice to write down every word that comes to your mind within your subject. And when you complete that list for a day, start joining various words and phrases to make a crisp blog name out of it.

After you shortlist your blog names, you need to check if they are available for purchase. Many famous bloggers used their names for a blog domain. You can check your shortlisted names from any domain name checker. Keep searching until you find your wanted domain name available.

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Few tips for creating a Blog Name

  • Avoid using hyphens and number
  • Keep it concise and short
  • Should be memorable and easy to spell

Step 3: Hosting

You need to get your blog live, so for that purpose, you need web hosting. It is the place where your data will be stored. There are many hosting services providers out there.

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Few tips for selecting Hosting services

  • Check their uptime rate
  • Customer support
  • Hosting Plans

Step 4: Best site to create a blog

When we shortlist the best sites to start a blog, appears as a clear winner. 38% of the world wide web runs by

While there is an availability of other best websites to start a blog, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most flexible Content Management systems we have now.

So, use WordPress and create blog website. Downloading WordPress is a no-brainer at all.

You will get all the instructions from your domain and hosting services provider. Follow those instructions and get started with blogging.

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Source: WordPress

Before you start developing your blog, Use Wondershare Mockitt to create a fantastic design prototype. Your blog needs to have traffic, and people would love to stay and read those blogs that are producing quality content and grabbing their attention with an incredible design.

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To engage your customers on your blog, you must prepare a final design prototype before website development.

Why create a Design Prototype with Mockitt?

  • Mockitt gives you the complete freedom to exercise your creativity.
  • It works on your web browser; easily use it without going for a time taking installations.
  • You can check how your various blogs can interact with each other with internal linking.
  • You can share your blog design with all of your stakeholders and get their acknowledgments.
  • If you have a team working with you, you can show them and get their suggestions in real-time
  • Blogging is all about the content (written and visual). Quality content looks even better with a fantastic UI/UX design, so get those design prototypes ready, shortlist them, and get them approved so that you start developing your blog your earliest.