How to Create a Shopify Website

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

All of us want to do business but setting up a physical business is way costly that not all of us could afford. That's the reason why everyone is setting up an online business like an online store. The best thing about an online store is that it won't cost as a physical shop does. There could be nothing better than a Shopify Website to create your online store. Shopify has revolutionized the whole process of online store business. Let's get to know what is required to create a Shopify site.

Easy Steps To Make a Shopify Website

Creating Shopify sites is not that much complex as it sounds. All you have to do is to follow the complete procedure to build a Shopify site for your eCommerce store. Every step must be followed by detail and attention to make a standard Shopify site for your store. There are many best Shopify websites running online and all of them built using the same process we're going to follow.

Step 1 - Signup on Shopify

It all starts with signing up, you'd have to visit the official Shopify Website and use the given signup form to create your account. You'd have to enter different details like name, contact, address, and many others. You'd be asked to enter the unique name for your store you are going to set up on the Shopify site. In short, keep entering details and proceeding in this Shopify website creator.

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Step 2- Set Up Your Online Store

After you complete the signup process, it's time to set up your shop. You'll be headed to your store admin dashboard screen. You would have to customize your Shopify site look, add products to your store, and other things as per requirements. As you are your own Shopify website creator, so everything would be in your control.

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Step 3 - Customize Shopify Website Design

One of the reasons behind the success of all the best Shopify websites is how they look. You can't ignore the importance of Shopify website design. Shopify offers a variety of themes in its own themes store to let users pick the right one for their Shopify site. Browse all themes available for Shopify sites and pick one according to functional requirements.

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In order to customize the Shopify website design in a controlled way, you can use different theme settings given in this Shopify website creator. You can upload logos, pictures, slides, and many items as you want to.

Shopify Website Design Prototype with Mockitt

Apart from following the procedure, we'd like to suggest you that make a prototype for your Shopify store first using any easy UX tool like Wondershare Mockitt. Having a store prototype design will help you in customizing a theme using the Shopify website creator. Using Mockitt is way easy and comfortable as compared to other web wireframing tools. Every prototyping element has been offered in this UX app for users to design their Shopify store prototype design as they want to. You can drag and drop all elements into the canvas to work on the Shopify shop prototype project.

Now if we talk about the working support, Mockitt offers reliability and comfort to its users. You can export your store mockup design for other team members as well. Turn on the PRD mode by clicking on the toggle switch and then you can create a link or QR code for your site prototype. Furthermore, you can create a prototype mockup of almost every platform like web, store, phone apps, TV, etc. The versatile and comfortable approach of Wondershare Mockitt makes this app the best in the business. So, you better create your Shopify store prototype first, so you won't face difficulties while customizing your store look.

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Step 4 - Add Products

The availability and quality of products is the reason why there are many best Shopify websites running successfully online. After customizing the theme, you'd have to add the products to your store as all Shopify sites' owners do. Click on the products tab and start adding your store products. You can upload product pictures, descriptions, and many other product details. Also, you can set up the collections of your products by categorizing them in the name of groups by type or specialty. Also, there is an option to either set product collections on manual mode or automatic mode by setting up conditions.

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Step 5 - Set Payment Gateways

You can't compete with the best Shopify websites if you don't have quality products and a secure payment system. At this step, you'll have to go through the whole payment gateway setup and then you can also decide which cards you allow for customers to make a purchase from your Shopify store. Make sure to set these things while keeping the customer's comfort and ease in your mind.

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Step 6 - Taxes and Shipment

At first, you need to go to click on settings and tap on the General option. Set up google analytics for tracking of your orders. Furthermore, click on the Taxes option to go through all the required changes and things you need to set. After that, go to the shipping option from the settings menu and set shipping rates along with other details. It is recommended to test your order system before making your store live.

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Step 7 - Add Domain

Last but not least, adding a domain gives your store an identity. The domain name of a website is like the address of the site so same case with your Shopify store. There are two options to add a domain. Either you buy a domain from the Shopify platform OR you buy a domain from any domain registrar site like NameCheap and connect it with your Shopify store following the given procedure. We'd suggest you buy a domain from the Shopify platform as it is an economical option to go with.

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That's it, you'll be able to create your Shopify store by following all these steps. The process for all Shopify sites is almost the same as discussed above.


As an overall summary, we would like to say that every one of you can create a Shopify site using its platform. All you have to do is to follow all steps and go through the whole procedure to make a Shopify store for yourself. It is important to add products without missing any details or entry. In order to compete with all the best Shopify websites, you'll have to make yours as per standard and quality. For a more detailed procedure, we'd like to suggest you visit the official site of Shopify and learn more.